Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday MaKynzee

So this year MaKynzee had a birthday weekend cause mommy had to work on her birthday :(
She thought nothing of it though. I mean 3 days of celebrating HOORAY!

Day 1:
So mom decorated the house in green and pink...this is before I broke out all the St Patty's stuff!
She said it was a beautiful princess room.

Friday we opened presents...
As tradition her St Patty's shirt 
 and new pajamas.
Then the BIG ONE...
her very own computer! She was ECSTATIC!
That is what she wanted and mom and dad wanted because she always wants to get on ours!
She LOVED it! Mommy labeled it with a shamrock that says "MaKynzee's computer"

MaKynzee drew a picture of the cake she wanted. A rainbow cake with purple frosting and rainbow sprinkles...
Sooooo happy....

 Day 2:
MaKynzee playing on her awesome new computer...

Opening more presents and cards.

Day 3: HER 6th Birthday!
March 17, 2013
Daddy did a great job with MaKynzee and her birthday dress getting ready for church!
I love her birthday dresses every year!

Our sweet Irish princess has grown every year more beautiful and talented. We love all that she brings to our family. She loves her princesses and artistic things. She still is connected with Hippo at the hip. She asks at least once a week if she can take her to school. She is so excited to get reading. She LOVES wearing skirts and has a complete melt down without them. We have tried to build confidence in this little lady and everyday after she gets her hair done I look into her eyes and say, "MaKynzee you are a princess, the daughter of a King." I can only hope it sticks. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

School Carnival & MORE

This week was a very hard week. It was busy and sad and over all just crazy!

On Wednesday I was getting ready to go to the library and run some errands when I had an overwhelming feeling to check my facebook. At first I was trying to figure out if this was really a prompting or personal desire to stall the rest of the day but it was truly a prompting. There was a message from my friend stating that our mutual best friend from high school had passed away. I received the message just in time to get myself ready, dish off kids and make it in perfect time for the viewing/funeral. 
Oh, Adam. Adam Perkes is sooooo amazing. 
He was the best of friends and the zest he had for life was contagious. Many a Alfred Hitchcock movie nights, crazy weird other movie nights and crazy dates with this wonderful young man. The best part about being his friend was being a part of something amazing for he truly was. 
He was an actor! An AMAZING actor and had recently taken Denver by storm with The Bat Boy! He suffered from mental health issues that eventually would take his life with an accidental overdose... He took his prescription meds with alcohol. I am still in turmoil of this great life lost but I was able to go say goodbye.  Saying goodbye meant the world! His parents gave me so much peace and understanding of what happened in Adam's final days that has been invaluable to my healing.
I love you Adam! May you truly enjoy Act III! 
You better be there to greet me on the other side 'cause I'll be anxiously waiting to see your beautiful smile and spirit again!

On to a CRAZY Bagshaw Week...
It has been very cold and after the ice festival the real snow came in heaps!
This is how Bowen "rolls" to the bus!

Bowen has started to "read" to his animals like MaKynzee reads to him. LOVE IT!

MaKynzee has been obsessed with Barbie and the 3 Musketeers! So last Sunday we made this crown and mask to make her a Princess Musketeer. If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she says, "Well I am already a Princess so...a Musketeer so I can be a Princess Musketeer." 
It is cute and we love her vivid imagination!

Friday the PTO at school held a Carnival for the kids. It was a BLAST!
The boys doing the cake walk... We did it twice without winning so Lukas said we "wasted our time REALLY bad!"

They went through an obstacle course...

We had dinner of hot dogs and nachos which was put on by the Student Council!
In the gym waiting for dinner...

After a few more games we got our faces painted...

Bowen loved the way it felt and kept saying "more, more!"

Half way through the carnival we ran into MaKynzee's friend Kylie. She looks, sounds and acts like Kira so there is no doubt why they are buddies. Take off her brown hair and replace with red and you've got a Kira double! They were super cute together and it was nice to meet her mom.

The first part I was running around playing yearbook photographer and it was just awesome to see all the kiddos having a good time. Once my kids got there we really started to party. 

Well I start my job tomorrow so Bagshaw's are in full transition but can't wait to see where this takes us...hopefully into a BIG...BEAUTIFUL...HOUSE!!!! Enjoy!