Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh Dear things I "love" about my kids and Good old SERVICE

Yep that's right the kids got a hold of the butter. It was just sitting out the 5 weeks they were gone (not the same butter but butter in general) and then just one morning and BAM my butter became the newest sculpture. I couldn't find any other evidence which scared me but then I found a towel that was totally greasy. Ah, well at least they cleaned up after themselves.

Next MaKynzee got to thoroughly enjoy her doughnut and then try to attack her mommy.

Anyway you gotta love them. Lukas has had some fun of his own but we have had to much fun enjoying them being back that I can't really complain.

So the other day we went to GG's (Spencer's Grandma Burgess) to rake leaves. We all had such a ball and I was able to help. When I was mowing the lawn I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of service and love. That is something I am grateful for from my Dad. He instilled something so amazing in me, a desire and love to do service. I am so grateful for my testimony of service. When you do something for someone else your load seems lighter, or whatever you need seems to come. As I was mowing the lawn and thinking about my Dad, I just wanted to tell him and all of you how much I love him, I am so grateful for ALL that he has taught me and all the love he gives me. He has been a rock for our family and I am grateful for the strength of his example. Love you daddy.

Here are some fun pictures...

My babies and our leaf pile.

Lukas being beyond cute!!

GG helped the kiddos bury me and we had lots of fun.
It was a perfect fall day with the family.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We were SO excited to see our babies. We got there an hour early and I felt like a kid at 4:00am on Christmas morning and mom and dad said we can't get up till 5:00am. We walked the little strip in the SLC airport but it did nothing. Nerves, did the kids do ok, did they handle all the air pressure, did they cry, did they remeber Kynzee's hippo, did she freak out, did Grandma and Grandpa survive, did any of the other passengers try to kill them, did they use benadryl, will they be goes on and on. There is only a single shop that you can access as you wait at SLC International Airport and because of all the security I swear there are a MILLION signs that say NO ENTRY, ya tell a mom who hasn't seen her babies in 5 weeks NO ENTRY I show you what you can do with your "entry". Anyway theycan't stop the clock so here came my babies...TALLER...ALIVE...CONSCIENCE...CUTER>>I didn't think it was possible but they are just so beautiful aw just enjoy the moment with us through the pictures.....

Eh, do you see part of the DO NOT ENTER

Then there they are cute as can be with their little back packs. Ah TOO CUTE!!

Daddy and the kiddos gettin' their luggage through the airport, oh so happy.

Oh, my baby girl! I was so excited to be with my baby girl. You see MaKynzee is NOT a cuddler and it hurts my heart a bit. I would try and get her to cuddle with me but she always pushes me away so when she left for so long I thought for sure she would come back even more distant but NO! She was clingy all weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. She recognized me and gave me hugs and kisses at the airport, oh what JOY and SWEET song BURST from my heart. She is so so sweet. Thanks Kynzee girl!

So after the little reunion we went on a Great-Grandma-a-thon. We visited Grandma Sellers on Thursday, Grandma Rae on Friday and Grandma and Grandpa Bowen Fri-Sunday. Poor Lukas was a little confused he kept saying "Go home, go home now" We kept saying after Grandma's. Which one who knows...LOL. Anyway it was great to let the Great Grandmas see the kids and us see them a bit and catch up... WE LOVE YOU! So after our Great-Grandma-a-thon I had a cousin baptised on Saturday and a distant cousin blessed Sunday. It was fun but a little over whelming at times. I love our family and I could help but feel so strongly about how that needs to be the center of our lives, it is just SO important!

Anyway so at a Bowen gathering you ofcourse have some fun cousins for the wee ones...Lukas ofcourse wouldn't stop asking for 'Oklyn (Brookelyn) and Baby Kira. Here are some fun bath time photos...

Then there was a water fight duh....

Ah...poor Kira she was in the middle! No worries, here she comes...

Happy Cheeks, she survived the water fight and look at that SMILE!

So we all survived to come home to SNOW!!! But we are home, one happy family and I am SO excited...