Monday, August 25, 2008

Ward Camp Out: Bring It ON

WOW! We took Kynzee on her first camp out. It was just an over nighter but that was all I could handle right now any way. It was our ward's annual camp out and it was only about 3 miles away from home which made everything highly convenient. MaKynzee really enjoyed the open spaces and we had a hard time keeping tabs on her and Lukas was hard too but he had his shoes with lights so the little red flashes we saw every where were him. The highlight was smores of course. It is my favorite part of the whole thing, gooey chocolate mess who can resist? Our Bishop is quite the mountain man and Spencer and him have started a weekly hike together which I find to be rather good therapy for the Spencer. So this little outing was exactly what our family needed before school started but there is one thing I have to kind of vent about. Okay so when you go camping there are tents and mountains and fresh air and animals and just the good ol outdoors. But now in 2008 there are....

DVD PLAYERS????? I about died when I brought the kids out of the tent and while waiting for breakfast they had the kids watching Robin Hood. Dang camping has changed!!

Lukas showing off his... shall we say "burnt" charco-mallow. Kynzee enjoying her smores, she ate her marshmallows and then her cookies. They both really enjoyed being outside, going to bed was an adventure too but we had fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My kids are growing up so fast and a big part of that is getting rid of their little beds to "Big Boy" and "Big Girl" beds. Spencer's parents saved a bunk bed set in hopes that a kid would want the set some day and well ding ding we are the winners! I believe we had first and last dibbs on it but I loved growing up on bunk beds with my sister and Spencer has been talking about these beds since we first got married. Anyway Lukas was THRILLED to find that he was the top bunk dweller and just couldn't get him calmed down to go to bed and MaKynzee was jelous until she realized the bottom bunk was hers and she too was in a "BIG" bed. They were acting so cute and havng a ball. Here are some fun pictures for you to enjoy and BIG THANKS to mom and dad Bagshaw for saving and giving these to us.

The kids proudly showing off their bed!

In the words of a very famous hero in this house: "I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!"

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Beautiful Babies

Man I am just so grateful for my little babies that aren't really babies anymore. I sure can't believe how big they are but I want to share with you! MaKynzee is starting to repeat everything we say and Lukas has started to tattle on Kynzee. It is SO much fun.
Kynzee and her bed head! Dang cute eh?

Lukas before his hair cut.....

...and after.


Lukas shared his pads with Kynzee. They were having so much fun! Hope you enjoyed!

Birthday BASH!! Lukas turns 3

Well my little man just turned three. So we had a party to celebrate with Brookelyn Berry and Kira "My Cheeks" (my sister Christina's two kids). We keep trying to do things together to stay close and save friends gas and stuff and I can't tell you what a BLAST!

This is the GANG that came for the party, we had such a good turn out (da we were feeding people! LOL) Arik got a grill for his house warming/ early-birthday gift. So he BBQ for us and we had salads. It was so much fun.

Then there were cakes. I saw in a magazine making cakes out of cup cakes and then people just pull them apart and eat! Well Brookelyn wanted a castle or princess so this is what happened. I wanted it to look much better but hey a castle right? And then of course...TURTLE
Needless to say I am a vey PROUD woman, showing off my skills. I feel I never have the time to really let my creative side be expressed.

Lukas showing off a new toy, he is really good and trained saying "cheese" with a smile and all! Love you buddy!

Happy Birthday Cheeks!

Happy Birthday Brookelyn Berry!