Sunday, June 2, 2019

First full week of summer

This week was pretty busy and crazy. We took a while to recoup from our long weekend. Spencer had a End of School Year BBQ for his coworkers and their families. Terry and his wife and 2 girls, Ned and his wife and 2 boys (one is only 4 weeks old, so sweet) and JR. It turned out great and everyone came but his secretary. The kids got along great with the other kids and we had fun playing after dinner. We really enjoyed our company. The rest of the week was just as busy and fun. 

MaKynzee got her hair cut and cut off 8 inches! She feels light as a feather! 
 Bowen had a basball game and was less than interested this game which was hard to watch, not to mention the mid game downpour.

Keelee has been begging to paint my nails for a while and I finally let her. She didn't do too bad either. Then I painted her nails and Kynzee's too.

Ended the week with movie night, Avengers Age of Ultron. Good long week.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

 This Memorial Day Weekend we went back to Cheyenne for the Bailey's baby blessing. We stayed at the Galloways and boy do we miss them. We stayed up Saturday night and played games with them. On Sunday it was all about the Baileys and sweet Sophie. We had so much fun playing with cousins and enjoying being back in Cheyenne even if there was hail storms and flash floods. Sunday was beautiful and so was the blessing of sweet Sophie Renee Bailey.

Sophie Renee Bailey

Bowen Family at the Bailey's
Happy Family, The Baileys
Snuggle time...
Keelee was more than excited to hold baby Sophie and continues her constant pleas for a baby sister.

 Daniel and Keelee were inseparable all weekend. To say they miss each other is a gross understatement. We miss them so much.

 Two peas in a pod.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Summers sooooo close....And oh what a bummer

This week was busy with sports. Lukas had his final golf week and had an awards ceremony. They told a really funny story about him. They told him he could borrow some clubs but had to haul them around the course of course. So he hauled around this huge bag that they said was as big as him and they couldn't understand why he was having such a hard time with it. Well come to find out he was hauling around 4 sets of clubs! he didn't know any different. Poor Lukas he turned so red. We are excited to see what he does in golf next year and they are excited to have him on the team. Bowen had two more baseball games. He is getting better and having a blast. This week he got the ball and ran to tag the guy out at home and they danced a bit but Bowen got him and one other kid out. Double Play!

Poor MaKynzee worked her little heart out at gymnastics and then got hit with something pretty fast. I was bummed because we were going to have a girls day and shop together and get her hair cut. She was so sweet and asked me to lay down with her so I did. It was so sweet to see her angel face sleeping.

My heart broke a little today. I have a special daisy jar. It has daisies that I have collected from every special bouquet since Lukas was born in 2005. I have placed 2-3 daisies from each bouquet I got from Spencer for each one of our kid's births, each anniversary and any other special day. Well I went to add some Mother's day daisies and the lid was off (don't know how). It some how contaminated my jar and it is a ball of mold. My heart is shattered. It was such a special thing for me. 

You can see the colors. Green was from MaKynzee's birth. Spencer got me some colored daisies for lots of our anniversaries too. It was so pretty.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2019
 I sure love these babies of mine! Each one has blessed my life so tremendously! I love being a mom even with all the sacrifice and tears. Each kid has taught me something and made me a better mom. I am so grateful that God has trusted me with these sweet angel babies. I hope I am doing a good enough job that they turn out to be wonderful men and women with strong testimonies of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lukas I love you so much. You are so funny and take after your dad so much . You love computers and gaming. You are happiest playing with your dad. I love your love of reading and love finding you with books. You have grown to be such a fine young man. I am very proud of you. Thank you for being the one who made me a  momma first and helping me stretch my wings. Lukas, I love you.

My sweet Kynzee girl. I love you so much. You are the sweetest and most loving little lady I know. You genuinely care about others and have such a strong testimony. I love your desire to serve God and finish your personal progress. You are so talented too. You are a very good gymnast and I love watching you. You are so beautiful inside and out. Thanks for being my friend. MaKynzee Ann I love you.

Bowen, my boy with spirit. You try me and stretch me but I love you more. You are the sweetest and I love your cuddles and hugs. I love your sweet smile and your desire to help. You have such passion for life and I hope you direct that into a positive light. Be kind and love others, stay sweet. Bowen, I love you.

Keelee my sweet baby girl. The last and most fierce. I love your sweet personality and the love you have for your siblings. You are so smart and want to learn. You are such a happy person and I hope you continue to be a light to all the world. Continue to dream and play your heart out! Keelee, I love you.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

EPIC Pinewood Derby 2019

The Pinewood Derby starts long before the race. Here the boys are putting the finishing touches on the car.

 At weigh in your car could only be 141.7g. We were a little heavy so we drilled some weight off.

 We won for the PERFECT weight! Right on the money!

 The day of the race was so exciting. Bowen was really excited and couldn't wait. Here dad and Bowen are adding the graphite to the wheels. We are hoping for a winner!

The line up! Lookin' good!

Let the races begin! Bowen was in the very first heat...

 He took first, the smile says it all!

He continued to race and took 2nd the rest of the Wolf heats.


Dad was super proud and Bowen was over the moon!

A Puppy love and is it spring???

This week was sure a busy one. We started out Sunday with Come Follow Me after church and studying as a family. We love the new curriculum. Then mom taught MaKynzee how to iron and sew-patching holes and such to work on personal progress.

 She's beautiful!

This last week was National Puppy Day and so I wanted to throw in just how much I love my puppy dog. Mr Bones is such a delight and truly good therapy for me. I love how upside down it looks like he is smiling.

 We are FINALLY starting to see the lawn. The snow has slowly been melting and Keelee was determined to play in the snow all week. She was getting bummed that her "crystals" were melting and were gone the next day. We had another snow storm roll in Thursday night and snow all day Friday which led Lukas and Keelee to build a snow man.
 Keelee and her "crystal".

 Lukas and Keelee building their snowman. It was the perfect kind of snow for it.

Other news: Lukas started golf with the middle school this week and we are super excited about this opportunity for him. Hopefully he has fun!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Miss MaKynzee's Weekend

Last weekend was all about MaKynzee. We traveled as a family to Sheridan, Wyoming (pretty much Montana) for State Gymnastics. MaKynzee has done really good this year in gymnastics and qualified for state in the one meet she was able to go to. She really should have done like 3 but with moving and death in the family we one got one in. She is really good and getting better all the time.

This is her team, Rock Springs Gymnastics!

MaKynzee did really well. It wasn't her day on the beam. She fell off twice and got really discouraged it was her first event. I was really worried. She did the floor next and she did really well coming back from the beam great! Then she did the vault. I was so very proud of her! We were all so impressed.
Getting ready for the vault...

 MaKynzee's last event was bars. And she nailed it!
Her score...

She ended up placing 2nd in bars! I was speechless and so impressed! She did awesome for her first time ever at state! She also took 9th place on vault and 8th place on floor.

 It was a great weekend with our decorated little lucky lady!

The next day we drove home and it was MaKynzee's birthday. Although it was boring we made the most of it and was able to stop at her favorite Dairy Queen for lunch and she got a blizzard. When we got home we had her favorites and opened presents. She was spoiled rotten and definitely deserved. She had her favorite cheese cake and drumsticks and ranch pasta.