Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh dang has it been a month??

Well just a little update on us...

Spencer finished another semester. We still have two left! He is working full time at his internship now and that makes him a happy boy. He also has got himself some new camera toys so he is a happy boy.

Brandee has decided that memory loss for previous pregnancies might just be an evil thing. I have been so sick and the Dr definitely frowned as the scale went down. But I brought the kiddos to my last appointment and as soon as the Dr found the heartbeat Lukas beamed and yelled "That's my baby!" It was super cute. I am getting better or I am going to MAKE me be better.

Lukas has been the busy bee. He graduated from preschool and had his last soccer game. He did really good this season with a Hat trick game and scoring two goals in the last, he was super proud of himself. We also enrolled him in kindergarten (I still can't believe my baby is going to be in kindergarten!!!) He tells us all he wants to do is go camping this summer so we are looking for local camp grounds for little over nighters.

MaKynzee has become quite the "lady." She is now potty trained and loves to tell anyone that she wears panties now so she can go to preschool (you have to be potty trained for our preschool) so she is pretty proud of herself. She is a little Ariel and turns everything into a song. She has a special spirit too...she always talks about Jesus standing by her. At lunch she said Jesus was watching and is happy. Makes you get goosebumps.

Recent Conversations

MaKynzee was throwing a huge fit as we were about to leave.
Mom, "Kynzee you better stop or you can't go."
MaKynzee continued to whine....
Lukas, "MaKynzee, why don't we just put you in a cage!"

MaKynzee screaming....
Mom gets up, "Kynzee stop screaming, what do you need."
Kynzee, "My tummy hurts!"...more screaming...
Mom, "What do you need!"
Kynzee, "Medicine, good medicine"....more screaming
-Now mom is tired and upset and really not happy about wanting "good medicine" which means I just want medicine. And when I have these moments with my kids and they are crying and "need" medicine, I have two options 1.multivitamin 2. Tums (great calcium supplement). i hate giving kids meds when they don't need it but I also believe that sometimes "medicine" can work wonders and bytheway did i mention it was 1:40AM!!-
Mom gives Kynzee a tums and a glass of water. Mom goes and gets back in bed letting out a huge sigh, looks at the clock...2:10am.
MaKynzee screaming....
Mom runs in a little upset, she just closed her eyes "What MaKynzee?" (a little too harsh)
Kynzee "Mom I really want to make it back to Jesus."
Now tell me how I am supposed to be mad, I totally melt, pull her close and tell her "Me too."
Kynzee, "Jesus loves you"
I feel the spirit and a comfort I was in desperate need of.
Mom, "I love you"
Kynzee, "I know."
Mom goes back to bed a complete mess, crying and all emotional. Two amazing things just happened...I got proof I am teaching Kynzee right AND...
Jesus remembers me and answers my prayers. What more can a girl ask for at 2:00AM!