Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WAHOO...He's really in the MTC!!

So not last weekend but the one before we were in SLC for a cousins wedding on Saturday and then we put the BABY of the family in the MTC!! My little brother, Elder Bowen...CRAZY! I was so excited for him...yeah I cried like a baby but it is just because I am so dang proud of him! I will miss him but two years is an easy sacrifice for the awesome man he will become. We love you...GOD SPEED. Don't forget your on the Lord's side now.
The day before he went into the MTC we went and got a few pictures at the "sign."
Uncle Garrett the day before he went into the MTC!
Man we are good lookin' siblings! Now I have 2 strippling warrior missionaries!
Don't forget to check out my DC trip on the blog below...if you care.

Brandee's Washington DC Relaxation

So I was able to go to Wash. DC for my BEST friends wedding. I went all by myself and had a outrageously fabulous time. Much deserved I believe. So the agenda went something like this....

Tuesday- Arrive
Wednesday- Naughty Bridal Shower
Thursday- Endowments
Friday- R&R, PAMPER ME!!
Saturday- Wedding Bells
Sunday- DC, The Mall (by was FABULOUS)
Monday- Homeward bound

The bride to be with her crown...this night was full of naughties!! She got some very "nice" things. It was a great party and lots of fun.

Kay (Celeste step mom) made the cake...oh did we have fun. Hope you are having fun with those new "toys" my dear!!

Temple Night... we had a very nice time at the temple and spent at least an hour in the Celestial room after, it was just so nice to be in there and have the spirit poor over me. So very good.

PAMPER US FRIDAY!!! Well I got my first massage ever and well...LOVED IT! It was good but getting naked, well lets just say I was happy to see a woman come to get me... unlike Celeste her massage therapist was a guy. I know I would have FREAKED! Thanks again Celeste for taking the hit for me.

Then on to pedicures...which I loved and manicures which I could live without. We sure did get to relax, well maybe I did and I at least got one picture with Celeste relaxing and not on the phone with last minute wedding plans. Good girl, smile and RELAX your getting married TOMORROW!!

DING DONG...Wedding Bliss

Celeste was the most beautiful bride, I couldn't help but cry. She was gorgeous and all her dreams were coming true. It was one of those moments we had talked about since middle school and then there she was like a goddess!
Me and the Bride
Me and the Groom
The Happy Couple
The reception was truly a party. It was fantastic with DJ and all. I got to have my dance with the bride. We danced to Any Man of MINE...truly a favorite of ours from the younger years. We kicked up our heels and did our line dance. It made the evening for me...THANKS CELESTE for taking the time.
Touring DC..SOLO! What a blast I never thought you could have so much fun by yourself but I guess having lunner with the President had to perk things up. Ok so what happened was I walked to the White House to get a few picks and say I was on the lawn. Well when I got there maybe 20 people were there and then out comes the president onto the balcony for dinner. The crowd went from 20 to 100+ and police arrived on foot and horseback and the snipers on the top of the White House more than doubled. It was CRAZY, pretty intense and all.
You can't see but the dot in the middle column just above my head is the President himself. I am surprised that you can't see the snipers as well but there were 5 up there. It was totally cool.
Well I won't bore you with anymore pictures I have millions maybe I will do another blog with some more. We are all enjoying being home and LOVE not having to run around. Thanks for every thing Celeste...I had a fabulous time. Miss you already!