Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are not dead...just feel like it!

Ok so lets say I want to fill you in with short two to five word descriptions for what you missed with me being so CRAZY...


1st week

Aiden Carl Jorgensen (nephew) born

Brandee called 2nd Counselor in Primary

Spencer called Primary Worker

2nd week

Brandee's work moved to new hospital

Brandee works full time

Spencer Finals with flu bug

Baby Shower 4 Christina

MaKynzee develops horrid cough

3rd week

Spencer Bronchitis

Lukas Bronchitis + Ear infection

Lukas misses whole week of school

Bowen Ear infection

Ward Boundries change

4th week

Spencer still sick

Family here for Aiden's Blessing

Brandee Called as Primary Pesident (LOL)- I am still laughing or crying regardless there are tears!

Now here comes June- I don't know if my head is on straight, if my pants are up and zipped or if I forgot the baby in the car....Who knows? But thank heavens the first weekend is a much needed break with TIME OUT for WOMEN! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and just flat out inspiring...maybe I can do this calling. Well the next weekend Spencer decides that as a family we should go on an adventure to "de-stress." So yesterday we went to Craters of the Moon. Let me tell you a FUNtastic story...

Once upon there was a little family of 5 that just needed to run away, but the mommy had to work so they left late at 8pm. Well it was an adventure after all with a two hour drive what more could they love. They arrive at a campsite oh dear it's so late (1015pm). They hustle and bustle to the back of the campground to find a site, when what shall appear but an empty campsite for these little dears! So they hop out real fast and set up the tent so no one can take their beloved spot. Now honest people should know, they needed to pay, so off they left their tent in good faith. Well if the people weren't so tired, they would have noticed before, the cute little pay board that was filled to the top. Oh dear the campground they picked was paid for already! So what do they do.....

They grab the tent and haul off on the roof. Now try as mom might she had a hard time hanging on from the tears of her giggles and laughter in back. Now you would hope we weren't spotted but spotted we were and the poor little boy just lost his jaw to the floor and I bet no one believed his story in his camp either! So off we went and found one right in front! The children slept nestled in sleeping bags just oh so sweet...YEAH RIGHT! The END

Next morning we ventured around what is called the "7 Mile Loop" The kids had so much fun looking at all the different rocks but everyone's favorite were the caves.

The caves...yes Bowen was there too! I think he liked it cause it was perfect temperature!

Bowen keeps us smilin' with his new tricks...

He really is only happy if he gets BOTH feet in his mouth!! We love you all! Hope you enjoyed our "catch up" and adventures.