Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pony Tail and Curls

It finally happened! MaKynzee's hair is long enough for a pony tail! I loved her little curls so I took lots of pictures. Oh, dang I have cute kiddos.

Back can tell I need her hair to be a tad bit longer but still CUTE!

I love the CURLS! I hope they stay forever!

I love the detail, you can see how sweet her little curls are.

This is the front view, she was playing with her boa and wouldn't get close enough for a picture.
Our sweet little lady.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cast Free and Chair Drama

Lukas is CAST FREE. We were so excited to go on Wednesday and get Luke's cast removed and have another xray that no longer showed a fracture (like the first 3 x-rays LOL :0)) and showed new bone growth. Luke had been asking for a few days for the cast to come off so he was REALLY excited. The Dr told me not to worry if he refused to walk BUT no one can stop a true BOWEN who is used to broken bones. He hopped off the table and walked out. He has a limp right now and the Dr said it is because his leg is stiff but we were happy to see him jumping yesterday!

No cast, can you see? Lukas has one sexy leg...I called it a dinosaur leg (scaly, dry and all) and he told everyone "want to see my dinosaur leg?" Oops guess I better watch what I say.

one word... VICTORY!
I love this picture, Lukas is so happy!

I wanted to take a picture for my scrapbooking with Lukas, his cast and a ruler to show him how small it was. It is a little less than a foot long, oh how small we start out.

Chair Drama

Now this is GREAT stuff. We had just finished dinner except MaKynzee, she is our little garbage disposal and so we had her in her chair. Well she wanted to get down cause we had all left her to indulge herself. All the sudden we hear a thud and crying. I was like, "Didn't we strap her in?" Yep we did...

She wasn't hurt just upset that she had a chair stuck to her RUMP. The thud was the chair hitting the table during her little descent. GOOD STUFF huh?

Freeing Kynzee of her attachment. I couldn't stop laughing and she was so distraught because we were grabbing the camera instead of her. LOL oh it was so funny...I hope you all can just reinact this in your mind. TOO GOOD!

I love this shot with MaKynzee but you can tell she was a little upset with us. It's okay Kynzee...WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Adventures at the Petting Zoo

So today Spencer didn't have school and I didn't have to work so Spencer said, "Let's do something fun." Ok sure but it is 30 degrees with no snow so what do you do? Go to the petting zoo and try to convince your husband you really need the cute puppy in the top window. Obviously no puppy but we had a lot of fun at the zoo. Lukas LOVES animals and Kynzee was ok but not too excited. Lukas would have jumped over the fences.
These goats were at the very beginning, so we got feed and fed the goats.

Lukas really took to this "dwarf" donkey or something. He was really cute feeding him.

MaKynzee and I at the dwarf donkeys and ostriches. Kynzee was a little hesitant as you can see.

This is the angry OGRE that scared the kids and Kynzee wouldn't get out of the stroller after that. He banged his horns against the fence, he looks as SCARY as he acts! LOL.

Lukas and I with this really cute donkey!

I thought this Llama was really cute and I LOVED her eyelashes but she wouldn't move. Then we saw this... little baby llama. SO CUTE!

We let the kids ride the little horse. At first MaKynzee was happy but then we put in the quarter!

Dang this is my favorite picture of the day, Lukas is SOOOO CUTE.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

GG's Wedding- Introducing Grandpa and Grandma Clough (sounds like Cluff)

This weekend (Roxanne Burgess, Spencer's maternal grandma-got the family history?) GG got married! We were all very excited for her. I had the wonderful opportunity to go shopping with her and Kelly for a wedding dress. It was SO FUN! Earl (new Grandpa Clough) said he didn't care but NO black! Of course everything that we found seemed to be black! But then we found the shirt Grandma is wearing and she fell in LOVE! I must admit it makes her look good and adds pizazz to all the right areas :0) Anyway now we were on a mission to find a matching bottom...yeah right! We ended up at JoAnn's and found a PERFECT matching fabric and she made the skirt. I tell you all this because I think she looks fabulous AND she made it so anyway.....

The wedding shall we say was SHORT but SWEET! Earl was all smiles and GG was cute as can be. She just was so giddy and... well the perfect blushing bride I tell you. After getting everyone settled, the room over flowed with people that love these two! We had the shortest ceremony of my life. Less than 10 minutes after the shindig started they were pronounced man and wife. Now that's the way to do it!

The Groom- Earl but now Grandpa Clough to us! We almost got a full smile out of him!

Roxanne (GG) and Earl
Easy to smile when someone is marryin' ya eh?

Mr and Mrs Earl Clough! Give that bride a KISS!
Yes, I must admit I had GG's camera and missed the kiss the first time so true to my personality and idea of a true fairy tale I shouted, "You got to do that again! I missed it and I have her camera!" The room burst into laughter and the bride and groom leaned in again! This time I think they stayed there a bit longer BUT dang I missed it again! LOL! Spencer got a good shot though!

WOW! look at the family that guy just married! GG's family that came to support.
I don't think I will rattle off names of everyone there but GG had 4 children with spouses, 7 grandchildren (some with spouses and one fiance), 6.5 great-grandchildren and other family and almost family that love her so much! (Now the .5 great grandchild is from Spencer's cousin, we are not announcing anything!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Makin' Time for Family

So we had a little quality family time the other night. I wanted to play with my babies. I just all of the sudden got this horrible feeling when I was carrying Kynzee...they are just growing so dang fast and I can't stop it. Soon they'll be hating kisses and tickles and mommy's bedtime stories. All right so I got all mushy and emotional who knows why...maybe it is because my little man is going to be in kindergarten next year or because Kynzee started looking so BIG but just take your little person or your loved one and give them extra TLC would ya? Someday they are going to say no or worse live 24 hours away!

We busted out the Play-Doh and had so much FUN!

Lukas making his snake!

MaKynzee just tearing the heck out of it! But we made it pretty in the end :0)

Our finished products. Kynzee and I turned her scraps to a Rose like Grandma Bowen (love you, miss you) and Lukas made a truck and snake (the snake all by himself... he was so proud) and I made guess....YELLOW HIPPO! Wow I need a little more excitement in my life, oh wait my husband is in school, son is in a cast and my daughter likes to strip.... NOPE I'm good!

Then we had a puzzle race!

Daddy and MaKynzee were one team with the Care Bears....

Mommy and Lukas were another with Mickey and the Mickey Mouse Club House plane.
We counted down and 3-2-1 GO!
We got our boxes to show the pictures...Lukas was lots of help but then we had Kynzee who decided she would sabotage our puzzle (alright after they finished theirs but still) Lukas was excited though he wanted to go again and again. He is getting pretty good at puzzles. Anyway...
WINNERS....DADDY and KYNZEE (Dang they're CUTE)
(Dang that kid is C-U-T-E, who's his mother?)
It was a fabulous night and we all had fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cast Decor and Hair Do

So I have been trying to find some time to get us all to decorate Lukas' cast but it wasn't until last night that I said "That's it, let's DRAW." Lukas loved the attention and picking out the right Lightning McQueen. He was such a good support.

Mommy drew McQueen and Sheriff on the cast cause that's what Lukas asked for. Mommy just got home from work so she is still in her scrubs :0)

Lukas adding his own signature touches!

MaKynzee adding her own touches, she wanted us to write on her leg next. It was cute. We couldn't get her to understand that we were writing on a cast NOT Luke's skin.

My babies being cute!

Today I got to braid Kynzee's hair in pigtails for the first time and she was such a good sport and of course I HAD to take pictures!

"Right mom, just take the picture"
Little Mrs. Sassy just after getting her hair done. For the most part she is soooo good for me when I do her hair. But her little photo shoot after was a different story.

I just can't believe how LONG her hair is now. You can only barely see the curls but she has LOTS of curls but when it dries it either goes under or out and today it went under. I LOVE HER HAIR. (Good thing I have a girl huh?)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New ENGAGMENT #2 Year

My best friend in the WORLD is ENGAGED!! She says "I have to live with a boy!" I am so excited for her! Congrats...I love you so much! Sounds like 2009 is a year of LOVE!

Hemminga (Celeste) and her MAN!!
Oh, I totally stole this picture off her blog but I am sure she won't mind!