Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day and Who's belly is that??

So this year for Father's day was an extra special treat because we were home! Spencer got a few little things from the kids and I. I asked him what he wanted for dinner he said dutch oven cooking. I prepared...he cooked! He is so happy cooking outdoors! I don't say enough about how good Spencer is to us.
*He is dedicated to providing for his family, the last three years have been really hard on him as he just did school-no job- just me working... then last summer he got an internship, PAID, and the man has been happy ever since.
*He loves to cook and I take advantage of his killer grill skills. He is a worthy priesthood holder who is always ready to give blessings.
*His love for the outdoors includes being with his family. Nothing came make this man happier than a trip to a national park with his family in a tent and a camera in his hand!
*He has developed a much better relationship with the kids. Poor guy I think is afraid of babies (yes we are about to have another one) but he loves being able to do things with the kids, not just hold them and change their bum. He has grown so much into the role of father. Thanks for all you do babe!
We gave Daddy rock bookends- blue of course and a book... Total Money Makeover (he has been listening to Dave Ramsey for a while now and you can never get the book from the library, it is always on hold!)

We love daddy- yes sir-ree

Doing what our daddy loves...outdoor dutch oven cooking!

Ok so alot of people have been asking about my baby bump...big, small, GIGANTIC?? Who knows... well here it is for all of you. I am just thankful that today at church the other 5 sisters due around the same time all seem to have bumps now... I was only 8 weeks earlier! I am 20 weeks and NO there are NOT twins, thanks for asking though!
I tried to take pictures last week but it didn't work but MaKynzee wanted everyone to see her tummy too. She is so dang cute.

Bad angle...oh boy that is BIG! But man I am a happy woman!

Talking to our little man, "Be good and grow strong!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drum roll please......

So today was the BIG day. We had our ultrasound and.....

Not very shy is HE? It was right out there and the tech kinda giggled and said "well if you didn't want to know... you would know now anyways."
He was not being cooperative and hid his face though, so no face pictures but that is ok. He was so active during the ultrasound I was just SO happy. It was like a whole bunch of weight lifted off my shoulders, he is there and so far PERFECT!
Perfect two feet, ten toes. I totally teared up at this one...
They kinda look like bear paws huh?
Our favorite part was when he started to wave. I was like "oh look he has his hand up, waving" and then right then it shook. The tech was like, "that wasn't me, he really waved. You have quite the active baby."

He just wanted mom to know he was ok. Spencer couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear after we saw it was a boy. I am finally 99% excited and 1% scared! Ok maybe 50/50 but at least it isn't 90/10 the other way.


So we had a weekend in Soda to welcome home our Alabama missionary. His talk on Sunday was really good, it touched the soul. And thank goodness he still has his fabulous sense of humor and started out by saying something to the effect of... "I served in the Birmingham, Alabama mission. I spoke two languages Redneck and Southern." We are so glad he is home. He is quite the life of the party...I mean family.

Saturday afternoon we went and played Frisbee golf...

Spencer and Brandee

Dad and Mom

Ryan and Justin

Grandma Rae, We are so proud! You did fantastic!

The kiddos:
Brookelyn and Kira

MaKynzee and the Hobbit (Lukas)- We forgot some jackets so he was wearing Uncle Arik's jacket and it was like this little green man that blended in with the grass.

Where do we go now???

The whole Bagshaw Frisbee Golf gang! We really had a lot of fun. We would love to do it again!

Then we went home for a Surprise baby shower for Heather (Spencer's sister)! It was airplane themed as Ryan (ie dad and Heather's husband) is a pilot. It turned out super cute and Heather really was surprised!
Mom hung airplanes from the ceiling! C-U-T-E!
We decided you can never get enough diapers so we made her a diaper cake...turned out pretty neat I think!
Best Wishes and Good Luck Heather and Ryan!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Weekend

Ok so I had visions of grandeur when I asked my sister if I could steal her children for a weekend. I envisioned playing at the park, going to the zoo and all sorts of fun OUTDOOR activities. Well the weather did NOT cooperate and so we only made it to the park once and since Uncle Spencer worked Saturday we didn't have a car but who cares it just rained. Sunday coming home from church we were teased with sunshine and a whopping 71 degrees. We planned a little drive up the mountain and found this...

Now I was pretty upset, usually the view is gorgeous and the kiddos could explore. Instead all I could think about was "Eclipse" and new born vampires/ monsters popping out of the trees. Then I turned and saw that I had four with me...LOL.

Totally looks like something from a Twilight movie eh??

Anyway we had fun, I love stealing my Jorgensen girlies for the weekend.


Kynzee's hair keeps getting longer and NO I still haven't cut it yet. She has this thing right now where she wants to brush it all by herself. So here are where her efforts landed her...she was crying but when she saw my expression...she just started to laugh too.
At least she is laughing!
We are all doing fine and Peanut #3 has been a little bit nicer so thank heavens for that!