Thursday, July 22, 2010

July (so far) in Review

Ok so we really need to catch up and I am going to have so many pictures too but that is ok, right? Ok well let us review the last 3 weeks in the Bagshaw clan....

First I cut MaKynzee's hair...FINALLY! Three years and 4 months!

Oh her bum!

The first cut....

I don't know how I got brave enough to cut it myself but I did. It is super cute and feels alot thicker now. All pretty and ready for church. This is the first time I have ever curled her hair and the first time she completely picked her outfit. Pretty good eh?

Second we went to Alexandria Reservoir in Soda with our Bishop and his family...

Lukas being lazy in the water, no fear there for him.

MaKynzee loving the tubes!

Our very first sand castle with the kids! This is Lukas with some grandkids of Bishop.

then we ended up camping in Georgetown with them at their cabin.

Our happy campers...

The kids LOVED the four wheelers.
Kynzee wanted to switch because daddy goes too fast...then after a while with me she said "I want to go back with daddy, he's not boring." Gee Whiz... wasn't I going slow for her!

Lukas and mommy enjoying the ride and view. It was AMAZING up there.

Spencer getting his "perfect" shot...on top of the car! We went to the Wildlife Bird Refuge near Bear Lake so he could take some pictures.

then we went to Montpelier for fireworks.
Lukas had a blast with sparklers and fireworks but MaKynzee...
hid in Bishop's car. Can you see the tear? She wasn't even happy on one of our laps.

Then we got to watch my sister's girls for a week while she was at class. We had lots of fun!

Then we had a few days to work and pack for our trip to Yellowstone.
Spencer got to open his present early because it was important for the trip. It is a camera case backpack. He was ooooo so happy!


Our first day was Lukas' 5th birthday! Instead of famous birthday pancakes we brought him doughnuts.

The kids at Wraith Falls. It was a 1/2 mile hike to something beautiful and hidden. We loved it.

The kiddos at Grotto geyser

The family at Morning Glory....gorgeous.

At geyser basin...

Daddy getting his "great" shot!

Yellowstone week was also the boys birthdays, so we fit it in a little during the week outdoors but celebrated with family Monday night (really just for Lukas).
I attempted to make a Lightning McQueen cup "cake" but Lightning ended up hot pink and I cried!
Lukas opening presents
He wanted a Lightning McQueen skate board, we compromised for a scooter! One happy 5 year old.

Now everyone is pretty excited because when the kids asked when the baby was going to come I would say after Lukas and Daddy's birthday. So now they keep asking when is the baby coming. I have changed to "after Halloween and you get lots of candy"... the fact that this baby will have the next birthday is pretty exciting. Still baby No-name but we are working on it. Nothing fits just yet.