Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Tale of Lukas' Surgery

There once was a little boy who needed some surgery. His mother had prepped him in the ways of the hospital for she was a nurse and knew it would be tough. The boy was prepared and "knew" all that was going to happen. The only problem actually had to happen, this surgery thing.

So they arrive at the hospital at o'dark thirty and check in under the "prepped" name of James. Now this poor little boy had been told by his mother, "Remember your first name, the name we NEVER call you? That is what EVERYONE is going to call you today." So the admission lady asks, " Please tell me your name?" Boy responds "Lukas James Bagshaw, oh wait James Bagshaw today." She raises her eyes brows and feeling a little hurt that cute little boy says, "That's my name James. And my dad is Spencer James, No James Spencer and my grandpa is James...uh...James Grandpa and my other white hair grandpa is James Grandpa too." The mother beeming with pride as her son knows his heritage quickly takes him back to their seat. "Now remember it is OK if they call you James, ok?"

"OK, mom but NOT Luke, that is NOT my name."

A giggle and a sigh from mom, how many more times will we talk about his name? They take us back and Lukas proudly shows the nurse his band and says, "I'm James Lukas Bagshaw, not Luke." Then the little boy tells the nurse "My mommy never lets me stay up super late!" He thought that it was night because it was pitch black when we left this morning. Mommy about fell over laughing.

This little boy starts to act crazy, he did ya know "stay up super late" but whatever the reason he was actng like a goon. Was he really about to have surgery???

Mom realized a little of his antics might be fear so she laid down with him and read library books they had brought...

The little James Lukas Bagshaw was just "fine." He had his Larry, the Lobster and mini turtle to hold, plus the blanket mommy had made. Fear was no where to be near...

In fact it was courage and strength because that little boy is really a "big" boy who knows he is loved. So on with the show they started to pull him away and who has fear now and the tear coming down? Dear mommy dearest because they just took a piece of her to surgery and she can't bear the thought...

FINALLY, FINALLY he is back, no more bounces and bounds but quiet strength and courage no other could have. The nurse dubbed him the best of the day, they were in awe how good this cute little boy was to just lay there and puke there, on his mommy so dear.

The boy finally comes back and is REALLY awake and starts ordering his nurses to let him go home. Yep he is back and OK. We are so happy that he made it all of this way!

So the Dr came and told us that 75% of his airway was blocked and that the tonsils were actually a third larger than he anticipated and that they went farther down the throat than normal. WOW! What a testimony to us that this is why everything happened and we are SO glad we took care of it. Oh, and when the Dr saw the bead we pulled out with cotton q-tip he just laughed and said I (Brandee) could make a lot of money doing that! ;0)

Monday, February 20, 2012

DANGER! Warning: Detour Ahead!

Thursday was a hard day in the life of a Bagshaw here. Spencer was laid off. I worked that day so when I came home and saw him I thought someone had died. Spencer is an amazing man and I am sure that this will only strengthen us. I mean really Spencer is AMAZING. You want to hear something...he gets laid off, comes home and remembers a job he heard about at school, gets online and applies...AMAZING! Anyway we are not all that worried, not braggin' or nothing but with the extra income, we decided and did double our fast offerings the last two months and never missed paying our tithing. We keep the Lord first in finances that is the ONLY way to live. I told Spencer we have been good to God so he will be good to us. No matter how this all turns out, He will take care of us. We would like to ask for a few extra prayers, really that is all we need. For some reason (ie the Lord told me) I had this desire to restock our food storage the last month so that is a blessing. We really are ok. Just pray. We love you all and we hope this detour is short and that with Spencer graduating,

we will see the clouds part and rain pour down upon us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mighty Bagshaw Boys

My two little Bagshaw boys are AMAZING!

First lets talk about Lukas and his MIGHTY miracle...

So back in October I noticed that Lukas said Uh? and What? ALOT! It was driving his mother crazy and at first I was like oh, great we are starting this already? Then I really started to worry about his hearing because sometimes he would turn his head to one side to hear you or when he was lying on one side and sleeping I couldn't wake him up. Well I talked to the audiologist that works at the hospital and she said to have the school retest his hearing. They did and all was well. So we continued to have Uh? and What? moments and I would yell at the poor kid to look at me if he can't hear. Well about 2 weeks ago he spent an entire night on our bedroom floor crying that his ear hurt and his throat was dry. The next day we found he had a raging ear infection in the left ear and in the right... The PA was like "there is something there and I would like a second opinion." She got another Dr to come look. He agreed that there was some kind of "growth" that needed to be removed. They called it an ear polyp and said that we needed to see an ENT asap so that he didn't have further hearing loss. AHHHHHHHHH, freak out!

So yesterday we had the appointment with the ENT. He look in the ear and within seconds was like "Yep that's a foreign body." Now if I wasn't in the medical field I would have jumped up and started really freakin' out but instead I sat calmly and FREAKED OUT! You are looking in my kids ear and say foreign body. Great, that just means "not of the body" what the heck is it!? Well the Dr said it's a...BEAD or pearl. A what? How? When? Is he ok? So the Dr tried with these really scary tools to remove it but he kept pushing it away and spinning it and said he didn't want to cause any damage so it needs to be surgically removed. WHAT! A freakin' bead?? Now when I thought it was some sort of growth I told Spencer if he has to have surgery and go "under" then I want them to yank his tonsils and adenoids too! So after the ear he said he wanted to check out Lukas tonsils too because in 2009 he was having a hard time breathing at night and snores like a banshee! Well he still does! Anyway he looks in his mouth and says, "Wow Buddy your right tonsil is twice as big as the left." He asked me a couple questions and here we come!

The story isn't over yet...

Daddy gets home and we talk about it. I am worried but I really just want to see if I can see the dang thing. So with a flashlight and Spencer holding Lukas I look in and I can see it! It is probably a good inch and a half down and now I am sure I know what it is. It is the little white puff beads from a Lightning McQueen couch. I am really mad now, at the Dr they gave us a $416 dollar quote to remove this freakin' thing. Spencer can see it too and so we talk about what the Dr tried. Spencer gives me this look and says, "What if we put super glue on the end of a tooth pick and it would just bond to it and pull right out." Right, lets jab another freaking sharp thing and push it father in. PERMANENT DAMAGE remember? Well then I come up with a bright idea, super glue on the end of a q-tip! That is soft and not damaging. I tell Spencer we will try it once and then leave it to the professionals! Well here we have it...

It came out SUPER easy and Lukas hardly moved! I was so worried but HOORAY! Lukas was like WOW, I can hear! I was so excited and just couldn't stop telling Spencer thank you. I mean we just performed a $400 surgery in the bathroom! Anyway I do NOT recommend this to anyone, have the professionals take care of it. Do not try this at home! LOL. Lukas is kinda bummed because we are still going to have the T&A surgery next Wednesday the 22nd. Spencer and I think all of this, the bead in the ear, was to get us back to the ENT about Lukas tonsils, they are twice the size they should be and the right is growing twice as big as the left. Anyway we are grateful for all our blessings and again for my medical background. Who knew I was a surgeon!

My Boys..

Now that Bowen is walking like crazy he thinks he is "big" like his brother. He tries to do exactly what his brother is doing...cute huh!

Our Mighty Walker

Bowen finally figured it out. He is so please with himself but now that he is higher all the time he is getting into a lot more...

MaKynzee is NO help. She watches him make the mess and laughs with him and then something all of the sudden "dings" and she comes to get me, a little too late! Mommy is moving everything higher and baby proofing for the next stage in toddlerhood.

This is Bowen, his favorite thing is to walk around with as many binkies as he can find. He is just so dang cute! Really you need 3! Well if they help you walk...LOL!

SO the Bagshaw life is crazy as ever. We are enjoying every minute and trying to catch the blessings in between the chaos! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We love you all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Family Home Evening Fun

We were so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaw over for dinner and FHE a few weeks ago. We had planned on dinner and bowling but the kids lost that privilege through a series of fights, that NEVER happens at your house, right? Anyway we had dinner and then FHE. For our activity we decided to play Would You Rather? a game we got as a family at Christmas. It was SO much fun. There are questions about what you would rather do IE Be very smart and alone or dumb and have friends. Anyway I got a challenge with a list of things to do for the rest of the night and I had to pick one. So I picked having someone draw a mustache and glasses on me with make up. My poor mother in law just about died when she saw my make-up. She kept saying..."This is it! I am so disappointed." It was so funny. All my make up is pretty flesh colored so it looks "barely there" if I ever wear it. So there was nothing to really draw a good face so the poor woman broke out her own lip stick...

Grandma did good huh? We all had so much fun and it truly was funtastic. The kids loved every minute and although we did not get to bowl I think it was worth it.