Friday, May 25, 2012

MaKynzee's PreSchool Graduation

MaKynzee graduated from Miss Suzy's Play and Learn PreSchool on Wednesday night. It was so cute. First the class did a few cute songs....

Then they acted out Goldilocks and the 3Bears. This is "Goldie" sleeping in Baby Bear's bed, too cute!

      Ms MaKynzee receiving her diploima.

She is such a DIVA! Look at that stance!

The Graduating Class of 2024????

     The Proud Parents with the pretty graduate.

We owe so much to this wonderful lady. She taught MaKynzee how to write/ spell her easy task we know, but we LOVE the way it is spelled! MaKynzee has truly grown up and we are so excited for Kindergarten.

The morning after the graduation MaKynzee got dressed and came running into our bedroom, "Mom! I am ready for Kindergarten!!" Oh sweety we have the WHOLE summer to wait. She is a little disapointed but when I mentioned swimming she perked back up, my little water girl!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

 My kiddos are the best. I love being a mom because theses are my children. I had no idea when I got into this whole motherhood thing that I could ever love this much. I remember being afraid to get pregnant with #2 because how could I love so many, the way my heart went out to one? I realized that part of the pain during child birth is your heart growing bigger and your soul being taught a divine gift of love, love like God loves you. I love my sweet 3 more than I can say. Thank you for choosing me to help you in this earthly life, I love you and hope to be the best mother to you. While you are here I am on God's errand to raise you, love you, teach you, strengthen you, bridle you, let you fly and catch you when you fall. I will be all that God has asked because no one is a single mother, we all have God to help us!

Bowen my sweet Bowen, please promise me that you will keep your sweet laugh and smile, oh that beautiful smile. Be happy as you are now in all things. I see your temper and see your love. You are going to be a very passionate person. I will be by your side to help you with whatever you want to do. Dream BIG little one!

My sweet Princess Dancer. MaKynzee you are my little lady and the princess in the house. You are very lovable and sweet. You are such a clutz but that just makes me love you more. You can turn anything into a hour project just using your imagination to make anything dull, fun and adventurous and you go to your own little world. I know you have a soft heart and that comes from me but I hope I can teach you to be strong and remember you are a daughter of God. For you are precious, the daughter of a King!

Lukas my handsome little man. Your laughter is contagious and I can't help but smile every night when you get into bed because it is our special moment you and I. It is through my tickles and kisses that you know you are loved. It is just so nice to have such a caring little man. Thank you for all the flowers (dandelions) and all the times you tucked mommy into bed. You are amazing and super smart. Continue to grow and learn knowing that your mommy supports you in anything...even the computer whiz you are becoming. Dream big and follow your big heart!

This is what Lukas wrote the day after Mother's Day.
It says, "On Mother's Day I did get sherol for my mom."
He meant cereal and yes that is me in my bed, he gave me breakfast in bed. Sweet little man had no help, dad was still snoring right next to me. I think we are going to have quite the ladies man, get in line ladies this is a good one!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spencer Graduates HOORAY!!

Friday was the March Through the Arch graduation ceremony at ISU. We were so proud of Spencer and there was free food afer so we went and it was great.

Our graduate with the tower Bengal balloons of doom.

The Arch

 Our Special Family. We started this ISU journey with MaKynzee as an 11 week old. Now we went from 4 to 5 and MaKynzee is already 5! WOW what a detour we had!
Me and my favorite graduate

After March Through the Arch we went to the college specific graduation at the College of Business. I started to hyperventilate when I looked through the program and couldn't find Spencer's name. Come to find out he forgot to fill out ANOTHER paper for this graduation but they still let him walk :0)

This is Spencer's personal favorite teacher Dr Parker. These two are the funniest pair and a dynamic duo. When Spencer walked by Dr Parker said, "Hey you finally made it!" Much banter between these two in lecture. Sometimes I wonder what the rest of the class was probably thinking.

 Walking through the arch with Lukas and MaKynzee. They are so proud of their Daddy. GO DAD!

We all suffered through a long 3 hour commencement but no one understands that I loved every second because I had to suffer 5 years to get here and scream...that's my husband after his name was called. I am just so proud.

The proud parents. No matter how old you are your parents are always happy to see you accomplish your dreams.

PARTY! We took Spencer to his favorite AppleBee's, then back to the house for a party. This card says "Epic Win!" Spencer is obsessed with a site that is called the Anyway there are these posts about idiots doing idiot things. Well after a few fails, we had a serious EPIC WIN! He graduated and we are all too happy! He got a new backpacking tent and Kindle Fire. The $1000 new camera promised 2 semester ago will just have to wait for a job...hehehe.

Of course I made a homemade cake. I thought of dying the frosting black but it seemed a bit um...gross....

Saturday night Spencer and I went for a walk and talked about this chapter in our life. It is probably the hardest chapter to date. We learned alot, grew alot, fought alot, cried alot, were blessed alot, loved alot and we came out on TOP. We can't wait for our new adventure as we wait for a job but we are happy to look out across campus on top near the pillars and waved good-bye to ISU.

Lukas 1st Lost Tooth - April 12

To Lukas' absolute horror (and everyone knows) MaKynzee lost a tooth before him. But what we didn't know was that Lukas would get the first adult tooth. Yep I came home from work and Spencer says "Um, we have a problem. Lukas has another tooth behind the loose one." GREAT! I take a look and in fact the adult tooth had already broke through behind the other one. I took one look at Lukas and said, "You ready to loose a tooth?" He was nothing but thrilled. Here are the Smiling results....

See the tooth behind the hole? I see braces in our future and I didn't need a crystal ball to tell me that! Dag GUM!

Our happy one tooth-less boy!


Waking up Easter Morn'

 Bowen with his goodies

 Lukas and his basket came with Bookworm computer game. He was so excited!

MaKynzee loves that she get pink and purple eggs!!

Easter Tradition Pictures
The kiddos
 The Boys
 Kynzee Girl
 All because two people fell in love...

Easter is and will always be one of our favorite holidays. We love to focus on the Savior and each year we get the kids a new Easter book with the Easter story. Starting on Good Friday we read the account of the Savior's Atonement and death. Then we continue to Sunday we read that He is Risen. I always think of Grandpa Sellers who called on Easter morning 1999 to say good bye to my mom. He was dying of cancer. I remember my mom telling me to leave and I peaked in as she tried to compose herself, sat down on the edge of the bed and raised the phone to her ear, "Daddy?" I closed the door. I will never forget her trembling words and at church that day when we read the Easter account when the Savior cries out to our Father in agony in Gethsemane it never hit so near my heart... The Savior had suffered not only for my grandpa's pain but the pain my mom had from losing her father. No words can express how we feel about our Savior and His sacrifice but one thing that speaks louder than all words is...OUR ACTIONS. How are your actions speaking about your love for the Savior and His ultimate sacrifice for you?

Bowen's First Haircut APRIL 7

Bowen finally got a hair cut he was in dire need of but really who would cut off these curls...

            Ofcourse we had to measure and see how long...

     Five freakin' inches...time for a cut!

Bowen waving good-bye to his hair...

Mommy trying to be strong, saying goodbye baby locks...

The FIRST cut 

 After a few cuts, the dama and Bowen-A-TOR is released.

Ahhhh, look how cute! So grown up though it makes mommy's heart ache. So now I have 2 big kids and a toddler, baby no more :(

                                          See even he was sad...

The new look beats out the curls but with every clip was a tear.
Why do my babies grow so fast?