Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are LOVED...Thank YOU!

This is a little late but... I would like to thank Mom and Dad Bagshaw. Mom watched the kiddos so we could do a ski night in January, it was fabulous. Then we had Mom come down again and babysit in our apartment...yes in our tiny apartment! Poor woman doesn't know if she'll be able to play memory for a while though. Mom has just been great THANK YOU!!! We also wanted to thank Dad Bagshaw for making the kids feel so special. Dad has been doing some traveling for work down in Louisiana...poor man was there after the Super Bowl but I guess it wasn't too bad. Anyway he brought home some goodies for the kids.....
Lukas and "Larry" the Lobster. He tells everybody his Papa caught it in "E-ana!" It's super cute!
MaKynzee and "Ally" the Crocodile. She loves the thing and hippo now has to share a blanket....Oh, boy!
The kids showing off their Saints shirts and what Papa "caught" in "E-ana"
Don't worry Mom and Dad Bowen I told the kids OUR team is the BRONCOS forever more!! When we told Lukas it was a football shirt he asked where the horsey was...LOL. I think we got them brain washed!
THANK YOU Mom and Dad, Grama and Papa... WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Havin' Fun the Bagshaw Way

This year one of our goals was to do a monthly family activity. It is to help us do better with our budget :0) Anyway we went bowling for family night and had a blast!!! It was really fun to see the kids get into it and Spencer and I love to bowl. We bowled youngest to oldest (yes we used bumpers)...

Daddy helped MaKynzee. After she pushed the ball she raised her hands and shouted YEAH!!

At first Lukas wanted help like MaKynzee....

that didn't last long with Mr. Independent. He even went back and picked out his own ball! I think it was heavier than mine.

No pictures of me...I am sparing you all a bum shot!

Spencer always looks so professional, he lines himself up with the dots on the floor (he taught me what those dots are) and SCORE!!!

So as you can see MaKynzee was killing us all until the 9th frame...must have been Daddy's help ;0)

It was a fabulous evening!!

Valentines Day
I just want to brag about my amazing husband this Valentines because he really went out of his way....I got flowers for the first time since Valentines 2003 AND he ordered a scrapbooking item for me. He got the flowers a week early so I could "enjoy them all week" and then he made this amazing dinner...FABULOUS!!! Then he let me go with my friend for a scrapbook sleepover in Idaho Falls...It was totally energizing! He has just been flat out amazing!!
Thanks Babe, you make me so happy! I know I embarrass you with my outgoing/ loud personality and my little...well BIG quirks and when you telling me that's why you love makes me love you even more! I know we've had it rough but I want you to know that I see you trying and it makes my stomach get butterflies and me love burn brighter. Thanks for all you do! I LOVE YOU BIG!