Saturday, December 22, 2012

School "Holiday" Program and Christmas Break Begins

The kids had a Christmas "Holiday" program and they did GREAT! 
They looked so good in their "holiday" colors!!! It was super fun especially since it was MaKynzee's first school performance and Lukas was practicing for weeks before with a CD and couldn't wait!

After the program they had Art projects on display. MaKynzee made an apple with her thumb print that came with a super cute poem about remembering when she was this small and her thumb fit in the hole. Cuteness!! 
She would not smile all the way 'cause of her candy cane :o)  

Lukas to his dad's very proud heart made a TURTLE in art. It is so awesome and we thought it was perfect for our little man! He is getting SO big!

The first night of Christmas break the kids and mommy made a snow-woman! MaKynzee wanted her to have hair and so we settled for a bun. Hehehe
I forgot to take a picture, we had already gone inside, so I made them come back out...I promise they had gloves on when we built it!

MaKynzee has been naming EVERYTHING Krystal right now, even Hippo is Hippo Krystal Bagshaw! See what I we are proud to present
Krystal Christmas Bagshaw Snow-woman!
 Don't you love how you can see the grass and we used all the snow we could in our little patch of grass!

MaKynzee with her prize snow-woman!

After we had a MEGA snowball fight which is what Lukas was doing while we made the snow-woman. He was making a snowball pile and I never had time to take pictures but we had a blast! Lukas wouldn't give us a break to get the camera. Christmas break is going to be fun!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Sweet Little Elves

Bowen has been super naughty lately and I can only hope that the NICE little boy is around the corner...
He seems to be into investigating. The other morning I found this disaster...he took mommy's Special K Red Berries and spilled it all over the table and floor and ate all the strawberries...all he had to say was GRIN from ear to ear! Super cute and Super mischievous!

Hope can you be mad at this face...

In our Primary all the kids got mission calls. MaKynzee told me all week that she was going on a mission and needed to pack. I told her it was a pretend mission and she said "No Mom, I am leaving for REAL." So she packed all her dresses, tights and shoes. Then she told me she should probably take her jewelry 'cause missionaries are pretty! Anyway it was super cute! All week she did things all by herself saying, "I'm going on my mission and need to do this all by myself." It was stuff like...washing her hair, pouring her drinks, making her own breakfast, etc. I was really quite impressed and when Sunday rolled around she woke up early and packed her bags and headed out for her mission...

Sister MaKynzee Ann Bagshaw and Hippo ofcourse! Yes Hippo gets to go!

All her bags are packed and she's ready to go...
I don't know how disappointed she was when her Primary teacher didn't take her to the air port but she was OK by the time we got home and said, "Mom, I get to go when I grow an inch or two!" It was really cool experience for her and she can't wait to "grow."

Lukas became our little toothless man. 
First he had this annoying tooth that started to turn color, get longer and slightly turn. i told him I wanted to pull it out. He refused, after a few days it started to bleed too. I told him to let me pull it, again he refused. I once tried to tackle him and pull it before he figured what I was doing but NOPE that didn't work I just got bit! Here is a picture after about a week!

Then one night about another week later the tooth finally did a 180! I told Lukas I didn't care it was coming out at which point he let me get it out, there was no pulling involved...

Then he asked, "Mom do you think that counts as "falling out""
Mom, "Yes, why?"
Lukas, "A boy at school said that if you just let your tooth fall out that the tooth fairy will give you $60!"
Mom, "WHAT?"
Lukas, "Do you think I will?"
Mom, "That kid must have lied! You probably (/WILL) NOT get $60!"
Lukas, "Oh"
It was sad to see him so dejected but he put me through torture watching that dead tooth fall out for 2 weeks and then he really thought he would get that much PUUUUUULEASE!!

Three days later he lost his other front tooth and has been singing at the top of his lungs "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Our kids are such a joy to watch grown and learn, they are our best blessing! We love you three!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Xmas Tree Drama and Mommy's 28th "Again" Birthday

This year the tree was quite naughty and we almost threw it OUT!!! So we bought a brand new tree on super clearance 2 years ago and this was our first time using it. It went well....
The Bagshaw 5 Gang decorating the tree

Bowen would clap after each ornament was put on, it was sweet!

Daddy adding the finishing touch...

And down she blows!!!! The first time one of the kids tipped into the tree a little too far AND then it fell AGAIN... one of the legs broke! GRRRRRRRR

Third times a charm! Merry Christmas Tree!

A little elf snuck in amoung the wreckage!

Spencer had to work late one night so me and an elf put up the lights. I was pretty proud of myself!

The proud elf!! Thanks Lukas!! At one point I had hit my thumb for the LAST time with the hammer and Lukas was so cute he said, "Mom let's wait for the REAL elves to do it!" LOL! 
I thought he liked being an elf! 

This year I turned 28 again!! Well I did the math wrong sometime last year and had been telling everyone I was 28 so when I found out I was turning 28 not 29 it was the BEST present! Blonde, just remember I am BLONDE! Anyway I was bound and determined to make my mother's famous Lemon Meringue Pie! It is my favorite and even if I had to make it I was going to have IT! Ok I actually wanted to make it myself because I could snitch! hehehe


So this is me...28! 28 and what do I have to show for it...a wonderful husband, 3 outstanding kiddos, a great family support and I am living, loving and laughing through it all!!