Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and Catching Up

We had our first ever school program. Lukas sang with LOTS of gusto can you tell? We were so proud he actually sang!

Our Christmas this year started out going to Afton, Wy to see Spencer's Grandma and Grandpa Bagshaw. It was a super short visit but so nice to see them. Then we headed back to Soda Springs for a Bagshaw Christmas. We were thrilled to have Grandma Rae, Justin, Heather and Ryan and their baby Bennett and ofcourse mom and dad with us this year. We learned a lot about Kowati's (LOL that is a good story) and "Ornery old men" (that is an even better story) but best of all we made memories and shared laughs that will stay with us forever.

Bowen and Bennett Christmas Eve! They will be partners in crime someday soon!

Christmas Eve Dinner YUMMY!

Our Nativity- I finally got the picture I wanted ALL SEASON!

Jesus probably didn't have a bright blue pacifier though! LOL.

Our favorite Christmas Elves! Grandpa showing off Bowen in his Xmas Eve pj's.

Christmas morning lining up...TRADITION!

Discovering what Santa left...Lukas got Hot Wheels Trick Tracks

and MaKynzee got Disney Fairies...

Later playing with presents. I painted MaKynzee's nails and then I let her paint was Christmas after all but I think my facial expression says it ALL...

Bagshaw Beauties

Watching Lukas' capsule dinosaurs grow...

MaKynzee's favorite, showing off her dress ups!

We had such a great time and I think the spirit of CHRISTmas was abundant. We are so very thankful for our Savior and what he did for us. The greatest gift we posses is the Atonement, that he gave His life for us. We acknowledge His hand in all things and thank our Heavenly Father for all of our family, the gospel and all the blessings we enjoy! We love you all! Merry Christmas and Have a FABULOUS NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Sunday of All Sundays

I don't have any pictures but I have quite the story...
OK, so Sunday morning Spencer left for morning meetings and I went and got in the shower. After I showered I woke up Lukas and showered him. Gave him his clothes and told him to get dressed. Woke up MaKynzee put her in the shower. Got Lukas breakfast. Finished Kynzee's shower and got her clothes for her. Got Kynzee breakfast.
Ok church is at 0930 and it was 0840. I was doing GREAT!!!
0850 Did my hair, the kids were done with breakfast.
0900 Mom to Lukas, "Get your socks and shoes on now."
Lukas, "Mom I'll get my shoes, you get my socks."
I went and got his socks and gave MaKynzee her tights, started to feed Bowen.
0910 "Lukas, come here. Why don't you have your socks and shoes on? MaKynzee you have your tights on but where are your shoes?" MaKynzee just walked away.
L: "You never gave me my shoes." Giving me this look like duh mom!
Mom:"Excuse me? I got the socks, you get the shoes remember."
L: "No I found the socks, you had them."
I could not contain myself I busted out laughing. "Fine Luke I'll get your shoes."
Calling to the other room, "MaKynzee what are you doing? Get your shoes!"
MaK: "I can't find them."
Mom: "You better start looking harder."
0920 Lukas has his shoes and socks on. Wahoo! MaKynzee is playing with her doll house.
Mom: "MaKynzee! Where are your shoes? What are you doing?!"
MaK: "I can't find them." I gave her quite the dirty look.
She replied not missing a beat, "Mom, I'm MAD! You haven't found my shoes!"
Mom: "NO, I'm mad! Get moving we could have left now!"
0930 We found her shoes and are late for church and I have everyone lined up at the door. I open the door and it is EXTREMELY I was naked....I look down and....I was in my under ware!!! I NEVER got myself dressed I was so flustered getting everyone else ready.
I just kept thinking to myself... if it was a hot summer day how far would I have gotten?? AHHHHH. So do you think I am adjusting to life with three kids....LOL.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I tried to go to church in my undies!!!!! I told my visiting teacher I should buy a mirror and put it on the door so I make sure I was completly ready...she came to visit teach me and handed me a present saying, "Sorry I couldn't get you a mirror."

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.
We had Bowen's 2 month check and he is a BIG boy weighing in at 10# 13oz and 23 3/4in. We have a giant amoung us.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bowen's Blessing

Sunday was Bowen's special day. Daddy gave him a name and a blessing. Mom was able to hear every word so she was especially happy. The blessing was perfect and heaven sent. We had so many family and friends here it was amazing. We love you all!!! Thanks so much for traveling in the snow, we know you all made sacrifices, thank you for sharing our special day.
Bowen Dale Bagshaw

Cute as EVER!!
Our three children... James Lukas, Bowen Dale, MaKynzee Ann
The new J. Spencer Bagshaw Family (our very first family picture as The Bagshaw 5)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Costumes

This year was a little hard to get costumes done, but I was determined and although only half of Lukas costume was glow-in the one could tell, thank goodness...there were two super cute trick or treat-ers. Lukas was a Skeleton and MaKynzee was Tinkerbell.

Halloween Festivities started Wednesday, Oct 27 with MaKynzee's Preschool party...

"Tinkerbell" and Mrs. Sherri

The cuties came out and the parents lined up with the goodies, Lukas handed out our candy so i could take pictures. Look how cute they all are....

Then Friday was Lukas' school party and parade. Aunt Christina was so nice to get him ready and go to the school to take pictures. Mom and dad were still in the hospital with Baby Bowen. I was really upset that we missed it but something about just pushing out 7lbs kept me away.
Our first day home...the outfit is actually Spencer's when he was a baby and Lukas wore it for his take home outfit so Little Bowen did as well. Though we did have to add long sleeves underneath and pants.
Saturday was our BIG Halloween day.
I got the kiddos ready and Daddy and Grandma Bowen took them to a carnival Trunk or Treat party with the Jorgensens and then to our ward Trunk or Treat. I was so upset to miss the festivities but sure enjoyed the nap with the new man in my life.
Lukas before make-up.
Getting the face all "scary"- Lukas kept telling me "I want to look scary Mom."
Skeleton Man-
the back side
I made Lukas' costume with white duct tape and black sweats.
I made everything but the wings and shoes.
I love these two..I told them to smile, instead I got this attitude picture...I LOVE IT!
"Skeleton" looks rough around the edges and "Tinkerbell" looks so sweet but a wand can be a deadly weapon I am told.
Then I got to spend the night with...BOWEN!
Coming early we were not prepared with a costume!
Hope everyone's festivities were as fun as ours!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

He's FINALLY here!

Bowen Dale Bagshaw
Oct 28, 2010
6lbs 13oz, 20in

Mom, Dad and Baby Bowen

Daddy and Bowen

Big Brother Lukas and Bowen

Big Sister MaKynzee and Bowen
I can't believe we have three!!!
The journey here was long and hard but thanks to modern medicine and fabulous staff all was fantastic. I started contractions on Tuesday at work, got sent home cause he was coming down on my nerve and I was making my coworkers nervous. Contracted on and off all day, that night and throughout Wednesday. I had been praying that I could make it through Wed morning for MaKynzee's Halloween party and we did. Wednesday I continued to contract but at 6:00pm they were regular and I could not just walk them off. Came to the hospital at 1000pm and was admitted about 1130pm. We kept things slow so I could get the antibiotics for GBS. I got an epidural about 330am, was up all night uncomfy. Got my second dose antibiotics and the Dr came to break my water. Bowen wasn't in the right position so we labored down for an hour, called the Dr and pushed 2 1/2 times and we welcomed our little Bowen. He is so cute and worth it all.
A baby with HAIR!! We are so excited!! I loved playing with the different hair styles...Mohawk, missionary comb over, spikey fuzz. It is sooo much fun!!
Welcome little one.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pampered and Blessed Beyond Comprehension

So during the last two plus weeks we have felt an out pouring of love and service from those around us. We have amazing friends and family. To top it ALL off our "Crest Wood 5" gang decided to throw us a baby shower. My "other" mother, my best friend growing up step mom was in town! It was so special. All of our friends and family totally spoiled us. Our little guy now has winter clothes and diapers/ wipes for the first month of life. Many don't know but my maternity leave is unpaid, BIG bummer! So this was truly needed and I couldn't stop crying when I realized we really had everything we needed now. Through all of your service and sacrifice you have answered our prayers...thank you all SO much. I think the only one really ready is MaKynzee...

Hippo has become a her baby and she says she knows how to be a mommy now.
We love her.

I told her the baby can't eat with a spoon for a while so she has switched to the bottle, LOL.

Baby Shower: Friday Oct 15
The Lady in Charge, our good friend Katie...thanks lady!
Thanks to the ladies in charge behind the scenes too...Alicia, my sis Christina and everyone else who pitched in.

My wonderful guests/ support team...
We got to see our friend Megan (far right) for the first time in years! Thanks for traveling!

More support...
I love these ladies SO much.

My other "guest pictures" didn't turn out...something about covered faces.

This is a special cake because it was made by Kay and Alicia. They are really good!

Opening presents and chatting...
It was such a blast and so much love. Truly I am very blessed and spoiled by all these women. THANK YOU!!

I know I don't look very big and have mentioned that it is cause for alarm...this is why...
August 2010

So I went home and had Spencer take this picture.
(right) October 15, 2010 Not much change :0(
We see the Dr on Tuesday and we will let you all know how we are doing!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are the CHAMPIONS my friends....

Ok so we have to brag a little bit. My really fabulous friend called about a month maybe a little more ago and asked, "What do you think of a Pinewood Derby for the Sept ward activity?" Hey I was excited and I knew I had a little boy who LOVES to play with cars and a big boy who would die for the chance to show off his master skills. I responded, "Heck ya! That would be awesome. We have so many little and "big" boys that would LOVE this. Were in." Well she got a little bit of gruff but the activity went on as planned. They had two work nights, the first we showed up a good hour and half late to and the second one we were in the hospital. So I was pretty bummed but thank you BEDREST... we got it all done.
Daddy and Lukas sanding "The Bat Mobile"
The "Bat Mobile" actually started as the Speed Racer car but then when it got down to painting Lukas saw the Bat Mobile and liked it much better, "it's cooler."
The kids painting our cheese wedge car- "The Whizz"
I wanted this to be a family project and we did really good making sure everybody helped.
Our "gloss" finish...
October 8, 2010: The night of the races...
I got permission to go and SIT! Which I think I did pretty good. Our friends the Hinton's really out did themselves with this activity. All the fans lined up for the first races...
The Bat Mobile ready to go...
Lukas watching it cross the finish line!

Unfortunately I put too much hot glue with the weights in the bottom of the car. Spencer quickly remedied the situation, Thanks Dad! The Bat Mobile soared after that and ended in 8th place overall!
THE CHAMPION LINE UP... The Whizz had only lost one race by coming in second and was now in the FINAL. It all came down to this...
With a time of 2.987!
Daddy couldn't help but grin and I think deep down he was proud when everyone asked him what his trick was. His reply, "Don't spend too much time on it." That's my man! Simple and yet so calculated!
The Co-Owners of The Bat Mobile
Mommy and Lukas

The Co-Owners of The WHIZZ
Daddy and MaKynzee
The Champion- THE WHIZZ
Really we want to THANK the Hinton's for an amazing night and for pushing through with such an amazing idea. Everybody had a blast!