Monday, March 30, 2009

ROAD TRIP: Utah National Parks Part 1

So I have had such a hard time picking pictures of our adventures cause well... Spencer took 23G worth! Yeah so anyway I will break it up.

Day One: Are we there yet?
Traveling was pretty good. We left Saturday morning and drove to Moab for Arches National Park. We got in about 6:30pm. The park camping was full so we ended up at Moab Valley Camp site. It was good...showers, pool and a metal tent over the tent spot.

Day Two: Arches Natl Park

Spencer woke up before sunrise to get some AMAZING pictures! The rest of us joined him later and started off the morning with a 4-5mile hike at Devil's Garden with the Landscape Arch. Totally gorgeous and more than half the hike the kids walked and did GREAT! We were so proud of them. Anyway the arches were beautiful but mother nature showed up about sun set and the wind created a HUGE sand storm so we missed Delicate Arch.

Sunrise at the Three Gossips.

This is also a sunrise photo, I love the landscape.

Another gorgeous sunrise photo! I love the big rock and then moving out to the tower of the rocks. Three Gossips on the left.

The family half way through our hike at Devil's Garden and that is Landscape Arch behind us.

MaKynzee's hat blew off in the wind and Spencer climbed down to get it and found this little guy. I was pretty impressed with Spencer's photography skills.

The kids under a rock over hang, they are too cute in those shades!!

This is my favorite of the Landscape Arch! God just makes seriously beautiful things!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lukas' 1st Soccer Game

So I had to work but everyone tells me it was a BLAST to watch Lukas and Brookelyn go out and play some ball. Friday they had their first practice and Brookelyn kicked butt. Lukas was off in his own world doing who knows what. So I was worried but from the pictures I can tell that Lukas got into it.

The "Little Monsters" before the game.

Warming up.

Lukas always has his tongue out! Such a little concentrator.

There's that tongue again...go for the GOAL!

The cousins DOUBLE TEAM!!!

I was SO sad to miss the game but Luke had lots of other support. He had a BLAST! I am so glad that Brookelyn is on the same team cause we get to see the Jorgensen's every Friday and Saturday! HOORAY!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

OFF like a HERD of TURTLES!!

Alright everybody wish us luck we are on to our adventure in Arches National Park starting early Saturday so I will be taking a blog-cation! Don't worry I will tell you all about it when we get back from a week of camping with 2 toddlers. WAHOOO! (that was sincere I promise, LOL)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MaKynzee's 2nd "St Patty's" Birthday

All right so my baby is 2! I am having a panic attack but it was a picture perfect day for our little lady. She first woke me up in twilight hours I think to carry on the tradition I have with my parents, so she was awake and in bed with me at her birth time 3:09am. (Mom- I guess everything really does come back to bite me on the bum!) Anyway she woke up later at a decent hour and we had "Birthday Pancakes." Now this is a tradition I started where I make a pancake the age you are and the kids like it so far and so does Spencer. Anyway after breakfast, we got into our GREEN birthday outfit and went to the local indoor play place and arcade. We had a blast, Kynzee was hesitant at first but then she was off. After that we did some shopping and came home to have spaghetti casserole. Spaghetti is MaKynzee's favorite! Then we had cake and opened presents. We were glad that our dear friend Heidi came and GG and Earl came for cake. It was a perfect day, ENJOY our fun pictures there are lots!

MaKynzee showing us she is "2" with her b-day pancake! Do you like our table cloth? Totally St Patty's around here!

This is MaKynzee's favorite game. She likes to stomp on the red lights.

Lukas in his favorite part, the floor is like a trampoline and he just LOVED it. He never stopped laughing.

This is Spencer's favorite game. I don't know if it is because he can hit something or cause he always breaks the high score! Way to go Daddy!

Now I have always wanted to make my kids cakes but I never have time. Well we saw a cake like this and so we went and got a blank cake and I decorated it. I LOVE how it turned out and Spencer kept giving me compliments so I think he really liked it too.

Happy Birthday to YOU! I love the headband with little shamrock antenna goin' on. Like I said we go ALL St Patty's. Next year I am sure she will say NO but it was fun for 2 years!

So this is my baby girl all grown up! We got her some high heel dress up shoes and a little shawl. She LOVED the shoes and wouldn't take them off. Oh dear, I was laughing so hard at her little "Mrs. Grown Up" attitude with those shoes on and Spencer just kept shaking his head. I LOVE the shoes! Nice pose baby girl!

MaKynzee really is our LUCKY charm and we are so grateful for our little Kynzee's smile. We love you baby girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catching UP!

So here are some random pictures that I have needded to blog but haven't....
This is Papa Bagshaw and the boys at Christmas time. For those that don't know that is Landon with Lukas. Landon is Spencer's sister, Amber's boy. They sure love their Papa. Papa is so nice to become a horse and beat up his back for them! Too cute.

Lukas has become quite the little helper at home. We love to let him help, he loves cooking! Here he is peeling the carrots for dinner! I'll be so sad the day he hates helping and stops asking me for help. Love you buddy!
I can't believe our baby girl turns 2 on Tuesday! All of you wear green for her ok, LOL. She is such a little mom here. She said that hippo needed some juice. I gave her my old purse and she just LOVES to carry it all around. I love to see her playing like innocent and happy!

Wii FUNtastic

So as I blogged before we got a Wii for Valentine's (thanks Babe) and the family broke it in Feb 17 but I have had so much other stuff to blog and just forgot about this but it is so dang exciting I needed to catch you all up.
Here is MaKynzee trying out her golfing skills. I love her little bum! She would go "UH" for "power." She really liked it and did ok once she realized she had to push both buttons at once. GO Girl!
This is Lukas boxing. He thought it was "SO COOL, MOM!" Yeah we probably would never get him away but "take turns, PLEASE." I was surprised at how coordinated he is.
Spencer had the best form. He figured the thing out first and so he whooped my bum! He is so electronically inclined, so he had a large advantage but hey I could take him on the soccer field any day!
Me, another day after work. Sorry you get my scrubs again! Anyway I really had fun but it was kind of like boxing in the living room. We needed so much room to swing and kept knockin' each other, but no one got bruised, YEAH LOL!
Anyway we really like it and had so much fun when Christina and Arik came over and showed us Mii's. They are so much fun you can make little characters to look like you. We did the kids: Kira, MaKynzee, Lukas and Brookelyn. The kids had a BALL! Anyway we are having fun but haven't touched it this month too busy! Is that good or bad? Who knows!?!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking Better?

I am getting really nervous. MaKynzee's 2 year pictures are scheduled for next Wednesday and her eye just keeps getting darker! Dang it I wish I knew that it would be I need to reschedule or heck my sister's Senior basketball photo was something to brag about (right Bow?) Let me hear what ya'll think....

She looks so sad! I asked her if she was ok and she said, "Mommy you hurt?" She is only concerned about everybody else.
Oh dang. We went to the Dr for her 2 year check up and found that she was in the 80-90% for wt and height and the Dr said you double the height to get how tall they will be. So we better start buying basketballs she is going to be 6 FEET!!!!! That is how tall Spencer is! Well Spencer says at least we can get money off her playing in the WNBA!!! I think her Grandpa Bowen would LOVE that!

Monday, March 9, 2009

MaKynzee's First Shiner and Miracle

So MaKynzee was at the babysitters and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. She fell off the couch and hit the corner of the arm. She has a great shiner and I think she just wanted to keep up with her Pa-pa Bowen.

Yep, all the pretty colors of the rainbow.

Modeling her eye, you can't see all the colors as well but DANG she is too cute.

My little miracle...I worked 3 of the last 4 days doesn't sound too bad until they are 12 hour shifts. Anyway I am tired and the house is a mess as always and I was complaining again (sorry Spencer) and a tiny miracle occurred. Lukas came over and started to do the dishes....He said, "I help Mom." Ah break my heart and kill me now...oh my little miracle boy. His smile is contagious and he just loves me and gives the best hugs and kisses! Love you bud!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spencer did Kynzee's HAIR!!!

Ok so today I had to work and Spencer went to Burley for his Great Uncle's funeral (would everyone stop joining the "Let's Go to Heaven Band Wagon!!!") I called and made sure that he was going to do Kynzee's hair and not leave it out of control like it is in the morning and I guess he was so proud because he took this picture...
Ahhh...thanks babe! You are such a good Mr. Mom!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Havin' FUN and Lookin' CRAZY

We signed Lukas up for soccer and I am so TOTALLY excited! Spencer and I went and bought him a soccer ball and Tuesday it was actually warm enough to play! We tried to show him things like pass with the inside of your foot (he got that really good) and dribble but Lukas really didn't get that (no patience I think). He just wanted to kick and kick hard! He is a wild ball of energy and we are SO excited!

Daddy and Lukas...who's gonna get there first? GO LUKAS!! Sorry babe :0)

Trying to show Lukas how to foot then the other. NOPE, he just kicked it hard after 2-3 taps.

Lukas' seriously awesome kick, look at that form!

Now for some genuinely FUNNY stuff.... the images you see may be disturbing.....LOL.....

Oh, dear. That is just a little scary, hahahaha. He sure had fun with Kynzee's hat. Dad was a little scared but then he ripped off the hat and started to play with his cars. Total BOY I assure you!
MaKynzee enjoying Grandma Bagshaw's Better Than Sex Cake but what we can't figure out.....
is how she got it on her BUM!!!!!
Our kids keep us on our toes but we enjoy every minute of it (ok, mostly). Their personalities are really starting to come out and we sure love growing with them and trying to do what is best for them so they will be happy and healthy! We love our BABIES!

Totally Rockin' HAIR

So I have been playing with Kynzee's hair a lot to see what it will do. Spencer likes to take pictures of the things he really likes and I think it is fun too. I am so glad we got the new camera. Seems to be a lot of fun for Spencer and I reap the benefits. Anyway the other pictures are me cutting Luke's won't believe the curls that kid gets if I don't cut it soon enough. Anyway enjoy our hair DO's I don't have pictures of the DON'TS.
MaKynzee with CUTE piggy tails and a zig zag part! Too CUTE!
Now this is Daddy's favorite. It is just braids crossed but it sure looked FUNtastic.
Cutting Luke's hair. He always acts like I am chopping his head off not the hair. But I promise I and very gentle. Haven't cut him...yet. :0)
The finished masterpiece! WOW I have super cute kiddos.