Saturday, September 15, 2012

Uncle Garrett Gets Hitched in May and Celebrates in SEPT!

So back in April when Garrett graduated from basic I got to take some engagement photos of the happy couple...this is everyone's favorite. oooolala

So my baby brother got married May 26 (his bride is so smart the day before his bday how can he forget it) down in Louisiana close to where he was stationed. They kinda but not really eloped because of some Air Force rules about Garrett's next assignment and his ability to take his new wife for free...glad they did it cause now they are in OKINAWA, JAPAN!!!

Trying to get a Bowen cousin picture during wedding pictures but all you get is BOWEN hahaha 

MaKynzee was totally enthralled with the "Princess Bride" 
"She's so pretty mama, I'm gonna be pretty too."
"You are sweety, you are!" 

Uncle Garrett is by far the favorite! Especially with his buff muscles he can throw ANY of the cousins in the air! 

The Bowen Clan is now complete! We really didn't take a big family photo because well not to brag but I was the only one with my husband. My sisters have a fire fighter and NAVY man to deal with, gee working is so overrated! 

And how we really are...Tara so innocent and sweet! Welcome! 

Just before we dropped brother you're so BIG!!

The girlies at the reception, too cute! 

Cutting the Cake 

Bear and me...oh WOW how grown up we are! 

The bride and groom did a super hero like theme...they had matching shoes to die for!! 

Garter hunting...oooolala

The PRIZE ie garter in appropriate super hero colors!! 

Garrett had each of his groomsmen a character...due to Spencer's running history he got to be Flash. The whole thing was just awesome! 

And then they ran off 2 weeks later for Garrett to serve his first deployment in Okinawa, JAPAN! I still can't believe they are half way around the world but so happy that they get to be together! Can't wait till next summer, they are coming home and getting sealed in THEIR temple...Bountiful! Best of good to each other and continue to grow towards your goal of temple marriage! Alright now I am crying...what I really want to say is DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID like DIE until your sealed OK! Just a loving protective sister here!