Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Pumpkin Fun

So this Monday we had FHE and carved pumpkins. It was really fun and after MaKynzee got over the gooey feeling she really had fun. Anyway last year I think we did boys and girls pumpkins so this year we did Father-Daughter and Mother-son pumpkins. Lukas didn't let me be that creative but he knew exactly what he wanted.

Me and the kids "gutting" the pumpkins, according to Spencer I have killer guttin' skills.

Daddy carving the pumpkin.

So for those of you who don't know...MaKynzee is our little garbage disposal. She eats anything and now we get to add PUMPKIN to the list!!!

She kept picking up hunks and eating em...GROSS!!!! Then Spencer decided the whole family should try raw pumpkin and seeing that it was FHE... we did ALL of us...bon appetite!

The finished products and a HAPPY FAMILY~

Of course Spencer busted out his photo skills and we got some cool shots of the pumpkins!!

It looks like there is a spider in the right pumpkin's right eye but really it is because I carved the infamous "B" in the back of it, as tradition!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yellowstone and More


So we headed up to Yellowstone. Spencer wanted another chance at his photography adventures. So we headed up at 0800 in the morning to a chilly West Yellowstone. The kiddos love to see the animals and there favorite are the "volcanoes" ie geysers! So Old Faithful was a HIT and so was the grizzly bear we got to see about 15 feet away. Yep we had a death wish and Spencer couldn't stop smiling. Just before we turned the corner for the grizzly I said a little pray asking that we could please see a bear so that Spencer could be happy and this trip wouldn't be a waste. Seriously just as I said Amen we ran into the traffic for the bear. I was a happy girl, said my thankful prayer and Sir became the happiest man alive. So all in all it was GREAT trip, very photo successful!
This looks like something out of a horror film. It was so cold so the geysers were creating all this fog. Hold on honey...I'll come get you!
The kids were correcting each other about facts from this board. They can't read but Lukas was saying it was a million years old and MaKynzee said no it is a baby. They make me laugh. Very interested with the sign no less.
Not much else to report but we LOVE to dance around here! Just makin' sure Mom and Dad Bowen know that I am makin' sure their grandbabies know how to dance. MaKynzee's favorite right now is to stand on her stool and shout "Shake your booty!" LOL!!