Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip with Miss MaKynzee

OK so in the fall I went with Lukas to the Denver Aquarium and MaKynzee was heart broken she didn't get to go and made me "pinky promise" I would go to her on her big field trip. As it turned out it wasn't till the end of the year but it was SUPER FUN!

MaKynzee and mommy at the Rhinos

Bears OH MY!

WOW doesn't she look like a model! GEEEEEEE

This chimp and it's baby were playing hide and seek. It was so cool and MaKynzee loved shouting "run" to the baby. It was really sweet!

Eating lunch with my favorite girl! Are those Cheeto lips??

MaKynzee at the hippo statue

MaKynzee at her favortie spot. We ended up at the hippo 5 times and every time we picked a new animal to see she would ask if we would go by the hippo again. So mommy helped make it happen. The hippo is in the mud hole here but we also got to see it in the watering hole and blow a huge spray of water up and call out. It was AWESOME!

Miss MaKynzee was in charge of course! My little map reader!

We loved watching the giraffe eat. It was soooo tall!

This was taken shortly after a DOWN POUR! We had to run to the gift shop and get an umbrella...thing was we were not going to let rain stop us, as soon as we had the umbrella we were out runnin' in the rain!
MaKynzee loved the Lion "cubs", there are 3 that are just over a year old. Do they look like cubs to you??? 

The 3 Princess Musketeers 
That is what they call each other. Too cute eh?
Jorieauna (left), MaKynzee, Kiley (right)

I love these girls! 

Rain or shine we had a WONDERFUL day at the zoo! It was awesome and thanks to the rain MaKynzee got a umbrella so that was HER favorite part!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bagshaw Reunion Memorial Day- Moab UT

We had the most beautiful, amazing time in Moab, Utah! We had a Bagshaw Family Reunion and 80th birthday celebration for Grandpa Bagshaw. We have a serious love for Arches Natl Park and had a blast. It was so much fun to be with all the families we hardly see. We love our family! 

Hiking the Arches and Natural Bridges

We promised each other we would make it to Delicate Arch. It was beyond AWESOME!
At the Delicate Arch look out. The kids loved "rock climbing"!

Delicate arch view with the Bagshaw 5!

We also stopped at my favorite part of Canyonlands, newspaper rock!

Hiking the next day to the actual ARCH itself! Delicate arch here we come!

MaKynzee and her little cousin Kristen had so much fun hiking together, giggling and saying they were twins! SUPER CUTE! 

That's right we took the stroller all the way up! Way, way up!

The WHOLE family made it to the TOP! 

Climbing rocks with Uncle Justin and cousins!

Top view of Horseshoe Ruins

Boys will be boys. We had the boy cousins in our car in between stops at Natural Bridges! It was fun to see them together.... finally! 

Ok so there has been a dream of mine to hike down to these Indian ruins ever since I have seen them. Of course I thought that was crazy but then my loving husband said we could. AND WE DID...
the outlook view.

At the ruins...
this was by far the coolest EVER!
I was so amazed how they survived in these little places.

We made it! We are so excited!

 The bridge you hike down to and then pass to get to the Horseshoe ruins! Gorgeous view all the way around!

FUN at the CABIN
The cutest little pair...Spencer's cousin's wife and little girl! They were sooooo cute!

 We were celebrating Grandpa Bagshaw's 80th Birthday
Here is the birthday boy with his grandkids...only missing 2!

Grandpa had the best cake ever...
it was a fisherman on top and fishes all the way down the cake. I loved it!

I was in charge of games for the birthday party and we played 
Minute to Win It! 

Philipp: get 5 oreos from your nose to mouth no hands!

Justin: Keep 8 balls bouncing at once

Kristen: Blow a bubble across the room and into the hoop

Boys vs girls: Oranges and bananas 
Get the oranges into the hoop using your "banana"
Greatest game EVER!!!

On Sunday we went to church and it just happened to be next door to the Monticello Temple! 
I can't believe I took this looks soooo good!

My four generation James'!
L to R
James Brent, James Russell, James Lukas, James Spencer
Our kiddos with their Great Grandpa and Grandma Bagshaw
Isn't it GREAT!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick Trip to Boise and Mother's Day

 So we made a daunting 13 hr drive to Boise, Idaho to share a special day with our nephew Landon! He was Baptized on his birthday May 4, 2013! It was pretty awesome. After the baptism we got to have a little birthday/baptism celebration! It was a long hard journey but totally worth it!

Philipp Landon Schmidt 
baptized May 4, 2013
by his father Philipp.

He was also confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
by his father the same day!

One happy family!

Birthday PRESENTS!!!

Mother's Day 2013 

Well I got my annual mother's day flowers and am in serious, serious "green thumb" mode. 
I don't want them to die!!!
Unfortunately this was of course the first Sunday Spencer also got called into work but he made up for it...

I LOVE my flowers!!!

The kids celebrated Mother's Day by being tyrants and ended with Lukas saying "How come there isn't a KID day?" Well maybe we will eventually learn the meaning of mother's day!
I love being a mother...almost 8 years now and I would never take any of it back. They have taught me so much and I never thought I had this capacity to love this much!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Days

This week was extra busy and more excitement in the family then we like to see but what can you do. We got 2 1/2 snow days last week and that was super exciting. We ended up with 17 inches of snow. Great for moisture but what happened to SPRING??

Daddy has been super busy as one of the 3 networking engineers left and so they are down to 2 and trying to absorb the responsibilities. It has meant a lot of overtime but Daddy doesn't mind cause he is dreaming of camera lenses and backpacking ultra lite sleeping bags. 

 Last week mommy got stuck down in Fort Collins because of our snow storms and had to sleep in a hotel. Sleeping in a double king bed hotel room by yourself is the definition of loneliness. But she got home the next day after work. She is absolutely in love with L&D nursing and embracing the challenges.

Lukas has been on a humor kick that is driving us all...well he takes after his father. He has been taking one to many notes from Daddy and wrote this school assignment. You had to write sentences using spelling words. The teacher has told us repeatedly that Lukas has the hardest time writing but he sure didn't this week.

If you can't read it it says...
1.Because I like that instead of that. 
2. Their are different freks (freaks) in the world.
3. I am between tow (two) freeks for a resan (reason).
4. All the people in the world are freks.
5.These people are freks said dad.
6. I should call the people freks.

Well the teacher was not in the least impressed and neither was his mother but what can I do?? Anyway we had a good talk and Dad... well he laughed through it and gave Lukas a high five. All I can say is I tried...

MaKynzee is being MaKynzee. Right now all she talks about is when she grows up she wants to be a princess, musketeer, dancer. Anyway we love her for all her cute quirks. She is always decked out in a skirt and leggings. If she doesn't have a skirt or leggings she says she can't get dressed. (I make her where leggings cause its cold and she ran holes in all the tights she wore to school THAT day.) Anyway she is really into capes right now and drives her dad bonkers. We love her sweet spirit. She is very forgetful and causes much drama but we have hoped and prayed she will grow out of it. 

Bowen keeps us all laughing. He has started to show a little more attitude and terrible twos but we knew it couldn't be avoided and he has this little stubborn anger that comes out too. He loves to just play and really doesn't need to be entertained. He loves cars more than anything and loves to go to the babysitters and play with Karlee and story time at the library with mom. 

Seriously how can you have a bad week when you have this to be with or come home to!
We love you all!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching up April Days

Since Mommy has gone back to work MaKynzee has been getting in touch with her "Dr" skills!

How far are you going to push that thing Dr M! She loves getting all my stuff out of my nursing school bag.

We decided to go fly our Easter kites while Dad was at priesthood session. I had no idea/ didn't remember that you actually have to learn HOW to fly a kite. After 45 minutes and some hair loss we finally got the hang of it!


I don't know how long it took to get this picture of them BOTH flying in the air but it was super fun!

And this was Bowen....watching and playing without a care in the world! Love that face!

Mommy was scarily disappointed that she was going to be working on class picture day! YIKES!!! Daddy and hair do NOT go in the same sentence so I did what my mom always did....CURLERS!
I think it turned out pretty cute but Daddy for got to take pictures on Mommy's camera!!

The cute little curler BOB!

We were in SLC for Easter so I was unable to do our traditional Easter pictures so I grabbed a few last weekend in their Easter outfits!
 As you can tell by Makynzee's expressions it was windy and slightly cold...A+ for effort on all their behalves  Bowen was in the funniest mood so it was AWESOME to see his smiles!

This is Bowen running to the camera saying "I SEE! I SEE!" He wanted to check out the pictures right in the middle of me taking one! Grrrrr but cute pic eh?

I wanted an added touch of spring so I got the cute little wreath...little did I know SNOW CRAZED week was ahead!

Our kiddos are just the most important thing to us...they look like they are in pain but they were just laughing way too much!
We love Easter because of what it reminds us...OUR SAVIOR LIVES! We have tried and I think rather successfully been able to teach the kids how important it is and that the Easter bunny is NOT the reason. Every year we get the kids a new book that talks about Christ. This year it was The Easter Walk by Debrah Pace Rowley. It was amazing and we, well I felt the spirit as I read the words to the children that this is right! It is divine truth! He LIVES! He LOVES! He is THERE! We believe with all our hearts that the Savior lives and that because of Him our beautiful little family gets to be an eternal one!