Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Irish Birthday Princess

So the morning is not so bright and cheery as a wee little princess would like but it is a special day for that special Irish Princess for today is her 5th birthday and she is ready to SHINE! The Little Princess is greeted in the morn' with a cute new St Patty's outfit to out shine the rest and wait what does a wee little Princess have for breakfast but her Green Birthday Pancakes of course in the wee shape of a 5 for our darlin' dear...

The wee little Princess is dressed up so fine, But wait we can not see a "wee little" Princess, she is not so wee anymore but a bright beauty she is...

The Princess can not wait for a party decorated in wee little fairies is hapnin' this morn'

Mommy has slaved over a "beatuiful" cake and cake pops she just learned how to do!

We are set, where be the games??? How about tossin' the Frisbee in the Leprechaun filled bowl, if he catches it you score extra candy! Wait it be a baby Bowen in the bowl not a leprechaun, oh well!

Next be hop scotch for our little dears, hop on over and get your candy fill!

Leprechauns and little elves start to play, I guess we should break out the presents today!

Oh sweet Princess got some wheels she be beggin' for!

Bring out the cake and make sticky fingers!

Then the Sweet Princess went to Chrome in the Dome with Daddy and Papa. The Princess declares this was her favorite part of the day! Her daddy was beaming maybe there is hope she is not 100% Princess Pink, just 99%! ;0)

Then after the chrome Grandma arrived and a wee second party began with presents first.

Grandma gave MaKynzee a CTR necklace she had saved for her first grand-daughter. This was a very special moment...

Well the Princess has spoken her favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut so off wee goo!

Now Princee MaKynzee has had quite the loose tooth for sometime and she wanted to wait a wee bit longer to let Grandma pull it out. So after a delicious dinner...Grandma pulled just once and...

Doesn't she look happy! Oh but she was, happy was she!

So the Princess ended her perfect day with a wee little hole in her mouth and a giant grin to go with it!

MaKynzee Ann we love you so very much and are so glad you are in our family. Hope this year brings you happiness and adventures and maybe an inch or two!

The tooth fairy came and MaKynzee woke up the whole house shouting "I'm rich." Spencer rolled over and smiled and I suppressed a giggle, if only I could remember when $2 made me rich!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Bagshaws Roam to Dinosaur Lands

Last Thursday we had a much needed family day. We went to Idaho Falls and saw a Dinosaur exhibit and then Spencer and I went to the temple. The kids had a blast at the museum.

The Family with Sue the Famous "almost" complete T-rex

Lukas' favorite part was all the things you could touch and interact with.

MaKynzee I am afraid was just along for the ride, she did keep a smile though. She kept asking where the girl dinosaurs were and I told her that the super big one was a female. She said, "No way mom she is too big and ugly." Permanent smile came to my face, all women are pretty and small apparently.

Lukas following Bowen around, I love this picture!

Seeing what the dinosaurs saw... T-rex

and stegosaurus.

This one was hard because their eyes are on the side of their head so each kid looked through an "eye".

Bowen thought the play area was the best, he got to crawl, walk and jump on rocks, tunnels and big replicas of stuff. He loved the horse and touching the computer most :0)

It was a perfect Bagshaw outing. Thanks to Katie and Steve who watched the kiddos for us during our temple trip.