Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

Back to School Night:
So much to our dismay the kiddos did not get into the school right over the fence but one a little ways down the road at Lebhart. Spencer and I decided not to make too much of a fuss because we hope to move and buy a house soon so who knows if we will still be in the boundaries for the school over the fence anyway?

So Back to School we went...

We went to MaKynzee's class first and she was super excited. She kept talking about her stuff and that she was "big" now. I was really surprised she wasn't scared at all...not a hint of nervousness.

MaKynzee with her teacher Mrs Wehde (sounds like Wheaty)
She had bells palsy and the left side of her face is paralyzed so does not like to smile (she told me as I took the picture. I don't think she wanted me to be upset she wasn't smiling and happily holding my child in the pic.) She is very thoughtful and nice. We are excited.

Next we moved to Lukas class. He was sooo nervous and shaking like a leaf but that didn't stop him from jabbering like a jaybird! The poor teacher had to move across the room to get Lukas to stop talking to her and you know all he talked about...TURTLES! LOL. His favorite thing he says of the new school is he has a "real" desk. The ones where you put your supplies underneath. He is sooo ready for school.

His new teacher Mrs. Kisolving (still working on how to pronounce). She told Lukas to call her Mrs. K. He liked that much better!

 MaKynzee got a balloon in her class and Spencer could not stop laughing because we always talk about the wind and look...the dang helium filled balloon is lower than her head and straight out. We were laughing so hard. Hehehe

The First Day arrived!!

Bowen was feeling pretty left out so I tried to get a pic and look at that face!!!

The kids favorite of all favorite things about the new school is they get to ride the BUS! Now my mom always took me to school on the first day but I was worried MaKynzee would have a melt down and this would be easier on the both of us because she would be so excited about the bus... I hope it worked!

Bye-Bye Babies! So grown up and cute. I am so scared what is out there for you but so excited too. 
Good Luck. Remember what we taught you!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How do you see how grown up your babies are...CUT their HAIR!!

 Bowen is all Mr Smiles and CURLS. We cut his hair once already and since the curls came back I really didn't want to cut them again. I LOVE them and I LOVE his sweet baby face with the curls.

The curls in the back are to die for too...But I did it again...
Chop, Chop
Who is this child?? Not my precious baby. Oh I love this picture but WAY too grown up. Ahhhhh

 Lukas has needed a haircut for a while but he says I cut it too boring! What? The clippers on one setting isn't "cutting" it for you, LOL! So I went on line and let him pick a hair style, approved it with dad. Watched an online tutorial and here we have it...

He wanted to make sure you all got to see his "muscles" if you find them let me know ;)

Ok, so I am really proud of myself and I think it looks really cute and not too "punk" right? Lukas loves it and woke me up at 0630 to do his hair. Oh bother!

The Binky Wars
Well before the move we tried to get rid of the binkies. After realizing we were making more than a few changes all at once I decided we would be rid of them after the move. Well he had one night in the new apartment and then kaboom missing binkies. The first two naps and bed times were a nightmare and I know our neighbors probably wanted to evict us but now we are a.o.k. Naps are still hard because it was his cue during the day that it was time to settle down. At night it is dark so he goes to sleep easier but we will find something to help him settle better. I am SO grateful the binkies are gone. You know the teeth and all and all the comments like maybe he'll take it to kindergarten...yeah we have heard it ALL lately! He is only 2! This was our first child that took one so it was such a nice handy thing to easily quiet the kid but now we just have our moments and are learning to adjust. he really has done great, except for naps. We really do have a big boy on our hands...
Bye, Bye Binky, We loved you so!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trying to Catch Up

There are several posts that I just posted from June...we finally found ourselves some what settled in here in Cheyenne. It was a crazy July of traveling back and forth. We moved our storage unit in the beginning of July and then moved Spencer the second week and he started work the third. His job is the Network Engineer for the Laramie County School District #1. I am so proud of him. So far he loves his job and Cheyenne! The kids and I just joined him last week. I stayed and worked for a little bit, went to Texas to help my sister and then worked a little bit more. In between I got to chill with my sister Christina and cheer on the Olympics. We had so much fun but were ready to be together again after 3 weeks apart. I was living with Christina with the kids and Spencer was here. I will find more pictures and continue to update. We had an exciting wedding at the end of June and a nephew born end of July. Well here is my short update with more to come this week. Check out the new posts!