Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing Out??

Ok, so there are several events in our lives that we think are important or worth while. Well last Sunday was one of those times. It was the "big" Primary Program and Lukas had memorized his line and has been actually singing songs at Family Home Evening so I was super excited...DUN..DUN..DUH!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaw arrived for the Program, I made sure we were 15 minutes early. The morning had gone without a hitch perfect really...after they passed the sacrament. I vaguely remember them calling all the primary kids to the front. Miss MaKynzee turns to me and says "Mom my tummy hurts."
-Now you might think at this point that I would get concerned but our little miss likes to use that phrase for ANYTHING. Mom, my tummy hurts I need candy...Mom, my tummy hurts I need to go to school with Lukas...Mom, my tummy hurts I need a pop and so on you don't think I am the world's worst mother for my response-
MaKynzee, "Mom, my tummy hurts."
Mom, "Do you need some fruit snacks?"
( I am DEAD serious, those were my exact words)
ALL OVER!!! She covered my left side, hit the bench which then went down the cracks! Mess, mess and more mess. I grabbed her and ran. She made it to the trash for the next round.
So I go back leave Grandma and Kynzee in the foyer and try to help clean up. I made two trips and most chunks cleaned up (thanks Papa!) when the dad from the family in front of us says, "Um, your what stinks." I look down not realizing how bad I looked. I hadn't heard a single part of the program but other mother duties were calling. I race MaKynzee and I home. I take a spit bath for my side and tummy, change to another dress and put Kynzee in pj's run back to church so I can at least hear Lukas' line and ONE song. I bolt in like a mad pregnant woman (leaving Kynzee in the car)....and find the primary kids singing the last line of the LAST song. I missed it. I totally missed it. I sunk my shoulders, started to tear up and Spencer came and gave me a hug. He took the now boppin' around Kynzee home so I could go to the rest of church but still I was devastated!
Fast Forward...worked Monday and Tuesday, kids doin' good other than a little bit of the runs from MakYnzee but nothin' much.


Wednesday, Sept 29, 2:00AM
Screams fill my ears. This has to be a dream right? "Mom! Mom!" I run in Lukas is covered! He had...

Everything including the kid was soaked. Threw the kid in the shower, gathered up the bedding. Trying to stay calm and honestly I was thinking "this is good practice, I will be up in the wee hours again soon, HAH, LOL" My positive thinking went out with the next...

"Mom! Mom!" This time cries from MaKynzee. I run in thinking please no, please!
No puke just poo.
"I sorry mom! It was an accident. Mom! It burns, help." Once again a child huffed off to the bathroom. Bedding inspected and taken. I think to myself as ALL the lights are on in the house but our bedroom light, "Where is Spencer?" Oh yes...

I loose all sense of "positive." I very venomously walk in and state, "Do you have any idea that your house is in total upheaval! Get out of bed MAN and do something!" I think he came out 10 minutes later when... the messes were in the washer, the kids dressed again and heading to bed. Spencer tucks Kynzee in and comes to our room I have Lukas on the floor, puke bowl in hand and Spencer says, "What's wrong?" And then there was...

a great destruction in the land!!!!!
So no sleep till about 6am between the 2 kiddos! Mama is tired and ready to BRING IT ON! I think I will greatly appreciate new born poop after all of that!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Short but Sweet

So this weekend we made a very short but sweet trip to Boise for our new nephew Ryan Bennett Achatz's blessing (Spencer's sister's new addition). We left after I worked Saturday about 6pm (I got off early thank goodness) and then drove to Boise. Went to bed late, woke up early. Lukas wanted to play with "the boys" as he calls them. When we told him we were going to his cousin's house he said "The Boys?" Yep, and he went boppin' around screaming. Anyway he spent a few hours in the morning playing....

The handsome boys: (L to R) Landon, Cole and Lukas

He was so happy! They set up all these dragons and super heros and were going to "battle."
"I love these boys Mom." We are so happy you love Landon and Cole! We don't get to see them often but he really loves his boy cousins.

Then we went to church and the blessing was very sweet and the spirit was abundant! The little man of the hour...
Ryan Bennett Achatz

Grandma/ Mom Bagshaw got up and bore her testimony and it really meant a lot to us. She had all her children and grandchildren there. It was very touching.
Then we ran off to a park and had a little lunch together with all the family from the blessing.
The Achatz Family
Ryan, Bennett and Heather

MaKynzee meeting Bennett.

Then of course being the little photographer/ memory keeper I am, I got all the cousins together with Grandma and Papa.

Family is so very important and we were glad we could run up and be with the Achatz on their special day. We love you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh tears....our baby went to kindergarten

Today, Friday was our first day of school.
Getting ready to go...our new school clothes. I can't believe how grown up he looks.

Ready to walk to school...I love his smile!

Walking to school...daddy wanted pictures- play by play.

Finally arrived...Greenacres Elementary!

Lukas meeting his teacher, Mrs Angle.

The moment I was waiting for...I knew it couldn't be avoided...
Teacher, "Find your name."
Lukas, "They forgot me."
Teacher, "James, it is right here."
Lukas looks at the name and turns, "Whose name is that??"

We have tried really hard to work on him learning his FULL name and when you ask him his "full name" he says "James Lukas Bagshaw" but he doesn't understand why people think they can call him "James"-
"My name is Lukas!"
His teacher was super nice and went and grabbed a piece of paper, "I make a list of things like this so I don't forget."
Oh he won't let you forget!

Yep, I totally teared up... MaKynzee did the entire lay on the ground and kick her feet tantrum. She wanted to stay at school with "my Lukas."

I left the house with my son and came home with a pine cone. Yeah that's fair.

Lukas said he didn't want us to be alone.