Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend at Aunt Brandee and Uncle Spencer's

So I asked Christina if I could take the girls off her hands this weekend and just have fun. Nope, no other reason just wanted to see my Jorgensen girlies and it doesn't help that Lukas and MaKynzee badger me with "When is Brookelyn coming, When is Kira coming? Let's go get em mom." So Christina brought them down Friday. We had so much fun. Saturday we went to the local petting zoo and Lukas tried really hard to have dad let us get a go... of course. Anyway it was fun they even have a new addition...a reindeer.
The Kiddos at the reindeer.

OH, a bath tub lets shove you all in it!! LOL. They humored us and we got smiles! Brookelyn asked where the paddles this boat ain't going anywhere!

Proof that I got ALL the kids to feed the animals...Brookelyn refused and cried that the goat would bite her... but on the way out she decided it wasn't all that bad.

This is my Jorgensen girlies getting their groove on. You see the movie they were watching was over and it was playing music so they got out the stools are started dancing on them. Watch out Arik!!!!

My little Kira Ba-geer-ah! She was being too cute and Brookelyn bolted before I could get a pic of her...better things to do I guess.
We had such a great weekend. Thanks girls for coming!!! Melanie any time we can arrange I would LOVE to take your kiddos for a weekend too. Just don't know how that would work! Love you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Daisy did it!!!

OK so this last week Christina and Arik stopped by and we had dinner together and then the kiddos came over and played while Christina and Arik ran an errand. Well the girls had a BLAST with the dress ups and Brookelyn was totally in mommy mode. Kira and MaKynzee were her daughters and Lukas couldn't play unless he was their "buddy" (ie dog). So Lukas warped himself into the Wii.

I love that they get along so well....almost all the time :)

Then as Christina and the girls were about ready to leave Kira lets out this SCREAM. Then starts repeating Daisy did it! Daisy did it!!! Daisy had bit Kira on the tip of her finger so of course it bled like crazy!! She just kept showing us her finger and wouldn't stop saying "Look what Daisy did" or she just shoved the finger in your face and said "Daisy did it." She is the cutest little thing!
Sorry "Daisy did it" Kira- We love you!
Gotta love the concerned serious cute face she's got!
Hope it is feeling better!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's NEW??

Ok so being home is fun. The kids are not quite back to normal...they still think they need to have a play mate all day. It is kind of rough trying to get things done but I love them and want them to be happy so I play Queen and Princess with Kynzee and then Wii with Lukas, REPEAT and try to get a load of laundry in between.

I made MaKynzee dress ups for Christmas and was wondering if maybe she wasn't ready cause she hadn't really played in them but she was in them ALL day. She is SO cute.

MaKynzee is never complete without a book, she is always "reading" to herself.

The Queen and her Princess...

This is Lukas ALL day (ok not really but if I let him)...glued to the Wii! I am trying really hard to set up good ground rules but right now I just want to get my house clean again so he has been sucked into the Wii world.

See the mess around him??!!

Ok so I desperately needed some change or pick me up in my life. I am trying really hard to be happy and healthy so I thought well lets get a make over!! So I cut my hair...



I am having a hard time with the bang thing! I have not had bangs since the 5th grade!! But I LOVE the new look! Just to prove that MaKynzee is going to be a GREAT friend and totally girl power...I came home, opened the door and there was Spencer reading a book, Lukas on the Wii and MaKynzee was in her room. Spencer looks up and says, "That's not much different." Oh I'll show YOU different!!!!! Then Lukas looks over and goes "ooooo mommy" and MaKynzee comes running out of her room and says, "Wow mom you got your hair cut, it's cute. I really like it. Mom you are really pretty now!" Yep that's right just needed my girl to let me know how it really looked.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas was total BLISS

For Christmas we traveled down to Lehi, Utah and joined the clan for some serious partying. First and foremost let me thank my mother for coming and watching the kiddos for my surgery. I had my tonsils out and it was ALOT worse than I thought. Anyway my mom came and watched the kiddos, thanks! Your a lifesaver, love you BIG!
Ok so back to Christmas, Christmas Eve we went over to my Uncle Kevin and Aunt Margie's for lunch and it was really nice just to sit and visit and for me to watch everyone eat. Yep I was still on liquid diet because I hemorrhaged earlier that week...that's another story. Anyway then we went to Grandma Sellers and opened presents and then we went back to Grandma and Grandpa Bowen's for the nativity reenactment and testimonies. It was just a perfect day!

Christmas morning we had a BLAST, seven grandkids 4 and under, 6 kids, 2 grands and 2 great grands to share the morning with.

The kids lining up to see what Santa brought!!

Santa gave Lukas a Lightning McQueen couch and body think he likes it???

MaKynzee got a doll house, oh so FUN!!

Lukas also got a Speed Racer game with a wheel to play with the Wii. Daddy and Lukas had a great time!
We had a gourmet meal that night with all the Bowen Family that was in town. It was perfect I must say...even though I cooked the bird! *Note: Never offer to bring a free bird you might end up cooking it!! LOL* Anyway this was the first meal I was able to have that was not MUSH!!
Cousins...cousins...MORE cousins!!! We had so much fun with the kids being all together it was really nice...although we did have fights over who was who's "best friend" LOL
The "First Bunch" I don't know why but these cousins came in packs...all in 20days!!

L to R Lukas, Alex, Brookelyn, Lily

"Second bunch"- too sweet for words these three neapolitans are!!!
L to R MaKynzee, Ivy, Kira
Sunday after Christmas, Spencer and I went up into the mountains a wee bit to take pictures. It was gorgeous with all the snow around. I don't have pictures that Spencer took but I had fun taking pictures of HIM taking pictures!

Spencer tackled me into the snow.

Spencer was literally LAYING almost IN the creek to get the pictures of the ice forming on the rocks. SCARY!!!!!
As you can see we were TOTALLY spoiled and had a fabulous time and I still haven't recooperated!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Xmas update....coming soon

So during Christmas we took family Bowen pictures. It was WILD with 7 kiddos and 3 families and all. But we managed to "scrunch" everyone in and get a good shot. I promise to actually blog with cute Christmas pictures soon but it has been more than CRAZY here.

The WHOLE DR Bowen Clan

My babies!!! Not so baby anymore.

Wow, we're smiling???

Hope everybody had a great holiday season! Love you all!