Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well here is the really SAD, LONG story! Lukas fell, TWO WEEKS AGO ok ALMOST but anyway Dec. 19, I am sure now that there was a twist and fall but anyway he was trying to get in between Daddy's desk and the coffee table and fell somehow. Spencer brought him to work cause Lukas went into shock and we decided to go to the urgent care. The Dr there said Yep it's broke (before x-rays) then the xrays #1 came back with no fracture. So they said if he doesn't walk by Monday (4days later) come back. Well when I got home I just had a mother's/ nurse feeling something wasn't quite right so we went to the ER. X-ray #2 came back no fracture of hip and upper leg. The Dr had the nerve to tell me Luke was "playing or pretending" to be hurt. Pissed off is light for my feelings, my kid is in pain and no one can find anything. ONE WEEK LATER... Lukas still wasn't walking and I noticed bruising on his foot and so we went back for x-ray #3. This time his lower leg and foot, nothing, no fracture. The Dr was pretty rough with the leg and Lukas only winced but I had been giving him IBuprofen, I mean I am NOT into torture (you might think I am when you hear what we did... later in story). I told the Dr my gut feeling is something is up. He said he is OK, everything checks out and make him walk, make him walk to his Christmas presents and if he wants to do something make him walk first. Well that was NO GO! The kid would NOT walk. So we tortured him... that's right worst mother of the year award one day we made him stand for like a minute to show him it didn't hurt while the entire time he screamed bloody murder (Ah this KILLS me!). SO this week I had it, Lukas had not walked in two weeks. When I was at work I talked to the peds specialist, he said I could bring him in. I did and... XRAY #4 FRACTURE, spiral FRACTURE, BROKE, CRACK, PAIN!! I broke down and cried in the office. The Dr tried to make me feel better but all I could see was us trying to make Lukas stand that day. Oh, pain in my heart! SO we got a cast and I think it has given him some support because he is moving around much better! Oh, boy only took 4 xrays to see it! Anyway we took him for chicken nuggets at Wendy's like my mom always did after our Dr when we were sick.

Lukas showing you his cast (poor photography, sorry)

Lukas hanging out looking spiffy!

Well to celebrate the New Year we are quarantined to the house. We are all sick, especially MaKynzee. She has been SO much fun today! Spencer is just getting over his cold and I am just getting it.

MaKynzee after dinner and the gleam in her eye is not sparkles but a cold!

Spencer was so nice to take this picture for me as I was working. Kynzee woke up with a bloody/ snotty nose! Just awful!

AND A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO GG (ROXANNE) and EARL! They got engaged this Monday! GG is Spencer's Grandma. They have a Wedding day planned for January 17. I guess when you are as...shall we say wise as them you don't have to wait around for anything just get hitched! Anyway we are excited for them!

Roxanne and Earl, the newly engaged! Soon to be married!
We love you and thanks for helping with the blessings Earl! Your already a part of the fam!

Friday, December 26, 2008

O Perfect Chrsitmas, Work and ALL

This Christmas we stayed home in Pocatello because I had to work at 1:00pm Christmas day but that did not damper our PERFECT morning. Santa did not disappoint and neither did the weather we had a beautiful white snowy morning. Spencer's parents were very nice and left their home for the first Christmas in YEARS so I could have a Christmas morning with the family. We also had Spencer's sister Heather and her husband stay with us and Spencer's Grandma and boyfriend came over in the morning. It was a delight. We were packed in our little living room but it was fun.

Lining up on the stairs to see what Santa brought. (Man I was on the kid stair!)

Santa's goodies on the kids Santa mats.

Lukas was so excited about his train but his favorite gift was a pop up tent from Gma and Gpa Bowen.

MaKynzee with her baby doll and diaper bag I made for her new baby clothes and baby things. She looks so grown up! Plus the PJ's she is wearing are hand made by her Gma Bagshaw, they have temples and young women and a little baptism girl with her dad. They came with a story and a tradition and I just LOVE them!
Can you see how dang excited I am!? I got Project Runway Seasons 1-2! I love the show! And I got GAMES that I am really excited to play.
Spencer got a work bench for the garage and a work light, plus books and a cooler that he is really excited about.
This is Heather (Spencer's sister), Ryan and Spencer and I. We were so excited to spend some short but sweet time with them. We miss them so much... ahhh the newly wed stage we miss that too. Both of them seemed to be coming down with a cold so...GET BETTER QUICK you two!
Hope everybody had a great day like us!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to ALL

We love you all! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Can you tell Kynzee got woke up early?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Family Wonderland Sledding FUN

We had a great Family Home Evening activity and I spent my b-day money on a inflatable tube and Spencer got a long sled so we could go sledding with the kids. I was a little skeptical as we started out but both the kiddos were so excited. They looked dang cute in all their snow stuff. Anyway when we got to the hill it was still snowing and the hill was covered in powder. It was PERFECT sledding weather. Well we went down once and MaKynzee thought we were torturing her and Lukas loved every second. Just a few runs and Lukas was demanding to go by himself! WHAT? How old are you? 3! Well he went and laughed the whole way, we had a blast! MaKynzee took turns staying at the top after a few runs (where she just screamed) with mom and dad.

Getting ready to enjoy sledding! The kiddos are in about 4-5 layers and SO excited!

The Gang right before a run. Can you see how happy Kynzee is?

Dang cute kid huh? After a few runs we decided to step it up. It was great and Lukas was giggling the whole way! We hit a jump and Lukas went from my back to my head/shoulders, but we never stopped laughing!

Daddy making snow angels with the kids! It was too cute!

Daddy and Kynzee admiring their angels! We have so many angles watching out for us and when I saw this picture for the first time I got goose bumps thinking about the loved ones we have lost and the angel form they are now watching over us. It just really touched me.

It was a perfect day and I was just full of the CHRISTmas spirit! Because of our Lord and Savior we have the opportunity to return and live as a Family for ALL Eternity! I am so grateful that He loved us enough to make the ultimate sacrifice, the Atonement. I am so grateful for families and for ALL of YOU. We love you all! Merry CHRISTmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Basketball DIVA

So my awesome sister is...well was the 7th grade Girls basketball coach for Tigert Middle School in Soda Springs but now the season is over and her team was UNDEFEATED!!! I am so proud of her. We were able to go to a game and embarrass the heck out of her (ok maybe that was only me). Of course I used my wonderful cheer leading voice and helped encourage the girls. They are awesome, but they have an OUTSTANDING coach! So anyways I was thoroughly impressed and you could tell that the girls really liked Coach Jorgensen and respected her. I was glad we could go.

Oh, how we tried to get the kids to enjoy the game but they wanted to run and play with the ball too! But look Brookelyn is always happy to pose for a picture and my kiddos too!

Coach Jorgensen focused down court, "MAKE THE PLAY ALL THE WAY THROUGH!" We heard that a lot.

Coach Jorgensen awaits third quarter, this is HER turf!

Time out for the other team, Coach Jorgensen lifts the girls. They are winning DUH!

Another SMACK DOWN, Way to go!

Weenie, I am so proud of you and glad that you are accomplishing your dreams! You are an awesome coach! I love you so much and can not say enough about how wonderful you are. I hope you can hear all the unspoken words....I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

O Christmas Tree and Happy Birthday To Me

This year we were able to go to Festival of Trees a fundraiser for children's health care with Spencer's parents again. We had such a delightful time last year and since I had to work on my birthday :( we decided to celebrate that night too. It was beautiful. The kids enjoyed the train the most and HATED Santa Clause. You would have thought we were torturing them! I didn't get a picture but of it but Kelly did so I will put it up later, I am sure it will be good for some laughs. Here are some photos from the evening...

Papa and Kynzee with the Reindeer hats they got from Santa. Who looks cuter?
Lukas showin' us the train, he could have stayed there all night.
Mommy at her favorite tree at the festival. It was "All Dressed Up in Glitter" It was so cute with all these penguins, I really liked it. It seem liked my perfect description of winter wrapped in a bow.

Then we went home and celebrated my birthday with some naughty Better than Sex cake (ooooo goood) and lots of love. I got a beautiful glass block with Silent Night on it and a manger scene and later a stuffed dog that sings b-i-n-g-o (cause I asked for a dog) from Mom and Dad Bagshaw. I got a (I know big surprise computer stuff from Spencer) computer speaker, a computer media reader and a tool box with tools. I am really excited about the tools! I am so sick of look through stuff to find a simple tool in all of Spencer's tools! My Dad would be so proud! It was a picture perfect evening ending with decorating the tree as tradition for my birthday!
Me and my 24th birthday cake. WOW!

Oooo, pretty tools! Daddy aren't you excited for me? Tools and a tool box, YES!

Lukas placing his ornament just so.
I love MaKynzee's face, how she studied so hard as she put on her bulb. So sweet. It was so fun to have them both included this year and really help and have the BIG tree for us to enjoy!
Spencer was having way too much fun! We all were really. I love the feelings that Christmas brings!

The Bagshaw 2008 Christmas Tree. Each ornament placed with LOVE and in the true spirit of Christmas! May we all remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas this year!

It's a Very Merry Soda Thanksgiving

We had a delightful time at Christina and Arik's for Thanksgiving. We had a little college reunion of "Crestwood 5" Spencer's old dorm and it was a BLAST. It was low key and with all the kids it was a bit busy. I can't say I would change anything though except having to leave as night early for work but fish got to swim, birds got to fly and Bagshaw's got get $$ somehow. Anyway, we played Turkey Bowl football in which both Spencer and I made ONE each that is right one good play. He made an awesome run and I made a catch! Wahoo! We had so much fun. The highlight was freezing our bums off at the Hooper Springs and "volcano". No pictures of the volcano turned out but Lukas is still talking about it! He keeps asking if we can go back to volcano.

The last night Friday I was blessed with a surprise birthday night. I was pampered with birthday dinner, my favorite...SPAGHETTI. Then cake, loaded with candles and then presents. Alicia and Christina totally spoiled me and I was so happy. It was something that might sound selfish but I really needed. I felt loved, needed and most of all wanted. THANKS GIRLS (and thanks to the hubbys that let them!)

Well we had a blast, total fun. Thanks to Mo for the Turkey...excellent, Alicia for humoring us Black Friday and making me feel special with a birthday dinner and presents. Alicia Bro for coming and leaving alive in one piece, haha. Bridgette for reading to the kids, Garrett for coming back. Christina and Arik for the house and everything. Weenie for loving me so much and just plain THANKS EVERYBODY for the GAMES!

The Kiddos at Hooper Springs.

The "Grown Up" Gang

The kids enjoying my b-day meal. Lukas says, "Cheers to Wee Ones!"
My birthday cake, no comments on burning the house down eh? I know Lukas looks more excited but I was pondering on my birthday wish! Really!
WAHOOO, Twilight Series from Jorgensens and Hemmings!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HIPPO gets a bath and Lovely MESSES

MaKynzee has a hippo, "Hippo" that she is attached to. She carries it everywhere when she is home but we never let her take it anywhere. Anyway it is a light blue/green and can get dirty pretty easy. Kynzee has a heart attack when she can't find it so I was waiting till the perfect moment to do this. My mom told me that when they were in Texas she just machine washed it. Mom Bagshaw had told me about Heather (Spencer's sister) and that she had a doll and when it needed to be cleaned they would put it in the washer for a "bath". Kynzee screamed as she put the hippo in the washer, "Hippo scared!" Too dang cute. The rest of the story is pictures....

MaKynzee watching the water rise after she threw Hippo in.

Hippo in the middle of his bubble bath.

We finally got her to let us shut the lid of the washer. She was still crying, too cute.
Finally I got her to let us shut the laundry doors, but she didn't budge. She was going to guard her Hippo! She sat there waiting for quite some time until we had lunch. She is so sweet.

Sing with me...Reunited and it feels so GOOD! You can see she is still a little upset with us not to mention I think she is afraid he is going to get taken away. But Hippo is happy and clean once again.


M= Mom never quite catches you in time
E= Every time you turn around

S= Smells, there are always smells involved

S= Save some for your dad would ya

E= Every dang day a new exciting different mess, never the same have you noticed that?

S= SAVE ME, Anybody, Somebody SAVE ME

Lukas and MaKynzee emptied my bag that holds our grocery bags. Cute, right?

Lukas spread BUM CREAM all over the table and my couch pillows, don't worry Kynzee helped...

SICK! In your mouth girlie! UH! She screamed for about an hour because as you can see she got some in her right eye. We had to wash it out and she was sure we were TORTURING her!

Lukas removed all the cushions from Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaws couch!

Kynzee emptying a box of tissues. Not only that but tearing the tissues to shreds, oh happy day!
Now just so you know I am breathing after all these messes, I can handle all these messes and it is because they were one day at a time. That is the ONLY way I can take them. One day at a time. LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Momma Havin FUN Bein' Momma

After two days of work I was ready for a day of FUN with my babies. I try not to say "babies" around them but they are growing so big SO fast and I want them to stay small! Anyway so it was Sunday...and when I was cooking MaKynzee and I got into a SPATULA sword fight that quickly turned into two against one as you will see. Lukas couldn't help but come and help Kynzee get Momma. I ended up pinned against the wall and then in the corner. Ah dang I hate to lose but getting the kisses to make Mommy wake up were to DIE for, get it AR AR, LOL. We must thank Daddy for grabbing the camera he is so well trained for these moments now!

Help! Kynzee's got ME!

Lukas joined the fun and Momma is losing ground.

Mom tries to get a little jab in before they killed me!

Now we were sitting at dinner and all of the sudden Momma snapped! Not a bad snap but a snap never the less. Lukas has been working on this fro thing and I can't contain it and Daddy doesn't comb it days I work so...well let me show you...

So anyway I decided in the middle of dinner, "Time for a HAIR CUT!" So after my last bite I pulled the boy over and BUZZZZZZ. Dad didn't finish dinner till after I was done with the cut. I think he looks SUPER CUTE!
BUZZ the first strip GONE!

Lukas being attacked, "PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN and GIVE ME YOUR HAIR!"

MaKynzee making sure we know that she still exists. Lukas was getting too much attention with the camera... pre, during and post pictures... SO MaKynzee popped in right as I went to take a picture. I love Lukas popping in the back looking around Kynzee, TOO CUTE!

Our LITTLE MAN with his NEW DO.