Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spencer's "Etiquette" Dinner

Read it ALL for a good laugh I PROMISE!

Ok so "etiquette" by definition should be a wonderful and respectable thing, right? Well Spencer signed us up for his Alpha Kappa Psi dinner. I thought "oh this will be a nice relaxing dinner and we wll have fun." YEAH RIGHT! This dinner was to TEACH etiquette not use it. I about died! We spent the first hour learning how to approach some one, introduce yourself and practice giving out your business card. Hard for me NO...Spencer....IMPOSSIBLE. So the people who brought guests had to introduce them to people. Me (the guest) was NOT supposed to introduce myself. Well if any of you know my husband...we met maybe a handful defiantly not the whole room like we were supposed to. And the WORST part was you had to hold your cup in your left hand the WHOLE time so you could shake with the right. You see it is improper to have a cold or wet hand from your drink, right? OH MY GOSH my left hand was FROZEN. Note to self NO ice for business dinners introductions.
Then DINNER...
GOOD NIGHT! There was this "Etiquette Nazi" teaching us. She would grab your spoon for scooping your soup the wrong way and take your knife for cutting too many pieces at once. WHAT!!!! I thought this was a relaxing dinner NO! I got the spoon taken away and yelled at for cutting my dead cow into too many pieces, "Only 1-3, then you won't eat too fast!" She was RIGHT! SO when you cut your meat YOU are SUPPOSED to have the knife in your right hand and fork flipped over in the left holding the meat. Then you put down the knife and change the fork to the right. GOODNIGHT I JUST WANT TO EAT!!!!! It turned out to be a freaking work out! We were served prime rib and had to cut a PIECE and eat and CUT and so on. I was about to DIE. Come on I almost couldn't finish because I didn't have more calories left IN my body I burned them all trying to EAT! It was too dang funny. Thanks for the dinner BABE! LOL!
All the "victims" Can you see me stuffing my face with my SINGLE piece of meat?
Our table, Spencer was the only guy, AHHHHH!
The happy exhausted couple! Spencer loves me and we had a good time. Look my fork is turned the wrong way, OOOPS!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Valentines Celebrations (A Little Late I KNOW)

So when we were up in Rexburg it was actually Valentine's Day and we had a lot of fun with our friends. We went to Mo and Alicia's and played games! It was great we finally got to see our friends Katie and Steve that we miss so much! It turned out to be a great day!

Our friend Alicia has MAD cake skills and made this sweet cake for us all!

The "Crestwood 5 gang" (missing the Tufts :0( ) Playin' games!

All of our BABIES...we are almost taken over with all these crazy kids!!! AHHHHH! They are ALL really cute though! Lukas wouldn't take his finger off his nose just to be silly. Ah dang MY kid the problem, oh well I guess we all need a little spice right?

These are our friends the Hursts: Steve, Katie and son, Cameron. We were so glad to see them.
SO, I promised Lukas we would do our OWN Valentine here we are with my lame cake! But it was strawberry ummmmmm.
MaKynzee just barely reaches the counter! Me and my babies in the kitchen.
Ooooooo, time for sprinkles! Lukas really got into it!
Kynzee really wanted to lick the sprinkle cap and she kept getting frosting on the top of the bottle but hey I knew it would happen and she had FUN!
All in all Valentines was really good to us this year, got to spend it with friends and well I got a Wii with Wii Sport from Spencer! I about died. He usually forgets and just gets a card. I got him a computer game that he hasn't stopped playing but he both LOVE what cupid brought us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My MAD BBall Skills

So I have been trying really hard to make Women's basketball night. So tonight we went and I had NO idea that Spencer brought the camera but he did "more practice" he said. Well he got some fun shots and I guess I will show them so I can make my mommy and daddy proud (and of course the basketball Queen, Christina).

Look at my skills, this is right before I cut to the inside and well... lost the ball but hey it looks good there in color.

YES!! Look at that form (I think I should name it "Einstein" ie really smart person behind the ball but ain't nothin' else there) there really is no form at all but I am trying. I like the picture anyway and NO I didn't make it!

Now this next sequence I got my bum handed to me on a silver platter or maybe it was wood flooring but MAN it hurt!
AHHHHH! I could see the ball coming straight for the HEAD....

They got me and threw me to the floor, gives me new meaning to "double team" or "sandwich" :0)
Now these are the icing on the cake.. the shots that would make my Daddy (hope you see these) P-R-O-U-D.
I got a break away and dribbled all the way and SCORE! It was a lame lay up but I SCORED! Look at my form, Dad can you see! LOL.
My favorite! I was boxing out and GOT the rebound! I am only good for defense anyway! See dad, mom aren't you so proud! All YOU all can be proud too ya know, hehehehe.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gare Bear's Valentines Hockey Game

So we went to Rexburg for Garrett's ice hockey game. He made the competitive intramural BYU-I ice hockey teams. He was on team Spartans, #33. I was really impressed with his skills. He can do the twrilly, switch directions really fast thing. He had some HOT skating skills and even got some shots off. We all had lots of fun. Spencer had a blast taking pictures all 700+ of them. He enjoyed playing with his new camera but got some GREAT shots for us....

This is the "Yeah I'm sexy in my uniform" pose.

The FANS! Mo and Alicia Hemming and boys, Katie and Steve Hurst and son, Christina and Arik and girls and us came to cheer on the "Gare Bear"

Action...FINALLY! Get em Bear, get 'em!

I love this picture because it is Garrett vs the WHOLE other team!

Uh, oh he got slammed from behind but fought back and his team went on to score. Way to sacrifice the body!

Ahh and some pretty good skills!

We had a blast and Garrett's team ended up tying 4-4 (which is great considering the last time they lost to this team 8-1!) Garrett you were awesome and we are so proud of you. I LOVE YOU! Keep up the hard work but don't forget about those mission papers!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom, why are you melting?

Well I have been trying to exercises but it has been tough with my schedule around here but the kids sure enjoy it. When I am doing a wide stance they come and lay down in between my legs and smile and laugh up at me. Oh dang they are too cute but it makes me hold my squats pretty good cause I don't want to smash them with my elephant sized bum!

These are the kids in the extended arm position. They love to steal my weights!

And this is them flexing, ah dang they are cute!

Last but not least this is ME! You didn't think I would really post a picture of me working out did you? The sweat is defiantly NOT an exaggeration? Lukas asked me "Mom why are you melting?" Yep that's right I hope to be melting off more than sweat!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Excitement

So my beautiful sister watched my kiddos this weekend (so we could clean the temple Friday night I'll blog later about that) and then we headed down there late Sat (cause I worked) and had a really GREAT time. Of course the Bowen side came out and we decked out in football style (which was all Bronco of course). Anyway we junk fooded (is that a word?) ourselves out and it was FABULOUS. The kids were so cute with the cake...Can I have football cake now? Poor Christina had to listen to that for 2 whole days. My favorite part was when the Fitzgerald guy made that great run and Christina and I were jumping up and down and screaming, it would have made our mom and dad proud!
The cutest kids in the WORLD with their "football cake" You can't see but it was like 8 inches tall and chocolate through and through (Sorry Mom Bagshaw you missed it but it is at our house if you want some :0) And bytheway MaKynzee grew out of her football Jersey we are not into making her feel left out we just need to hit up Mom Bowen for a new one...LOL.

Spencer enjoying his 7 layer dip and chips. See the football game...we WATCHED FOOTBALL. Amazing I know but it was a PARTY we just had to.

The older kids BEGGING for "football cake" They all look so good in their jerseys.

MaKynzee telling me exactly how she feels about another picture right now. But the cake face is dang cute!

Kira the cutest "little" Jorgensen. She likes her Aunt Brandee and I LOVE HER TOO. Her "cheese" for the camera is to die for. Got love the cheeks!