Sunday, September 28, 2008

God's Given Fresh Air

We had the great opportunity to have our really good friend Tim come and visit. Tim has been really close to us and lived with us for a short time in Twin Falls and we have tried to get him down here and he FINALLY came. Thanks TIM! Spencer got to play computer games till the wee hours of the morning and have fun. They got to play lots and get it out of his system I hope for when the kids come back he can focus on the family. Anyway poor Tim, I was only conscience for part of the time due to get a nasty cold. I know... I finally start feeling better and BAM another bug gets me. Don't worry I am drinking lots and have the humidifier going 24/7.


The Boys on a Rock Ledge

Well anyway we drove up the hill behind our house to observe the pretty fall colors. I was over excited to get out of bed and enjoy fresh air but it took lots of energy. Anyway the hills were gorgeous and the views were amazing! The road on the other hand scared Tim and I. Let just say the mini van is not a Off Roading vehicle. But no worries we made it to the top and it was worth it. It was an amazing view, you can not say that God does not exist. Everything was so beautiful and colorful. I really enjoyed all the fresh air. We had a good time just enjoying all God's creations. See for yourself...

Tim and I trying not to get attack by box elder bugs.

Spencer and the gorgeous valley.

Beautiful flaming red tree.

Me bein' beautiful hahahaha (Pocatello below).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Healing Body and Mind

Well I haven't really written anything about my health because I was so unsure about it myself and so I would like to let everyone know, I AM OK. I have struggled since April with being tired and weak and then it peaked about mid July. I continued to get weaker and weaker and then I had a mini stroke or seizure I don't think they really know. I was diagnosed with Mono and the eventually West Nile. My fingers and toes started going numb and tingly but now it has crawled up my legs and arms. I was not doing very well. I eventually had to give in to my sister and my parents request to let them take my kids. So they have been having fun in Texas for the last two and a half weeks and it has almost killed me in spirit but physically I have finally got the rest I need! I believe that I am finally reaching the end of all the viruses attacking my body, being able to sleep and get all the rest I was supposed to be getting is letting my body heal.

I have had several blessings and am so very grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the priesthood power here on the earth. I was promised in all of my blessings that this would be a long hall but I had something I needed to learn. I was also blessed with the strength to continue to work. It is such a miracle because I feel like I am about to crash but at work I am fine and then I get home and blahhh. I know the Lord is watching out for me. Sometimes the Lord needs us to be stronger and this must be the only way I will learn something and I can do it. Recently I watched the Time Out for Sisters and one talked about Molly Brown and said when you are down just scream, "I'M NOT DOWN! AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PUT ME DOWN!" Some battles are hard but hey I say, "I'M NOT DOWN! DANG YOU, I"M NOT DOWN, I'M UP!" I know the Lord wants me to learn something. I think it is as I struggle in other areas I can recall this (almost going on 7 month) ordeal and remember that he picked me up where I could not step farther... through several angels both on earth and in heaven.

I also want to thank my family and friends that have given me the light in the dark, the sprinkles on my cup cake and the "daisy in the snow!" I just can't express enough thanks for those who forced me to rest, loved me up and wiped my forehead and covered me up and well everything. A few people sent me cards and I got flowers....I know pick up your jaw (they were not from my husband!!) I wanted to show you the cards they were awesome.

The inside of the card says....

Good things pop up... sometimes when you least expect it!

I got this card from the funniest, greatest Californians I know....

All ya' all "I"M NOT DOWN....I"M UP" I Love you ALL!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Labor Day Special

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend Labor Day with my Mom and Dad ie Grandma and Grandpa Bowen. The kids were a little hesitant the first night but at midnight who can blame them. The morning brought smiles, games and lots of love. Uncle Garrett got to come as he has was moving up in the world an going to BYU-I. That' right Little Bear is now Skinny Tall Bear and headed off to hunt the women well not quite... he is set on a mission (good man that he is). Anyway he taught Lukas some fun things...LOL

And then of course they killed him...

Then ofcourse I had to play the part of a really psychotic scrapbooker and try to get pictures of the kiddos with the grandparents they hardly see so I can paste them every where and moan, moan but they are really cute and Luke was being a bum with Grandma's pictures but MaKynzee and Grandma were way cute. Enjoy!