Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh, happy days! Bagshaw update

Spencer and Brandee- Well we just celebrated our 8th anniversary. I can not believe it has been that long. So much has happened and nothing really that we planned...except the kids. We knew we wanted kids. Anyway for our anniversary we went to dinner and a movie. It was great. I tried really hard to make it a real date. I even did my hair and make-up. We were at dinner and Spencer all of the sudden gets a funny look on his face...leans in closer to get a better look at me and said, "Are you wearing eyeshadow?" It was hillarious, the look on his face. Yep I went all out and what do get...what is that on your face?! It was funny.

Spencer- FINAL YEAR of school! Spencer just started his final year of school, all of you pray for him! He is really focused and ready to be done (so am I). I think the light at the end of the tunnel is finally bright enough to light a fire under his bum. Real world here we come....

Brandee- I was super excited, I planted my first ever garden. I have planted tomatoes and daisies every year we have been married but have only managed to kill them off. Well this time our friends had some extra space in their garden so I planted a salsa garden with the kids. The kids loved helping and really liked pulling weeds. Really hope the work ethic continues. Don't worry I still got to kill something....I killed everything off but the tomatoes and onions. Here is our first true harvest! Only tomatoes so far but I am so excited, they aren't dead! Spencer keeps telling me how proud he is and how good the tomatoes are so he must want me to do this again :)


Our BIG 1st grader is ready to hit the books. He has been waiting all summer to be the "cool/ bigger" kid and help the kindergartners like they did with him last year. (At our elementary school it is K/1 the first half of the day. Then K goes home about lunch time and the 1st graders do more math and reading at the higher level the rest of the day.) After the first day of school he said his favorite things were to get a stack of books and just read for 30 min after the kindergartners left and the lunch recess cause it is "really LONG!" We are so glad that he is SO in love with books and can't wait for him to pick up the bigger words. He tries and is getting better with big words. He is still our little gammer though and picks Wii over anything.

First Day of School: Sept 1, 2011

Daddy took some great pictures! Mommy was at work:(

Notice the silly bands! He loves them and makes sure he has them EVERY day since he got them last Christmas. I thought he would forget but "NO WAY!"


Our sweet princess started preschool today. We moved her to a different school and so she was a little nervous and scared.

This is what she said this morning, "Mom, I am going to a new school right? A smarter school?"

"Yes, Kynzee"

"Well ok but it will only be better if my Kira is there. Is my Kira going to be there?"

"Yes, Kynzee"

"Ok, I am ready. But mom my hair! Mom, you do my hair pretty, but today can you do it SUPER pretty, like REALLY pretty.

sigh, "Yes, Kynzee."

I hope her hair was pretty enough and we got there the same time as "her" Kira so she walked away with no cares for mommy.

The pretty princesses ready for school! They were both like.."look I got my hair curled"

"yeah, me too." Ahh to be young and free!!


Mr Bowen has decided to get on the move. He LOVES to suck on wires, plug ins, anything that we have moved out of his path he continues to go for till he gets it. Persistent little bugger. He has been stuck under the kitchen chair, couch and end table, in between the couches and stuck in baskets after he crawls to them and goes in head first. Ahh to explore. He doesn't care until he gets what he wants and THEN he realizes what a small spot he is in. Lukas and I call him the Bulldozer! If it is in his way he will move it. These are pictures from his first day crawling, August 28 (on exactly his 10 month of life)...Baby Zilla...

He is so proud of himself and so are we!

Now our biggest challenge is food. He only wants the real stuff like table food and paper. Yep, newspapers are his favorite. LOL. No more baby food! Also my milk has started to dry up so he doesn't get enough there but he won't drink from a bottle. OOOOOOOOoooooo, HAVE MERCY! Anyway we love his cute little teeth that he uses for everything he eats since he only wants "true" solid food. Dang cute kid....

As you can see we are all healthy and working on happiness! Be good and choose the right!