Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't worry we are NOT DEAD

Just letting you know we have been moving and hence no blogging. I have so much to share with you all but not the time. But this week I have learned that animals have a death wish. I hit a squirrel on Sunday going to church. I showed up bawlin' and when Spencer asked what happened I told him and he just busted up laughing. Then I dropped my kids off in Soda today and on the way home an ENTIRE FLOCK of birds flew straight into the windshield!!!! Two of them didn't get up and were still on the road when I turned the corner. I just don't get it. Maybe it's wait it is.

Anyway watch out for animals and drive safe!!! LOL.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What the HEY have we been up to??

So it has been forever and a day since I updated this but it has been for a good reason. Well first I got to go to Time Out For WOMEN! It was so amazing and I learned so much. I think the best thing I learned was "If you can laugh at can live with it." I really need to be doing a lot more laughing in my life and not so much screaming. I learned that being a wife and mother doesn't mean Brandee is gone. It just means I have more names and things I get to enjoy. I have tried really hard to listen to myself and catch myself screaming or beating myself up.

Christina, Me, Katie and Lil at Time Out.

Christina was SO excited about the bags we got on Sat. She wouldn't stop talking about them Friday. So I HAD to take a picture of us with them. Christina cut her hair, isn't it CUTE!!!

Next we went on a babysitting spree. First we baby sat a little doggie that looks exactly like my Ebby. His name is Louis (lou-ee). He was FANTASTIC and I think Spencer realized a little doggie wouldn't be so bad. He kinda (without making eye contact) said "So what kind of a dog is that?" I said a Shitzu-Lacrosse mix and he said, "he wasn't too bad." I got a huge grin and he tried SO hard not to smile too. Ohhh, it worked good.

This is Louis being cute (he looks SO much like Ebby)

Lukas was afraid that Louis needed someone to nap with and this is where I found the two...under my scrapbokking desk and chair....

Next we babysat Christina and Arik's girls for 3 days so they could handle seriously busy days. Christina was doing basketball and volleyball camps (she coachs both and track, WOW busy girl). Anyway we had SO much fun we went to the park in the rain (it has rained for 13 days straight now) and made bridges and tents out of chairs and blankets. My favorite was the bath time though. They are too much fun.
Brookelyn's hair is too long so it wouldn't stay up and Lukas felt left out so I spiked his hair.
Then just yesterday we went to Rexburg for a baby shower Christina and I threw for our friend Alicia Hemming who is having a GIRL! Anyway I think everything turned out pretty well...
We played the bottle game where everyone gets a bottle and who ever drinks it all first wins. It was hilarious and we had a great time. Here are the black mail photos.
Alicia and Katie suckin' away. Poor girls their cheeks hurt so bad after.
My sis...she couldn't stop laughing.
And the WINNER.....She was SO awesome! She got to keep her bottle.
Anyway after the shower we went to RED Robin for Chrsitina's bday celebration. I got the waitress to get a crowd and sing to her. It is my duty as her sister to make her feel SO special! I love you Bow- Happy Birthday!!!