Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Favorite Things

The Bagshaw house has been really busy...We are just having so much "fun" being busy we forget the small and simple things that are our favorites.

Lukas- He loves soccer and started this week. We are so excited for another season. He loves his brother so very much. He always goes directly to Bowen and gives hugs and kisses when he gets home. He loves to do anything with him....The other day I found Lukas had set up himself a reading spot in our room and pulled Bowen right next to him. Ahh....made me tear up and all.

We go to the library every two weeks and bring home two big bags full of books home. The Library is our favorite family place. We are too busy to go every week but I think we might have to because Lukas reads through his books so fast now. Lukas reading to the family, doing his "homework"

MaKynzee is such a princess always in her favorite: pink or skirts. She wants to be "sparkly". We didn't sign her up for soccer because she is going to do dance. We just haven't found an opening yet. She tells everyone she is going to do ballet. She is such a sweet heart. Yesterday she asked if she could pick out her "school" outfit. I usually make her change or just pick the outfit because her fashion is so... HIGH fashion...this is what she choose...

Head to toe: pink sparkle head band, green sparkle shirt, red sweater, purple sparkle and dot skirt, sparkle black leggings and we can't forget the yellow flower "slippers" (high heel dress up shoes). I bit my tongue and allowed her to wear everything but the shoes. She has some serious personality! Also new I made her buy a Ken doll with her b-day money because I was sick of Barbie marrying the princesses. GIRLS do NOT marry GIRLS. Ok, much better now that Ken is around.

Bowen is just a happy dude. His favorite thing I think is his elephant and to drool! He has begun to move his feet around a lot like he just found out he could do that and occasionally tries to reach out and grab them. My favorite are his silly faces right now...

Mommy's favorite thing...getting her hair done.



My sister came with me and just giggled at the finished look. Yep I have the "Utah" bob we always laughed about. It is something new and fresh and I like it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adventures in Motherhood

The Runaway Trailer

I was driving over to drop the kids off at my sisters so I could go to a work meeting. Well on my way I was on a 4 lane road. Two lanes for one way and two lanes for the other. Well I almost get to the intersection where I turn and there is a red truck stopped a few yards back from a green light (odd, yes) and there is a white..wait let me double check...yes in fact there is a white RUNAWAY trailer headed at me. I think for sec, just one little sec wait this only happens in movies as I quickly swerve to the left to avoid getting hit dead on. (Apparently the red truck stopped to watch its loose trailer cause havoc.) Ok, near miss and then as I am letting out a sigh of relief everything goes into slow motion. I see out of the corner of my eye the trailer hit something and come barreling back at the van. Nope I am not kidding. I had to floor the car, swerve into the on coming traffics lane and then I swear I don't know what happened. I think I know...angels picked up the back of the van and gave it an extra shove just as the trailer should have impacted the back side and crushed my little girl. At this point I hear screaming and realize we are all ok and didn't get hit. So I say, "Kyn..." But right when I started to talk, the screaming stopped. It was ME screaming. I looked back and MaKynzee's eyes are huge! She is shaking her head back and forth and saying "Crazy car, crazy car. Mommy did you see it? Crazy car!" Well I look over and after our near miss the trailer skipped across the remaining two lanes of traffic, jumped the curve and here is the ultimate landed in the "Denny's Towing" parking lot. I didn't get to laugh until I past it about an hour later but still...Denny's towing!!! LOL. I realized 2 things...1. I scream really loud when I think I am about to loose a daughter and 2. I am glad I pay my tithing and say my prayers!

Lady Bug Rescue

Today we were over at my sisters and the kids were playing in the backyard. Lukas found a ladybug and wanted to bring it home. Sure, I know I brought home a lot of lady bugs and rollie pollies in my day. Well we get home and Lukas decides the ladybug needs water. He has the bug in a plastic cup.

I said, "Lukas lady bugs can't swim, they drowned in water, so don't put in too much."

Lukas, "Ok." Lukas went into the bathroom and fills the cup half full! Yep he listens great! He then comes running with a sloshing cup of water. "Mom! The lady bug isn't moving." (no duh son, I told you that lady bugs can't swim.) I look in the cup and the lady bug is belly up. Lukas starts to tear up so I run to the bathroom with the stupid "water casket" cup and try to dump out some of the water. Well MaKynzee comes in and says, "Good job Lukas. You killed it." I turn to give a forceful tongue lashing when I forget what I am doing and pour out the entire cup including the dang stupid bug!


Lukas starts screaming, MaKynzee is crying. Lukas opens the cabinet under the sink and says pointing to the "u" joint, "It's right there mom." I look in the desperate eyes of my children and think to myself. If I open it and it isn't there at least I tried right? My children are crying and I just killed their lady bug! Only a second or two has passed, so I start frantically emptying the cabinet. I start tugging on the connector of the "u" joint. Come on, a little help here, I pray. Finally I give up. Turn to the kids and say, "I'm sorry we will get another lady bug soon, ok." I grab the stopper that I pulled from the sink and guess who is crawling on it? Drum roll please....Yep (stupid little, I mean) Mrs Lady Bug herself.

I just about smashed the thing between my finger and thumb for all this ridiculous drama, my bathroom in pieces and AHHHHHH! Needless to say the guilt refrained me from taking action and we created a little home for her.

I am afraid to ask, What other great lengths will I go through for little bugs? Must be the love of a mother!

I love my kiddos!


Lukas is so dang cute! he is reading like crazy and we are so proud of him. My favorite thing with him is taking him to school. It goes like this...we get to school and he hops out.

I say, "Love you Buddy" and

He says, "Love you more mom!" Then blows me a kiss.

I say, "Love you mostest." And he runs to the school.

Now as he runs to the school he gets to this pole...

He swings around it twice and then runs inside. I don't know why but it is the cutest thing, it gives me goose bumps and just makes me so happy! It is by far my most favorite part of the morning.

MaKynzee is pretty drama right now. She always wants to be in a skirt and with jewelery. Lately she has been sleeping with a crown on and I keep forgetting to take a picture. But she is all princess.

Bowen is still growing leaps and bounds. I have to use some serious hip to haul that kid around. We have unofficially started to introduce foods ie one french fry and a hunk of pizza crust. Both were just sucked on to death. Ummm sodium! He is the druel master so we expect teeth soon. The most fun and exciting thing is that he still has green eyes! I know! Both the other kids had brown eyes in two months but look at this picture, 5 months and counting the kid still has green eyes! The green towel really helps too!

So all is well and we love our kiddos they suprise us everyday with some new experiences and love!