Saturday, June 23, 2012

Uncle Justin Got Hitched!! JUNE that is...

The ceremony was beautiful and Justin ended up with really bad "allergies" because the spirit was so strong. It was so wonderful to see them so in love and be eternally sealed.

Of course waiting for the bride and groom is the worst for the kiddos and adults let's be honest. So we played photographer...

The Logan Temple

Our beautiful eternal family...squinting and oh so happy!

Mommy and Daddy 

Trying our luck at a Bagshaw cousin picture...this is by far the best!!! Kids were hungry and tired and well there are 7 kids and 3 of them one!

They're finally out!! So cute!!

Mr and Mrs Justin M. Bagshaw 

Only Count Bagshaw could make this bouquet look that good!

Boy cousins ATTACK!! The poor groom was so worried about the tuxedo!

Cutting the Cake!

A little there are garter or what? Grrrr

LOVE...need I say more! 


It was a fantastic loooong day but well worth all the time and effort to show these two support and in return bask in their eternal love for a day. The groom was handsome, the bride gorgeous and the love they share perfect.
Wish the best for the happy couple!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Our Daddy is SO awesome. Happy Father's Day!

This last year of daddy-hood Spencer has learned to cuddle with his tender hearted daughter...she loves to cuddle! 

He also learned to "play dead" or wrestle I don't know which one. When Bowen jumps on him I think I would play dead too! Bowen isn't exactly "gentle".

For Father's Day Daddy got Frisbee golf discs as dad was in desperate need of getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. So we all went and played with Dad... 

MaKynzee taking a shot!

 Lukas' big fling!

Daddy showing the kiddos how it is done!

 We had a blast and hope our daddy knows how much we love and appreciate all he does! Thanks Daddy we LOVE you!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MaKynzee's Dance Recital

MaKynzee had her first "professional" performance with her new dance company DSDS. We are really going to miss them. We LOVE the teachers and the step up that it gave Kynzee. She did amazing!!!

Getting ready...

Our perfect ballerina! She has really been working hard on her positions and dance. She loves dance!  

Preparing at dress rehersal...all ready to go...look at that stance! And ofcourse you can see little Kira on the left. They are attached at the hip! They had so much fun...

 The second dance... 

We love our sassy little dancer. I don't know if she is going to keep dancing or play soccer now that we are away from Kira...she has to decide! She says something different all the time...we want her to do what will make her happy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Museum of Clean

If any of you know my husband, he hates sitting around the house. So we decided last Friday to go to the Museum of Clean built by Don Aslett. It was nothing short of AMAZING and guess who was there to give us a tour...DON ASLETT. It was sooooo cooool. We are still not over it. He just handed me a book off the shelves and said looks like you need this. It was his book Is There Life Afer Housework? Heck yeah I need it!!

Don Aslett weighing Lukas and MaKynzee on a antique scales.

Because we were fortunate enough to be with Don Aslett we got the FULL tour. He took us up to "Big Ben" The clock tower in the building. Every hour it flushes instead of dings. I love it and it was super cool!

                      Back washer!~

Bowen "in" the Outhouse!

Lukas getting body vacuumed.

Bowen buffering the floors! Wish I could get this one to clean at home, he is all messes!

Totally LOVED this!

The basement had a boiler that they don't use anymore and they used this area to show how kids used to be chimney sweeps. Don Aslett dressed them up and put them in the chimney and when they came out he put soot on their face. It was cute. Bowen was not that excited about being in the chimney.
What a cute chimney crew!!

After the tour their is this HUGE play area with a life sized Noah's Ark...

And a place to do a whole bunch of cleaning! I want them to be this excited at the house! Squeaky clean!

Not the best window cleaner but the cutest! 

They had these glass tables for kid to color on and mommy made a little picture! 

Ofcourse mom and dad wanted a cute picture too! 

It was a blast and only $15 for the whole family. We could have stayed all day. Come visit and we will go the museum of clean!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lukas Final Soccer Season in Pocky

Lukas was lucky and got to play with his cousin Brookelyn again and Aunt Christina was his coach. He seems to have gotten better about going after the ball but once he gets the ball he gets too excited and loses direction...

Go Lukas, Go!

Lukas is great at defense! He hops to be goalie next year...

 The team was Fire and Ice Sharks...GO SHARKS!!!

We are really going to miss Aunt Christina not being our coach but it was the last year that Brookelyn and Lukas could play together anyway because next year is 8v8 no coed.