Thursday, August 26, 2010

This month in pictures...

First week Aunt Karen passed away.
Second week we had Aunt Karen's funeral on Monday,
Heather (Spencer's sister) had a handsome baby boy Bennett on Tuesday,
Brian (Spencer's cousin) got married on Thursday.
Then we took two breaths fresh air...maybe.

The next week... The Bowen clan arrived on Tuesday. Meaning my mom, Melanie (my sis) and her three kiddos. We literally lived at my sister's (Christina) house to make sure we got quality time with the San Antonio folks till I worked on Friday. Poor Spencer came for dinner and went home, just worked and tried to get over the fact that he had to start school the next week.

Breaking it down-

Tuesday- School clothes shopping- yep with all 7 kids.
Wednesday- Let see in between my two work meetings...

Our BYUI groupie- Crestwood 5 got together at the lake.

We were all roommates or our husbands were and then we all married roommates, get it? It takes too long to explain. It is cool. Special occasion was Tabitha (far right) was here from N. Carolina so we HAD to get together!

We went to Blackfoot's lake and of course the kids managed to find a fishie...

Thursday- Ross Park and Ice Cream
Alex and Ivy
MaKynzee with Lily

Christina, Melanie and Ivy, Alex and My Mom enjoying the lazy river.

My Mom and I with my babies

The awesome and outrageous 7!
Some kid pooped in the pool so we had a longer 5 min break...

The girls decided to dance to the is MaKynzee. know you want to see my belly.
Enough said I think I am doing pretty good.
Off to get ice cream to cool down. I am not quite sure why she gets the cutest messy faces...
Looks like we painted the mustache. Look Grandpa Bowen- are you jealous??
I worked Friday through Sunday. Friday the car died. Sunday night we had our long lost friends over for dinner.
Monday we ALL died...end of story.
And the kids start soccer this week, BRING IT ON!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WOW! Look how cute...

Ok so things have been really crazy. I honestly don't know where the last two weeks have gone but hey. We are all alive. Ok and I wanted to post just really quick our latest excitement with Baby #3. Ok so i guess I scared alot of people with the title of my last blog, "An Angel Went Back to Heaven." Aunt Karen was an angel, and I didn't realize that some might think it was our little peanut. Anyway we had the ultrasound to check him out and got the perfect profile pictures....

OK now look at this next one and pay special attention to his cute little nose...

See how flat and long, no cute little turn up at the end, that's right "He's got Daddy's nose." Spencer's reply to this was "I told you we should have stopped while we were ahead." Oh, come on he will be the cutest kid with the famous "Bagshaw" nose. And as to his position, he is no longer transverse but frank breech...yep feet up by the ears, butt to butt. That is a knee in the middle of the screen there for those of you who think...well don't think! Anyway we are happy and healthy, sorry to make some worry!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Angel Went Back to Heaven

Karen Joy Nobbs
February 21, 1944-August 6, 2010

Karen was an amazing women. Karen is Spencer's great aunt but refers to her as "Another Grandma." She was locked inside a handicap body but you would have never known as her personality was one of light and life. She would not allow her body to stop her from doing the things she wanted. Her laugh was so contagious and we sure enjoyed her uplifting spirit. Spencer's most favorite memories are going to BYU games with her. He says her enthusiasm and excitement at the games made every game fun. My favorite memory is going to the temple and watching her make covenants and perform the endowment with no hesitation to her handicaps. Lukas and MaKynzee remember her most fondly with a helmet on and her teddy bear that has a BYU shirt and sitting in a wheelchair. Whenever we visited Karen, she would graciously allow the kids to play with the bear and it would light up Karen's face. She will be sorely missed but what a beautiful and grand reunion she must have had with her Father in Heaven and family.

We Love You, Karen!
Enjoy your new "whole" "body" and missions on the other side!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My very own blog

Ok, so I started my very own blog. You see there have been so many things I have wanted to share but didn't because this is our "family" blog. So if you would like to follow it too, it is
I'm going to be sharing the funny, the inspiring, the deepest thoughts/ parts of me and for some reason I think I should... so if you would like to read/ follow, you may. Thanks for your support. Happy reading.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What the kiddos have been up to!

Lukas has a new exciting passion...vacuuming! Mom is excited and hopes to be able to teach him how to do the WHOLE floor! He has been such a helper.

MaKynzee started this new thing where she puts one new toy a day under her pillow for bed. I usually don't care but the other night this is what was there...
She was like WHAT? And I was like "That is a freakin' keyboard!!" She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. What could be there next!?

Lukas got Guess Who from Grandma and Grandpa Bowen. After about 2 hours we finally understood how to play and after about 3 more hours mom was ready to mail it back to Texas! Can I please have a break? He loves it, the only thing is he changes his character once you guess something right, so we are still working on that.

Studying the board!

The baby gave us quite the scare the other night. I woke up in ALOT of shooting pain and freaked. Not NOW! Labor isn't supposed to start now. I rolled one way then the next, I could feel the baby doing something and my belly was rock hard. After it seemed like minutes I am sure seconds and just when I was about to call 911 or go the hospital I had this gut wrenching pain and then the baby flipped and POOF no more pain. I talked to the Dr the next day (gotta love working with your Dr). Turns out the baby was transverse (laying lateral) and flipped to head down. All is OK but I lost my belly, I mean it is smaller. It is funny because almost everyone noticed and kept asking where the belly/ baby went. Well I tell you where he went DOWN and in my back! More cyatic pain and back is killing me. Baby is happy/ healthy and definitely the most active of the three. I go tomorrow for an apt and hope to get the "profile" ultrasound pic I really want.