Sunday, November 16, 2008

HIPPO gets a bath and Lovely MESSES

MaKynzee has a hippo, "Hippo" that she is attached to. She carries it everywhere when she is home but we never let her take it anywhere. Anyway it is a light blue/green and can get dirty pretty easy. Kynzee has a heart attack when she can't find it so I was waiting till the perfect moment to do this. My mom told me that when they were in Texas she just machine washed it. Mom Bagshaw had told me about Heather (Spencer's sister) and that she had a doll and when it needed to be cleaned they would put it in the washer for a "bath". Kynzee screamed as she put the hippo in the washer, "Hippo scared!" Too dang cute. The rest of the story is pictures....

MaKynzee watching the water rise after she threw Hippo in.

Hippo in the middle of his bubble bath.

We finally got her to let us shut the lid of the washer. She was still crying, too cute.
Finally I got her to let us shut the laundry doors, but she didn't budge. She was going to guard her Hippo! She sat there waiting for quite some time until we had lunch. She is so sweet.

Sing with me...Reunited and it feels so GOOD! You can see she is still a little upset with us not to mention I think she is afraid he is going to get taken away. But Hippo is happy and clean once again.


M= Mom never quite catches you in time
E= Every time you turn around

S= Smells, there are always smells involved

S= Save some for your dad would ya

E= Every dang day a new exciting different mess, never the same have you noticed that?

S= SAVE ME, Anybody, Somebody SAVE ME

Lukas and MaKynzee emptied my bag that holds our grocery bags. Cute, right?

Lukas spread BUM CREAM all over the table and my couch pillows, don't worry Kynzee helped...

SICK! In your mouth girlie! UH! She screamed for about an hour because as you can see she got some in her right eye. We had to wash it out and she was sure we were TORTURING her!

Lukas removed all the cushions from Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaws couch!

Kynzee emptying a box of tissues. Not only that but tearing the tissues to shreds, oh happy day!
Now just so you know I am breathing after all these messes, I can handle all these messes and it is because they were one day at a time. That is the ONLY way I can take them. One day at a time. LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Momma Havin FUN Bein' Momma

After two days of work I was ready for a day of FUN with my babies. I try not to say "babies" around them but they are growing so big SO fast and I want them to stay small! Anyway so it was Sunday...and when I was cooking MaKynzee and I got into a SPATULA sword fight that quickly turned into two against one as you will see. Lukas couldn't help but come and help Kynzee get Momma. I ended up pinned against the wall and then in the corner. Ah dang I hate to lose but getting the kisses to make Mommy wake up were to DIE for, get it AR AR, LOL. We must thank Daddy for grabbing the camera he is so well trained for these moments now!

Help! Kynzee's got ME!

Lukas joined the fun and Momma is losing ground.

Mom tries to get a little jab in before they killed me!

Now we were sitting at dinner and all of the sudden Momma snapped! Not a bad snap but a snap never the less. Lukas has been working on this fro thing and I can't contain it and Daddy doesn't comb it days I work so...well let me show you...

So anyway I decided in the middle of dinner, "Time for a HAIR CUT!" So after my last bite I pulled the boy over and BUZZZZZZ. Dad didn't finish dinner till after I was done with the cut. I think he looks SUPER CUTE!
BUZZ the first strip GONE!

Lukas being attacked, "PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN and GIVE ME YOUR HAIR!"

MaKynzee making sure we know that she still exists. Lukas was getting too much attention with the camera... pre, during and post pictures... SO MaKynzee popped in right as I went to take a picture. I love Lukas popping in the back looking around Kynzee, TOO CUTE!

Our LITTLE MAN with his NEW DO.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was tagged by my sister so here I go. And thank you Christina because I have never been tagged before! Makes me feel special ya know...anyway.

1. Where did you meet? Well we met through my sister as he was in Idaho and I was in Colorado but we met in person for the first time New Years-ish in the great metropolis of Soda Springs, Idaho. I am very out going so it scared me quite a bit that I was nervous to meet this Spencer guy I actually hid in the guest bedroom of the Jorgensen's house and peeked out the window as he came to the door and rang the door bell. Butterflies were going crazy and I had never SEEN the man...ah the rest is history.

2. How long did you date before you were married? 7 months but never lived in the same place but for 5 weeks :) Dang that really is bad now that it is in black and white.

3. how long have you been married for? 5 years, 2 months plus a little

4. What is one thing he does that surprises you? Scares the crap out of me A LOT, he likes it and I have to say half the time I laugh, other half he gets in big trouble! Keeps me on my toes.

5. What is your favorite feature about him? His smile is contagious and to die for. I knew the first time I saw his true complete smile...we were cross country skiing and I convinced him to fall in the snow and play and BAM it was like looking into heaven. I was in love that very second, I found my soul mate.

6. What is your favorite quality about him? He is Mr Fix-IT, no doubt in my mind he can get it done and he loves to learn more! If he can't fix it himself, he'll watch the person so the next time he can do it or he gets a book at the library so he can do it.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Don't think so.

8. What is his favorite color? Blue

9. What is his favorite food? Rice and Noodly stuff! AHHHHHHH. A girl just wants some POTATOES once in a while.

10. What is his favorite sport? Track and filed. He really likes soccer too, I think we converted him, LOL.

11. Who said "I love you" first? I think he did cause I was his first relationship and I didn't want to scare him. But I said it right back!

12. Where was your first kiss? On my Grandma Seller's couch. Spencer was so cute, he asked permission and after the fireworks went off I thought it was an amazing kiss. He gave me this uh-oh look, I was like "Are you ok, what's wrong" (it was his first kiss so I thought maybe I am bad or something and he didn't like it but...) Spencer said, "Can I kiss you again?" I laughed and pulled him in! Ah new love!

13. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Explore, hike, walk, camp, out doorsies.

14. Do you have any kids? TWO Hotties! James "Lukas" (3) and MaKynzee Ann (1)

15. What is his hidden talent? He is really good at carpentry just doesn't get around too it much but he has a few projects drawn out that I can't wait to see him do. He is also a Funny guy but I don't think that is a hidden talent most people know that! Gotta love his OUTBURST laugh too.

16. How old is he? OLD FART...HAHAHAHA Just kiddin Babe...28 I love he was born in 1980 won't ever mess up how old he is! Haha.

17. What do I admire most about him? His love of the gospel and that he always wants to learn more.

18. What is his favorite past time? Reading, building, reading, fixing stuff, he is a very handy man and did I mention READING!!!

19. What is his favorite kind of music? Probably Weird AL and other weirdo stuff he gets off you tube other than that mostly lots.

20. Do you think he will read this? He'll be the first one, he has been standing around waiting to read it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk, Trick or Treat Soda!!

Happy Halloween from the Bagshaws!

We went to Soda for Halloween and to celebrate Dad Bagshaw's Bday. He is 29 again... Well any way it was nice to suprise him on his birthday and we got him a mouse, a computer mouse (big suprise I know, something computer). Anyway it was fun and we love and appreciate him so much! Love you DAD!

Halloween was a BLAST! I made the kids costumes which turned out fabulous! I was so excited because I worked on them so hard and I really envisioned them, drew them and planned it out and they turned out exactly like I wanted them to. We went Trunk or Treating in town with Mom and Dad Bagshaw and the Jorgensen Family (my sister). Lukas was so excited and Kynzee just wasn't quite sure but we kept saying candy so it must be alright. It was too scary at the walk through little haunted trailers but the rest was good and perfect for our little treaters. Not too far to walk and not too much candy...enough to share with mom though..hahaha. Enjoy the fun with me...

My fabulous costumes on my cute kiddos! I hope they are as good as everyone says cause I believe you all and I really like 'em!

The Trick, Cute or Treaters
We have a Scarecrow, Cowgirl, M&M and Baby Zilla

Our very first trunk!

The kids at the first door, we have never gone with the kids trick or treating before. It was scary as a mom but Grandma knew the people so we were SAFE!

Trick or Treating at Grandpa's
Make sure to see our Pumpkins below!

Carvin' Pumpkins with Our Kiddos

Well I must say that Halloween is getting so much funner with the kiddos to enjoy it. I remember Luke's first Halloween and it was Dad Bagshaw's 50th B-day and I tried to get people to carve pumpkins and no one got into it. But this year we had a blast! Kynzee's first time and Lukas really got into it. Kynzee ate some pumpkin guts and made Spencer sooo happy, okay he just got a good laugh. We let Lukas design his own face for the pumpkin; he kept saying "silly face". It was a perfect Family Home Evening. I was happy to work on my creative side and Spencer got to stab something, WAHOO!

Luke showing off some guts and Kynzee grabbin' for more.

Kynzee was so proud when she actually brought out a handful but then she saw me use the spoon and no more hands. She wouldn't stop saying EW!
Daddy and Lukas working on their pumpkin. Ah my MANly men!

Lukas and his "silly" pumpkin. He was so very kind and very cooperative for photos.
Kynzee and I's pumpkin (left) has a scar from a soccer game gone bad! Hahaha....The final show before we set them on fire!
We didn't have any candles. Spencer made little cups out of tin foil and poured alcohol in them and then dropped matches in the cups. We had flames shooting out of our pumpkins, pretty cool eh? Well I guess it makes you grateful for only one fire alarm in the place...maybe not.
Well we all had a blast and our pumpkins turned out great!