Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a.....GIRL!!

Well okay so I was a little deceptive in my choice of words for the title but it is a GIRL...hamster. I finally convinced Spencer that I needed an animal for my "therapy" and we finally got one. Her name is Daisy and she is a teddy bear hamster. I love her and so do the death. They just might kill her with all the shaking and dropping her when she is in her running ball but I think that we have come a few steps closer to having that resolved...yeah RIGHT! She is just SO much fun. Thanks again babe!
This is our cute little DAISY!
MaKynzee wanted to introduce hippo to Daisy...this is what we found it was sooo cute!
MaKynzee always make sure that Hippo does everything she does! LOL.
The other day we went and took some pictures at the park. I got this one after the three of them climbed up this rock face. I am so blessed with our little family.
Too cute huh! They are the most beautiful and cherished possessions I have!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bagshaws in the Sawtooths

Labor Day we went to the Sawtooths for a Bagshaw Reunion of sorts. It was great we got to see all the siblings and Grandpa and Grandma Bagshaw came too. Of course we were camping and the kids LOVED it!! It was fun for us adults too but poor Mom seemed like she needed a humidifier in the morning...quite the trooper! So we did some sight seeing and one place was the Fish hatchery... definitely one of the kiddos favorite (I don't know if the boat ride or the fishies win out) and well everybody seemed to enjoy watching the kids fish. The last day, labor Day we went and rented a boat. It was really fun and I realized just how much I miss the water. We love the outdoors and were super sad to say good bye to summer. Here are some trip pictures....I will post some of the boat later. They are all on Spencer's camera.

Smores with Grandma!

One of my favorites! The cousins at the Fish Hatchery.
At the Fish Hatchery they have a pond where kids could fish. MaKynzee fishing with mommy.
Don't know why my face looks like I am in pain...I was actually enjoying myself, maybe it is "concentration."

LOOK! MaKynzee and Papa caught a FISH...

And Lukas not to be out done caught a... MOMMY
Yep, Lukas caught me right in the... well let's just say I was BEGGING Lukas to stop and I am raising my hand to make sure no one else was going to come over to "help" I was mortified but got the hook out from between my legs and personally I think Lukas caught the best lookin' thing all day...LOL!
Lukas trying to catch something beside his mom with Papa.
MaKynzee is not really afraid of much, hesitant YES but not scared away too easily. See she even decided to make friends with her fish! Lukas would have ran the other way but our little girl can find the "rough and tough" in herself.
The trip was SOOO much fun and we were so happy to see everyone! We love you all thanks for such a great time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Next Bagshaw Scholar

Well Lukas started preschool at Pumpkin Patch Preschool. The teacher runs the preschool out of her basement and I heard about it through work. Everyone RAVES about this lady so we got in. I was super excited for him because I want him to be able to use all that independent attitude for something good and HE DOES!! He has had three days and already draws A's and sings the alphabet a MILLION times better than before. We are so impressed with our little student. MaKynzee on the other hand is struggling without big brother being around. She cries for her Lukas and wants to go get a Princess backpack cause that means she gets to go to school. (oh how little minds think.) Anyway I think we will get over it soon but so far she is 100% screaming the whole way home....maybe I need ear plugs.
Our handsome scholar!!
Heading out into the BIG BIG world! When we got to preschool he said "Mom- GO! This is where you leave" and pushed me. Yep not afraid of being without me..not one tiny bit!
Her super super upset..."Turn around go get MY LUKAS!!!!"
Tears at the heart strings a little. Now you might be asking why I have this picture. Well I was sick of the screaming so I told her to stop or I would pull over and take a picture...she didn't and so wa-la!