Monday, July 27, 2009

Spencer's Birthday and Playing with Paints

Happy Birthday to Spencer!
It was a rough day, we came in from Texas at about 4pm and poor Spencer spent the day driving from Pocatello to Salt Lake and Salt Lake to Pocatello. Some birthday eh? But he was in good spirits because we went to REI and got a new backpacking pack for him and the grin never stopped after that. After getting his goody we went out to dinner with his Grandma Rae and family. It was very nice but we were all tired. Grandma told the waitress about our birthday boys so they got ice cream with a candle...oooooooo.

Later the next week I made his favorite...BROWNIES! And I decorated them like a cake...he was SUPER happy with my design.
That is a computer if you can't tell.
Getting sung to by his babies...he was a happy birthday dad.
Lukas decided he wanted to play with his new present from the Hemmings. It is a paint kit and he LOVED it (no worries Alicia)!
MaKynzee...doesn't she look happy? She wanted to do it by herself and I was just trying to show her how but well she did how ever she wanted and was happy as long as mom left her alone.
He was SO happy, we tried every brush and stamp in the pack. He really didn't want to put it away, but babies need their sleep no matter how old they get.
The finished masterpieces!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lukas "Queen Cars" Birthday

SO sorry this is so late but it has been SO busy since we got home. Lukas celebrated his birthday in Texas, it was so much fun to have a birthday party with all of his cousins. Then the next day we came home on Spencer's birthday but I will blog about that later. SO a fabulously fun birthday for my McQueen Cars obsessed boy....

All Lukas asked for was a McQueen Cars "banana", he means pinata but banana is what comes out. He was SO excited.

A party fit for our McQueen KING!

We played lots of games. one bean ball toss, bounce the bouncy ball into the cup and RACE! I wanted to let the kids decorate some cars and then race them. You know Lightning McQueen style so thanks to my sister and mom we made it work. We got the die cast cars and put stickers on them.

Aunt Melanie helping Ivy and Alex with their cars and Lukas checking out what sticker he wanted next.

Aunt Christina with Brookelyn and Kira, the cars are about ready to race!!!

The finished line up!!

We did one big race and KIRA WON!!! We did lots of one on ones too but this was the ultimate race!!

Then we did cake 'cause it was getting way too HOT!!

Lukas was really cute blowing out his candles! It took him a while but I was so happy that we could have this party and cake and everything for the little guy!

Then the BANANA...
Such a good swing!

Sorry but this was TOO cute to leave out....

She kills me! She is SO dang cute...even blindfolded...kinda.

Uncle Garrett had to finish off the pinata for us! Good work Bro!
Then the POOL PARTY part. Lukas did ask for two things a "banana" and to go swimming. Thanks for letting us use the pool Aunt Kathy. We all had such a good time!!
And not to forget my little princess, she had fun too! Maybe her birthday next year can be just as special but I don't know if it will be in Texas!
Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you BIG!!!
More to come...presents and Spencer's b-day only took me a week to get done all the stuff I wanted to for their birthdays!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

San Antonio Zoo and Girls Night Out

We went to the zoo and had a really fun time. The kids loved seeing the animals and their favorite was the elephant. We were all melting in the Texan sun but it was worth it. We traveled through and saw the animals and then we went on a 20 min train ride. Lukas was happier than a "tornado in a trailer park."

The Jorgensen and Bagshaw children with the Lion family.

The whole gang at the elephant.

My favorite animal is the hippo. All we got to see were the butts. Lukas and MaKynzee lookin' at the hippos.

Grandma showing Lukas the leopard.

Riding the train...
So my mom always called us her Neapolitan girls. My sisters Christina (has red hair) and Melanie (has brunette) and I am blonde... so mom has a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry girls. Well all our children have our hair colors so my mom calls them her Neapolitan grandchildren. So it was too cute to see the three youngest together like this...
Really cute, huh! Grandma's Neapolitan babies!
So after the zoo we dropped off the kids and we (the girls) went to Austin to drop my Grandma and Grandpa Bowen off at the airport and to have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!! We started at Glamour Shots....
Mom gettin' all bea-u-tified!!
Christina gettin' her make up. GORGEOUS!
Melanie was able to put her book down just long enough for hair and make up. You can't see the book in her lap. She is such a pretty girl! Ooo, lala.
Me the beauty bandit...
Now my sister Christina has NO IDEA how beautiful she is, I want to SCREAM to the world and let her know that she is GORGEOUS! She is such a great sis, you are beautiful inside and OUT! Look how amazing she looks!
Well after we got dolled up and "shot." We went to Coldstone and got ice cream and then went to a chick-flick The Proposal. It was totally funny! We really enjoyed it and I was laughing so hard I was crying. It was GREAT! Thanks for the evening ladies!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My favorite picture so far here in Texas!!!

So we have been having some serious fun here in Texas. I couldn't get all my pictures that I wanted off the camera so I will post some more swimming pictures later. But Friday we went to Incredible Pizza and had an incredible time. The kids loved it and we sure enjoyed the go karts. It was nice to just let everybody play and be with the family. It was a blast!

Lukas was tall enough that we got to race together in the Go Karts. There was a slow "Busch" race, for the kids and a fast "Nascar" race for the "big" kids... adults. Lukas loved every second and we got last place. Lukas said, "Mommy we lost, we aren't winners." He new we were behind everyone and I said, "No we won, we lapped everybody!" LOL. He was SO happy with my little exaggeration...ok so I lied but the boy was happy.

Then we did "Nascar" speed and this is me passing the leader! I actually got yelled at for not having both hands on the steering wheel :0)

This is me gloating, yeah I never win in this competitive family of mine so I had to savor every second. I am sure if you ask they will say they let me win but my dad was bumpin' me the entire time from behind. Ahhhh....victory!

The fabulous Bowen shoot out. Of course they were all super good and only a few baskets between each other.

My dad has some SERIOUS skills I mean look at this....

Dad could only pull this off with his super shooting powers.

Then the two boys played on the smaller shoot out.

And like grandson....

Lukas got his ball stuck too. It was too funny.

Someone saw the girls trying to dance with Dance Dance Revolution, so they put money in so they could really play...the girls loved it and they caught quite the crowd.

We had such a FABULOUS, INCREDIBLE time...Thanks mom and dad!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Catchin' Up

So we finally got all moved into the new place and our stuff in storage and that was a nightmare, again. But we really needed to move and well Spencer swears that we are NOT moving again until he graduates... I will try my hardest, LOL! I really do like the new place and once it isn't taken over by boxes I think I just might LOVE it.

Alright so catching up...what have we missed...oh right....ALOT


So Father's day was our first official day in the new apartment so things were a little rocky but I found all of the presents so that was a HUGE plus!

Spencer- I am so proud of all the hard work you put in to being a great dad. The kids always miss you when you are not there and they love when you get home. You have come so far and I am so very proud. I LOVE YOU!

Lukas picked out this card himself. It is a turtle that says I love you this, no this, no... THIS much and the arms keep growing. Spencer LOVED it!

We got Dad (Spencer) some new t-shirts for work, a bookcase for the office and some magazines he loves. I hope we didn't disappoint.
Kynzee trying to "fill" Daddy's shoes on Father's Day- too cute.

Not to leave out...
Daddy- I love you so much and cherish all of our Father Daughter memories. You are such an amazing man and I know that my children cherish the moments they have with Papa. You are such a great example and I hope that I never let you down.

4th of JULY
Well the Fourth was quite a bit different this year. We went to Mom's play Hello Dolly in Soda Springs. Dad Bagshaw was in the production and did an AMAZING job. Mom Bagshaw was the producer and put alot of time and effort and energy into the play and it showed. It was GREAT. We enjoyed the show...only down side was no kids were allowed (although there were a bunch there...anyway) so we left the kids with a baby sitter. It was the last night of the play so the fam stayed behind to clean up and I took the kids across the parking lot to watch fireworks. It wasn't traditional 4th enjoyment but it was good.

My super cute kids decked out in 4th gear-Thanks mom!

Grandma and MaKynzee trying to get some zzz between all the crazy activities. They look soooo cute, little angles sleeping.

And THEN we flew to TEXAS!!! We are in Texas now for Garrett's endowment. We are super excited.
LOVE YOU ALL, sorry we finally have internet again so we will be keeping in touch better.