Thursday, May 29, 2008

Justin's gone to Alabama

For those of you who don't know, Justin is Spencer's brother and he left yesterday for the field that is white and he is so ready to harvest. On May 7, we took him to the MTC. I must say dropping him off in the MTC was one of the harshest experiences. There are huge signs that point FAMILY EXIT, MISSIONARY EXIT. Everyone sits in a chapel like room, get pumped with the spirit and then when you are so totally full... you have to say good-bye. The tears are already rollin from pondering the good words you've heard but you never do forget that you are there to part with some one who has a very significant place in your life and then... BAM. You're out one door and there out the other. So I think Justin...I mean Elder Bagshaw can check our blog so HELLO Elder, We LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Memorial Day, Pondering the Past

So this last Monday was Memorial Day and I couldn't help but think of two great men that are no longer in this life. The first my Grandpa Sellers. I sure miss him. I was thinking about Flaming Gorge and how he took us around on his boat and was always happy fishing. I remember every breakfast was toast dipped in his hot chocolate, oh and SPAM. He would always call me his best eater. He served in the arm forces and I am very proud to have such a remarkable man in my life. I was also thinking about Grandpa Burgess who passed just last year. He always had so much fun with Lukas, they had a ball. There is this great big ball that they had fun playing with for hours. He would sit on the ground and let Lukas crawl all over him. He also served in the armed forces. The first time I met him he whispered in my ear that I was going to marry Spencer and he (Spencer) was lucky. I will never forget his hard work and kindness towards everyone.

I was looking through pictures and found some cute ones so I am posting them. Some are new and some are old but they mean so much to me. I am so grateful for my family and I can't help but think about the wonderful people in my life that are helping me and my family to be the best we can. I thank you!

The picture with Spencer proposing was taken in Denver at my best friend's wedding just this spring. Talk about memory lane, everything was so different.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now a whole bunch of people keep bugging me about this blog thing so let me give you a brief update on the Spencer Bagshaw's.

Brief 2007: Had a baby girl on St Patricks 2007. June 2007 we moved to the thriving metropolis of Pocatello. July 2007 Brandee started work as RN. Sept 2007 Spencer started school.

Spencer is currently enrolled at ISU trying to get into a special program with lots of initials and basically it is a network security degree. He has been having lots of fun as he got a lab top with our tax return and loves being able to do his homework any where. He has had a hard time adjusting to Mr. Mom cause I work and Spencer just does school and Mr. Mom. I think he will begin to appreciate me more. He is currently the building lock up specialist and 2nd counselor in the Sunday School. I think his love for the scriptures and vast knowledge of them landed him there. He teaches for the first time next Sunday so we shall see.

Brandee, me is currently working as a RN in the Well Baby nursery here in Pocatello. I love it and have a great time but it is hard to be away from my babies. I continue to use my free time (what free time I don't know) for scrapbooking and crafts. Spencer got me flowers to plant for Valentines Day and I still need to plant them... like I say I am sooo busy. I am currently the Visiting Teaching Coordinator and that keeps me on my toes with a student ward with constant flux on members.

Lukas is a thriving 2.75 year old. He loves anything with dirt and wheels. Recently he is really into planes and still loves CARS the disney movie. He also has to have his turtles. He has such a sweet personality and is definitely trying to see how far he can push Dad's buttons. NO he is not potty trained but heck the kid is great anyway. He is the best big brother always helping MaKynzee clean or eat or mess things up. He is so sweet with her and calls her Princess because mommy does.

MaKynzee Ann our little leprechaun is one. She is a princess and has Grandpa Bagshaw wrapped around her little finger. She HAS HAIR so I have had so much fun putting little pony tails in. She is very sensitive and cries when you give her a stern NO. She hates the vacuum but loves to bop to music. She is always in cute little clothes and hair dos. She just cut her 11th tooth this weekend and it is so exciting. Her favorite thing is to throw food off her tray so she can go back later and snack on the remains. We have really tried to stop and stay on top of that! She is so smart.

WE love you all and as soon as I get pictures up I will send this so you can all see our blog.
NOTICE: I am not perfect so neither is this, that is my disclaimer.