Sunday, January 20, 2013

Toothless Twins?? Terrible Twos??

So seriously Lukas and MaKynzee seem to be more and more like twins then a few months apart. I mean they are in the same size clothes now, they weigh the exact same, they are only 3/4 in apart in height Lukas winning. I mean seriously!! Then there comes the issue of teeth. MaKynzee lost the first tooth but within a week Lukas lost his first. Ever since they have been competing who gets to lose the tooth first. They have lost the exact same tooth within 4 days since that first tooth. They have lost 6 (well 12) in total. The funny thing is their teeth will get loose at the same time and it is a race to see who loses theirs first. We of course thought they were just pulling on their teeth as a competition but the last two (well four) teeth have fallen out themselves! CRAZY...

Lukas lost the bottom right tooth Wednesday...

MaKynzee lost hers Saturday...

Our Toothless Twins! 

Terrible Twos...
Bowen has sure found a way to keep momma busy!
This is of course not washable marker and he looked green for a week! The worst part is...yes...that is marker around his mouth! He sucked on it so even his tongue was green!

What mom?

Mommy much prefers him like this. Although as of late he needs his Alligator, Puppy, Elephant and bear pillow pet before sleeping but guess who he learned that from....

Daddy likes lots of pillows too!!!

With all the picture taking of lost teeth Bowen felt left out and want his picture taken too. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas JOYS

So I wanted to do our big dinner Christmas Eve so I wouldn't spend Christmas cooking!
Dinner was DELICIOUS!!

Of course we read the Luke 2 version and the Silent Night book we have to reenact the nativity. 

The family in our new "Angry Birds" PJ's it was awesome!

The Boys!!!
Spencer's shirt was PERFECT for him. It said "I don't have an ANGER problem, I have an idiot problem." Those who know...yeah it was perfect!

The Girlies!

Spencer decided that he wanted a fire for Christmas morning so we tried to figure out how to lite the pilot with no success...Bowen even helped! Love this picture!

Spreading Reindeer food...

Before bed with all set out and ready for Santa!

SANTA CAME!!! The goods Santa left along with a thank you note for the cookies and milk!

Spencer's family has a tradition of a tea ring Christmas morning and I found this cinnamon roll tree on pinterest and decided to try it. It turned out awesome. We put a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Bowen enjoying Christmas Day...

MaKynzee enjoying Christmas Day...

 Lukas enjoying Christmas day...

All in all our very first Christmas home in 9+ years of marriage was PERFECT. We mixed our traditions and had so much fun! I think we will keep some traditions and add our own. We will be keeping the cinnamon tree for sure, Yummy! Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus seemed like it really hit home the true meaning of the day and we loved that! Spencer and I spent the day relaxing with a nap and then playing our new game Carcassonne. It was just so super awesome to be together!!