Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip with Miss MaKynzee

OK so in the fall I went with Lukas to the Denver Aquarium and MaKynzee was heart broken she didn't get to go and made me "pinky promise" I would go to her on her big field trip. As it turned out it wasn't till the end of the year but it was SUPER FUN!

MaKynzee and mommy at the Rhinos

Bears OH MY!

WOW doesn't she look like a model! GEEEEEEE

This chimp and it's baby were playing hide and seek. It was so cool and MaKynzee loved shouting "run" to the baby. It was really sweet!

Eating lunch with my favorite girl! Are those Cheeto lips??

MaKynzee at the hippo statue

MaKynzee at her favortie spot. We ended up at the hippo 5 times and every time we picked a new animal to see she would ask if we would go by the hippo again. So mommy helped make it happen. The hippo is in the mud hole here but we also got to see it in the watering hole and blow a huge spray of water up and call out. It was AWESOME!

Miss MaKynzee was in charge of course! My little map reader!

We loved watching the giraffe eat. It was soooo tall!

This was taken shortly after a DOWN POUR! We had to run to the gift shop and get an umbrella...thing was we were not going to let rain stop us, as soon as we had the umbrella we were out runnin' in the rain!
MaKynzee loved the Lion "cubs", there are 3 that are just over a year old. Do they look like cubs to you??? 

The 3 Princess Musketeers 
That is what they call each other. Too cute eh?
Jorieauna (left), MaKynzee, Kiley (right)

I love these girls! 

Rain or shine we had a WONDERFUL day at the zoo! It was awesome and thanks to the rain MaKynzee got a umbrella so that was HER favorite part!

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