Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick Trip to Boise and Mother's Day

 So we made a daunting 13 hr drive to Boise, Idaho to share a special day with our nephew Landon! He was Baptized on his birthday May 4, 2013! It was pretty awesome. After the baptism we got to have a little birthday/baptism celebration! It was a long hard journey but totally worth it!

Philipp Landon Schmidt 
baptized May 4, 2013
by his father Philipp.

He was also confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
by his father the same day!

One happy family!

Birthday PRESENTS!!!

Mother's Day 2013 

Well I got my annual mother's day flowers and am in serious, serious "green thumb" mode. 
I don't want them to die!!!
Unfortunately this was of course the first Sunday Spencer also got called into work but he made up for it...

I LOVE my flowers!!!

The kids celebrated Mother's Day by being tyrants and ended with Lukas saying "How come there isn't a KID day?" Well maybe we will eventually learn the meaning of mother's day!
I love being a mother...almost 8 years now and I would never take any of it back. They have taught me so much and I never thought I had this capacity to love this much!

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