Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching Up

So my birthday was absolutely wonderful. Probably the best birthday in YEARS. Anyway it was wonderful Spencer pampered me all day and then took me to dinner and a movie. We saw 2012 and for those of you who don't know that whole destruction end of the world stuff is my favorite. I LOVED the movie. It was great and dinner was AWESOME! I got so many Happy Birthdays from everyone THANK YOU!

I wanted to post some pictures from Thanksgiving. I missed the dinner (dang those babies!! LOL) but the kids and Spencer were able to meet up with his family in Salt Lake and had a great dinner at Marie Calendar's. I guess it was worth every penny not to have to clean up afterwards or so Mom and Spencer tell me. Then Friday night I met up with the fam and we went to Temple Square, gorgeous as always. Then Saturday we went to Thanksgiving point and the kids LOVED the dinosaurs and light drive, it was perfect!

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Family holding up a HUGE crowd of people to get a pretty picture!

The kids at the temple doors. Lukas kept saying this is where the Holy Ghost lives with Jesus. I guess we are teaching them something.

MaKynzee at the reflection pool, it was gorgeous!

Playing with Dinosaurs at Thanksgiving Point
Lukas wanted to make a Dinosaur island. He was SO cute.
Makynzee liked lining up the dinos and then pushing them in. Silly girl!
Then when we got home for my birthday we set up the Christmas tree. I am bummed we don't have enough room for our other tree. Lukas was devastated! He said, "That's NOT a Christmas tree, what happened?" He really wanted a real tree. I love my little family!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

3:07AM December 5, 1984

Happy Birthday to Brandee, Happy Birthday to Brandee!!
Yep that's ME!

Well what can I say but I kept with my favorite tradition and called my parents at my birth time 3:07am and they sang Happy Birthday to me. It is just so special. My family is AMAZING and I am so glad to be born into this family! WOW I know most of you will be SHOCKED to here that I am ONLY 25 and the rest will think DANG she's old now. To be quite frank I have decided to make this my best year EVER!!!!! Yep and I am going to start it off with surgery on the 14th, yep sounds like a great year already....LOL!
Sweet memories....My mother
Mom- you are so freakin' amazing. You do so very much for your family and I am so grateful to call you mother and friend. You have always been such a foundation of love, thank you. I don't have words to express my love and appreciation for all you do. You would sacrifice even more than you have... for your family and I want you to know that I know that, I will always be thankful that I came to you... to learn, to grow and to be taught by the greatest teacher. I will never forget our Texas cheer trip when I finally realized how much you loved me and that we were best friends. We fought, I fought but it was only because we are too much alike and we never wanted to say it is true. But now I look back and I hope I can be a mother like you because if MaKynzee and I can be like us I will be the happiest mom EVER! I LOVE YOU!!!

Daddy's Girl
What can I say. I always adored my dad. He is the best man I know. He never lets an opportunity to serve go by. My most favorite memories are Daddy Daughter outings. Especially a Daddy Daughter sock hop. I remember Christina and I were the only ones in jeans and all the other girls looked so "cool" in their poodle skirts. I must admit I was embarrassed but then there was Dad. He flipped us and swung us and gave us the night of our lives. I didn't care what I was wearing...I had the coolest Dad there and still do! I LOVE YOU!!

My Bow- sorry Arik she will always be my "Bow"
My sister, my best friend..what is there more to say. I remember the hair pulling, the throwing, the fights but I remember better the fun memories we shared. You have always been there for me like I can not explain. We have always had that extra sense about each other and you are always there. You are such an amazing example. As I have said before and will always you are my LIGHT in the dark, my guardian angel, my twin in every aspect but birthdays. I LOVE YOU!!

Spencer has been showering me with little acts of kindness, love and presents. He is so amazing and I don't want to leave him out. He is my soul mate and I am so glad I found him...he just wasn't there for my "birth"day. But I LOVE YOU BABE!!