Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun ALL Around

This Thanksgiving we were blessed with good weather and were able to travel to Soda Springs to be with family! It was fantastic! The best part I think was just being together and watching Bennett and Bowen play cute!!

Mom cooking gravy!

The boys carving the turkey.

Our turkey gave a new meaning to "spread eagle"!! HAHAHA 

Seriously this kid is CUTE!! 

Horsey ride???? Grandpa is the BEST and Aunt Rachel was a great spotter!

On the way home I wanted to stop at my Great Grandma Seller's grave after 35 minutes of looking through the WHOLE cemetery at 15 degrees in Green River WY wind we gave up...then I finally got a hold of my mom and found that she was buried under a different name then I thought! So we found her and showed MaKynzee one of the ladies she is named after... well you know what I mean. It meant a lot to me. 
Ann Elizabeth SELLERS Petersen

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Merry November Christmas

So my mom and dad, sister and hubby came to Denver for a Bronco game. The siblings had all gone into get mom and dad a special Christmas present! 

OOOOoooo LALA!!!

They got jerseys for the most might remember my mom's love of Eddie Mc and that we already got her a jersey but guess what... she FRAMED it (don't blame her, it is authentic signature and all) we had to get her a new one! Daddy got the all time BEST John Elway!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Denver Aquarium: First Field Trip with Mom!

Ok, so we went on a just short of 2 hr bus ride one way to Denver to the Aquarium! I was so excited as this is my first adventure as a chaperon with one of my kids at a school field trip. I was soooo happy to go! Lukas was over the moon too!

We got there and had an hour lesson on habitats, mainly the tide-pool habitats. The instructor Matt needed a little more hot coco or something but over all it was great.

Then we went exploring. I was incharge of a group of 4. Lukas, another boy and two girls. They were super cute! This is them across from the Tiger ( I know a tiger in an aquarium, right? well...)

Pretty cool eh? Tiger

Then we got to this turtle and Lukas said, "Come here, Come here." Moving his hands towards his body, the turtle was not too far away in the corner and by some SERIOUS turtle power within the kid Lukas got it to come. I am NOT kidding. It was crazy and he was SO excited!!! He kept saying it like him and we should take him home. Right?

Sweeeet! Right?!

The kiddos having fun: apparently Lukas is a ladies man. They were chasing him all over!

I am sure the highlight was petting the stingrays at the end...they were extremely slimy feeling! 

 Then we got to feed is Lukas just after the ray got  his fish! The sting ray kept slapping the sides like it wanted to go home with us but I am sure it was the FISH! Lukas was not convinced and wanted to bring them home! You are supposed to make a fist and have the fish hanging from inbetween your fingers. When the sting ray comes to grab it you release your fist...I did it right and kept my hand down and mine felt like a super suction on my fist. The instructor said some like to suck hard to get their prey and some bite. two kids got "bitten" but no blood draw! It was awesome!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Funniest Little Bagshaws

Our kiddos are the funniest little people ever...

Bowen loves to run in our room in the morning and grab Spencer's alarm clock, flashlight and light. I must say it does look like a microphone I will give him that; but after General Conference and then watching election debates he comes in every morning and talks into it. I think the flash light is to beat the opposing in a debate, eh?

Gotta love the smile...

I have been trying to make my children you know, more independent, hard working individuals and so making them do chores including putting away their own clothes. Well if there are any words I might write them but hence nothing...
MaKynzee's closet. Her defense, "They look better this way."

Lukas said nothing just grinned...
 So let's just say we are working on that!

MaKynzee lost her third tooth and this is something substantial because now she has lost one more than Lukas. I swear they are twins sometimes! Anyway here she is so surprised....

 Then comes the excitement!! I think the cutest is when they loose the two front teeth. We might have more reason to sing that this year as her other front tooth is pretty loose too.

Lukas FINALLY blows his own bubble gum bubbles. You might think this insignificant but for some reason it became a serious problem that he didn't know how. I am guessing kids at school. So determination and sticky faces wins and we have a "HUGE" bubble!
 Then his mom torchured him to get one with his eyes open but it was either BIG bubble eyes closed or little bubble eyes OPEN! So after several attempts and some seriously sticky lips I graciously allowed him to stop. He sure had fun though! He was giggling so hard he couldn't blow a bubble by the end!

I don't know what exactly we taught our children this year with the elections but one thing for certain is VOTE! The kids had a mock election at school and Lukas voted for Romney and MaKynzee Obama. After about 10 minutes of listening to MaKynzee and her senseless rant about how good Obama was...we tried to coolly allow her to have her own opinion, but we failed :( .. we went off about several things she doesn't understand and she ended up in tears and said OK, I vote for Romney! I felt horrible, we let our emotions get in the way of teaching our children and then when Obama won we tried to be nice and say good job "Kynzee, look you picked the winner"...all the time about to vomit because we know what that means... 
Bowen was exceptionally good while we voted and got a sticker for his good behavior! 
The only thing I have to say more is...we voted. That is all we could do, now our prayers turn to the President because he needs all the help he can get!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, ooo how we LOVE Halloween!

Pictures before school...

MaKynzee was a mermaid, Ariel! Duh, she said!

Lukas was Michelangelo but I like to say, red ninja turtle! 

MaKynzee had her first book report at school on Halloween! She was super cute and she had her first school parade!! 

The kids only had half a day and then we went to a Trunk or Treat with some friends at South High School in town... 

All 3 ready to go! 

Bowen is like really???

Now for some NINJA TURTLE POWER!! 

and some brotherly love...

Bowen may not recover from so much love!!!

 Ready for action...

MaKynzee is such a good big sister! Helping Bowen at the high school!

We were so lucky to go with our friends the Waltons! All the kiddos...

A cookie walk!

Finally some trick or treating!!

We had so much fun!!!

I can NOT believe how much loot these kiddos got. They were complaining how heavy their bags were. We were blessed with "warm" weather! The best we have ever had with kids! It was fun especially with our friends! They made us a nice stew dinner and gave us hot coco after trick or treating! They are such good friends! The Waltons taught us about the "candy tax" so I don't have to sneak candy anymore. I just tell them where is my candy tax and they bring me some goods!! 15 lbs here they come!