Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ice Festival Cheyenne, WY

We heard about this awesome Ice Festival that Cheyenne does. It is their 5th annual and FREE! It is put on by WYO Parks to get kids and parents outdoors and in the snow! FAMILY TIME!! It was awesome they had a kiddie hill, a large mean (we'll get to that) hill, ice carving, ice slides, archery, old school army gear, carriage ride. It was just AWESOME! We also got to have Kyle and Staci from Denver with us for the first little bit of sledding! It was great!

Getting ready at home and ready to go!


They had tunnels made so the kids sled through them. That was MaKynzee's favorite part!

Laughin' at the good ride! Lukas fell off but managed to hang on!

Bowen took turns riding with Lukas and Kynzee!

The BIG Mean Hill
Ok it isn't mean...just to me! The kids loved the long ride and the speed!

Lukas first and LOVED IT!

MaKynzee even managed to smile the WHOLE way!

Mom with Bowen...the look is Oh, WOW we are going much faster than I thought we would but still enjoying the ride!

Then HOLY CRAP this is NOT good...I see the ice at the bottom and realize there WILL be impact!

And Bowen cried for both of us! My right side felt full impact of the ice chunk but Bowen just got snow sprayed and he did NOT like that!

Off for a nice slow ice free carriage ride around the capital!

Ahhh, mi amor!

Then we went over to the old army displays where they were firing off canons, you could try archery and suit up with the big guns!
Lukas LOVED the guns. 

 MaKynzee kept saying pow-pow! 

Dad had to assist with archery!

MaKynzee looked good but never actually pulled back so dad did it for her so of course she hit the target and that made Lukas mad! Too bad he couldn't see who was really shooting!

 It was a picture perfect Saturday all together! Unfortunately we had to go home early as little man was cold and tired but it was so much fun and we will definitely go next year!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Train Museum

Spencer's co-worker told him about this super fun model train museum in Greeley. So HI-HO, here come the Bagshaw 5!

Looking out over the whole scene!

Daddy looking over the scavenger hunt list!

MaKynzee flying, Lukas looking over the terrain.


Bowen waiting for the train!

 Our favorite spot! The Forest Service fighting a wild fire!

Look it's Uncle ARIK!!!

Watching the train come from the tunnel!

I don't know how Spencer got this shot...can you see him!?!?

Really cool mountain climbers! Can you see them?

In the caboose car!

The cuties!

Yo Dog! Da' Bowen!
 I can't believe this attitude!

 This museum was not at all what I expected! It was really fun and the kids loved it. Spencer really enjoyed taking pictures! It was a great Saturday!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I LOVE about our Kids!

So each of our kids have a very special group of "friends" they like when they are going to bed or sick! now these friends are vital and must NOT be lost ever or holy drama! Some are more attached than others but the fact remains these kids love their little "friends."

Bowen has three little animals he HAS to have to sleep: puppy, elephant and alligator. We affectionatley call them puppy, Elly and Ally! Bowen will get more attached to one for a day but at bed they ALL better be there. They are equally loved and we really can't tell who his favorite is.

Most all of you know MaKynzee and Hippo by now. They are inseparable and she tries new things each week to try and take hippo to school. The animals in her bed seem to rotate like a zoo! The only constant is beloved Hippo! Day or night if we lose Hippo, it is really bad news!!

Lukas had Larry the lobster and then any turtle he can find. Now he is set on four little creatures who he calls  Larry, the Lobster, Larry the smaller lobster, Larry the turtle and Larry the big turtle. Let's just say we are a boy! We were so happy as we lost Larry the ORIGINAL lobster this summer but Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaw replaced him for Christmas. YEAH!!! He totally wanted me to take this picture so yes he is grinning!

Things I love about our kids is their silly quirks! We got Bowen his own Book of Mormon for Christmas because he was "using" Daddy's tagalog Bible. Well even after getting his own Book of Mormon he still insists on having Daddy's tagalog bible when we read family scriptures! Too cute!

MaKynzee is the silliest book reader. I don't know how she does it but each time we go to the library she some how finds the craziest, weird books! So Spencer has been bugging me for a long time to start taking pictures. Well she brought home this book...
 It is by far the weirdest and down right scary...please read and these are only select pages but you get the idea!

Not only is this monster scary looking he freaks out at a box for taking his "hairy toe"! Really it only got better and to be honest the first time I read it I didn't make it through without laughing. We love MaKynzee and her love for ALL things no matter WTH (what the heck) they are!

Our kids bring so much happiness into our lives and the laughter is always there. I am so grateful for them! They are a light in dark times and such a blessing and an out pouring of love!