Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bowen's 1 year Pictures

We did Bowen's one year pictures last week and they turned out awesome. Spencer took the pictures. I set him up and changed the clothes, positions and perfection. I think we are getting pretty good at this tag team photography stuff.

We used some wrapping paper I picked out as the back drop, it turned out better than expected, I think Spencer was a little hesitant but I think they are amazing!

My sweet angel boy

GO Broncos, I love this one cause he is so happy. The expression is priceless.

Then we went for nothin' but diaper and this cute hat he got for his birthday. His "animal" has been dubbed the bear and so it was very fitting.

We are totally in love with this kid!

How could you not LOVE that smile?

Ok the story behind this one is that Bowen was done and so he decided he was going to walk toward us, so we got his first step on picture! He stepped out from the hippo and then took one more step without holding onto anything! WAHOO! We better watch out.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gone but NOT without a good excuse!

Ok so I finally am here up dating our blog. So many things have been happening and keeping us on our toes and off the "enjoyment" activities list. Halloween was a roller coaster but so much fun. A family update...

Lukas has totally soared in school. He is doing amazing with his reading. The teacher keeps telling us that he just keeps surprising her. This boy is all about games though. All he ever wants to do is play games... his current favorite is Stratego. We are still trying to teach him the right way.

MaKynzee is still such a "sweetie". Her teacher keeps telling us she has two "problems" with MaKynzee during school.
1. She won't sit down, she is always standing at the desk.
2. She won't stop talking.
Well her parents would agree. Our biggest problem with MaKynzee is she just won't sit down to do anything, especially eat. She's always standing and creating quite the mess. We need to get a dog to hoover under the kitchen table.
About her talking...if she isn't talking she is singing, and if she isn't singing she is yelling and if she isn't yelling she is "whispering" and if it isn't any of the above she is WHINING! Heaven help us! Hippo is still her best friend and companion. She is ALL girl and we love her!!

Bowen's first birthday party was a huge success! The boy won't stop growing. At his ONE yr apt the boy weighed in at 21 lbs 30z (5% for wt) and a whooping 31.5 in long (90% for ht). Gee I wonder is that a Bagshaw or a Bowen?? Maybe he looks like a Bowen and is perfectly named but he is a Bagshaw build. We regifted Lukas' hippo walker/ride-on that he got for his 1st birthday and Bowen LOVES it. He is always trying to walk with it. He throws a little tantrum everytime the hippo pulls away and he has to sit down. Such a little temper. He is walking along everything and crawling UP everything too. Nothing sacred anymore.

Spencer only has 5 more weeks of full time school, with one class in the spring. I can't even tell you how blue in the face I am from holding my breath that this is it. This is finally happening right?? We are hoping the "real" world will be nicer to us this time around.

Brandee is going crazy and would love to be 6ft under....I am not laughing. It has been so crazy but the Lord keeps making it work so BRING IT ON! Work has got increasingly hard and emotional... I just get so attached and maybe I see the end... where I don't HAVE to work anymore. I just HATE being away from the home and my other duties. Kudos to those who can work and like to... I just really don't.

Happy Halloween

The costumes...

YES I made them again this year. It is my FAVORITE thing. MaKynzee's was amazingly hard but it paid off. It was so much better than I expected.


His smile is infectious!

MaKynzee- IRISH Princess



I have been trying for 4 years to get to the "Zoo Boo" here at the Pocatello Zoo. The Problem was I was always working or the costumes weren't done. Anyway this year I PLANNED for it and we had a BLAST! (Of course it wasn't perfect...Bowen's costume wasn't done so he wore a super small lion costume :0) The kids got to trick or treat around the Zoo and we get to see the animals... perfect!

Watching the HUGE elk.

The cuter than cute Bagshaw 3!

Then the Classroom parades...

We missed Lukas AGAIN...last year I had a WAY better excuse, I was having a BABY! Anyway we got to see the kids parade in his room instead. He is such a little character, he gave Hi-fives to everyone that came in. Super coooool Batman!

MaKynzee got to parade around the cul de sac at Preschool. They were all so cold but so cute!!

Trunk or Treat at the ward Party...

thrown by yours truly and yours alone. But that is another story entirely.

Trick or Treating with the Jorgensens...

they have a better neighborhood without the busy streets. It was so much fun. Lukas asked if we could have Halloween everyday. Umm NO! I can't make that many costumes...LOL.

So you might ask yourself why have I been slacking in the blog world for Sept-Oct. Well I was making 3 costumes, preparing for one birthday party, one bi-ward Halloween Trunk or Treat complete with carnival independently (thanks to the Jorgensens who did help with their hot air that helped blow up 200 balloons), two school parties AND getting a new Primary Presidency! Well gee that was fun, maybe we could do it next year, eh?


Happy 1st Birthday Bowen

We started Bowen's celebrations with his Birthday Pancakes. He was SO excited because this was the first time I put syrup on them.

Next Mommy decorated for the Birthday party, it was SO much fun to do a Halloween theme. Bowen's costume was a spider so I did a Spider cake. It turned out better than I hoped.

The rip roarin, awesome blossom, totally outrageous cake...

Presents..he got some awesome things! One in particular was probably more than he bargained for...but we will leave it a that! LOL. This is one of my FAVORITE pics from the party, they both just look so happy. Grandma was helping Bowen open his presents...


Before... bare and ready for frosting!

To be perfectly honest the boy was more interested in the "1" candle and even turned over the cake to reach it. Oh well as you can see it wasn't a complete waste :0)

Thanks to all that participated and gave gifts...those who sent $$ to the boy we bought him a much needed winter coat so THANKS!!